The New Dark Age

The New Dark Age

I'm not sure if the worst case scenario would be an American president to cancel all the effors to fight climate changes the day he becomes president or a worldwide nuclear war started by a unknowledgable president or both scenarios successively.

Dramsey | 21/01/2017

You forgot SMOD...

carlk | 21/01/2017

No idea what he will do but that is really a scary thought. Slow death vs. quick demise which do you prefer?

MitchP85D | 21/01/2017

You statists said the same thing about Ronald Reagan. You all thought he would start a world war with nuclear bombs exploding everywhere.

VA Tesla | 21/01/2017

Good God people, chill - take a Valium, breathe into a bag, smoke some weed, IDC - do whatever floats your boat, just stop with the scare mongering and give the guy a change.

SamO | 21/01/2017

Protest now or forever hold your peace.

robert.s.bjekich | 21/01/2017

The real problem is uninformed people spreading misinformation on the internet and other public websites. Please drop the emotion and get your facts straight.

malcolm.hall1932 | 21/01/2017

VA: When I got to the last word of your post you made a lot of sense to me !!!

SCCRENDO | 21/01/2017

@Malcolm. LOL
This guy make Reagan and indeed George Junior look like geniuses. Also Reagan pre-Alzheimer's was mentally more stable.

VA Tesla | 21/01/2017

@malcom WOW, yeah - nice Freudian slip there on my part, huh! I'll retire to the back of the forum and except my punishment. | 21/01/2017

Humanity has survived some pretty dark times in the past. We are like two-legged cockroaches. We'll survive until the next change of office holder. I think that it is important for all who care to to continue to actively promote reducing our dependence on fossil fuel, whether subsidized or not. It makes environmental sense and, thanks to lithium-ion batteries and sustainable power generation coming of age, it will make economic sense.

eandmjep | 21/01/2017

I personally liked an opinion piece I saw a couple weeks ago. About Obama limiting Drilling off shore of the east coast of the USA and north of Alaska. Not about that particularly but about how the US has some of the best pollution controls in the world and how we can drill, mine and process fossil fuels safer and more environment friendly than many other countries. I have heard nothing on stepping back on pollution control but simply creating Jobs by albeit processing more fossil fuels. The point of the discussion was: If we don't and someone else does and they do not care about the environment then how responsible is that.

The transition to sustainable transport and energy systems cant happen over night but if a gradual transition is maintained we will eventually get there along with the steady transition of labor to support this infrastructure. I have enjoyed this past year seeing more and more news involving an increasing number of Auto companies planning and revealing there concepts of sustainable transport. As the footprint for Solar and EV's increase in their presence, the need to build plants that burn fossil fuels will slow and as old plants become obsolete there replacement wont be necessary That could also be true for Nuclear and Hydro. A magic wand cant be waved and halt all mining of fossil fuels beginning immediately, and resistance to do so will always create barriers through job security. Historically speaking, we don't have to Force the future it will happen whether we like it or not. :)

joemar10 | 21/01/2017

VA Tesla.

Why don't you accept your punishment instead of except your punishment?

Sorry, I just had to go there.

SCCRENDO | 21/01/2017

@eamdjep. You are drinking the koolaid. No need to drill the Arctic. Find clean jobs.

VA Tesla | 22/01/2017

@ joemar10 oh jeez - not again ... apologizes - must strive harder NOT to multitask on this forum! Thanks for pointing it out! I must confess though - I have somewhat of a handicap when it comes to English - by "edumacation I ARE an engieneer" ;-)

eandmjep | 22/01/2017

@sccrendo. Many of the trump voters DON'T have clean jobs. Easy to say for an entitled individual! Yes I mean you!

SCCRENDO | 22/01/2017

@eandmjep. Entitlement is the " belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges". Explain what makes me entitled or was this a lame attempt at an insult.
"Trump voters don't have clean jobs". Well that is not a reason to create dirty jobs. Provide incentives for clean jobs. Are you suggesting that in order to create jobs we should dig in the Arctic, and dig up our national parks??

rxlawdude | 22/01/2017

@SC, that's precisely what he wants. Just like all coal deposits magically changed to "clean" on 1/20. The miners will still cough their lungs out (literally), but hey, it's a job!

SCCRENDO | 22/01/2017

@rxlawdude. These guys are something else. I notice that these guys have very weak arguments and some of them are not very smart. This @eanmjep is likely someone in the fossil fuel industry. Doubt he himself works the coal mines or oil fields. Guess he feels a sense of entitlement to destroy our planet.

neilhamrin | 22/01/2017

I gave the guy a chance-I listened to him speak more than twice. He scares me and the fact that about 62m people found him the answer to whatever their question was is just so sad.

brando | 23/01/2017

Exxon Valdez - environmental protection?
Deep Water Horizon - another fine example of protecting.

Most don't have time to try and understand these disasters, and not in their backyard, so who cares.
Very few miss what they never knew. Most don't have the imagination to read about something they never experienced and regret the changes that the modern world progress has brought.

A century ago floating barges (roped to the shore, no self propulsion) were pushed into San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento River and Salmon were scooped up with paddle wheels. Early settlers on the East coast in the 1500s won't sleep near rivers during Salmon runs as the noise disturbed their sleep. Less than 60 years ago in small streams (easily wadded across) in Marin county you could grab a Salmon during Salmon running time.

"Don't it always seem to go,
that you don't know what you got,
till its gone?"

Big Yellow Taxi search below to find youtube - Joni MItchell - great song

94bdMSCdw20 | 23/01/2017

Well, we got salmon pollution under control, didn't we?

VA Tesla | 23/01/2017

@ neilhamrin Apparently Musk doesn't find him scary.

ibord7 | 23/01/2017

If global warming becomes an issue, the president, who ever he is at the time, will not be able to help, we all need to work together to get though it

SO | 23/01/2017

@VA Tesla - Musk is playing the game. I don't fault Elon for that.

radami2 | 23/01/2017

Trump will be glad to take credit for the 6000 jobs. Will claim it's his import tax threat that kept them in Nevada.

brando | 23/01/2017

GeorgeHawley -

Salmon pollution under control in Puget Sound, no sport fishing for Salmon this last summer.

rxlawdude | 23/01/2017

Now the problem with Pacific salmon is tapeworms.

No Coho sushi.

Bighorn | 23/01/2017

I thought that caviar looked funny.

RedShift | 23/01/2017

Because of that news, I have actually stopped eating Sushi! I mean, that was my go-to food after a big workout. No more. :-(

Maxxer | 24/01/2017

No more sushi
No more salmon
no more tuna
just herring and sardines

VA Tesla | 24/01/2017

"The New Dark Age" as seen by Musk via Twitter:

This may sound surprising coming from me, but I agree with The Economist. Rex Tillerson has the potential to be an excellent Sec of State.

"Rex is an exceptionally competent executive, understands geopolitics and knows how to win for his team. His team is now the USA."

"I share The Economist's opinion that he should be given the benefit of the doubt unless his actions prove otherwise."

"So, maybe relax a bit (I have a great recipe for a Drunken Monkey martini if needed), maybe read Elon's biography, take a nice steam shower - and let this play out."

finman100 | 24/01/2017


bigd | 24/01/2017

RedShift | January 23, 2017 "Because of that news, I have actually stopped eating Sushi! I mean, that was my go-to food after a big workout. No more. :-(" Now that was funny +21

SCCRENDO | 25/01/2017

Elder abuse has began. These Republicans are going to annoy a whole lot of angry vocal baby boomers. Will allow medical insurers to charge older folk 5 times that for younger folk instead of the usual 3 times

bigd | 25/01/2017

SCCRENDO All a person can do is sigh at the drunken rambling from the left in this time lol

rxlawdude | 25/01/2017

Drunken rambling versus lies and alt-facts.

I'll take the drinkers.

RedShift | 25/01/2017


I dare say he sounds sometimes like he is on something. Frequent references to drunkenness might be a clue, in fact.

SCCRENDO | 25/01/2017

@bigd. You seem to have trouble differentiating between rambling, joking and serious discussion.

Remnant | 26/01/2017 (January 21, 2017)

<< We are like two-legged cockroaches. >>

God bless your heart, son. You must be hurting a lot, like most of the advanced cases of Trump-Hatred Dementia.

However, your confession might herald a rehab process, and I wish you good luck in that regard.

rxlawdude | 26/01/2017

"God bless your heart..."
Southern for "f you."

bigd | 26/01/2017

SCCRENDO | January 25, 2017 "@bigd. You seem to have trouble differentiating between rambling, joking and serious discussion." Unfortunately, I have found that the alarmist disallow serious discussion. As soon as you have a apposing view they attach and name call.

bigd | 26/01/2017


SCCRENDO | 26/01/2017

@bigd. Remind me what name I called you during my alleged "drunken Rambling"

bigd | 26/01/2017

SCCRENDO I responded to your quote in your post , I did not say YOU had a drunken Rambling As you know I have always been respectful to you as you are one of the few liberals who are respectful to others with apposing views. I apologize to you that I did not make that plain.