What pants to wear?

What pants to wear?

We need another fashion thread after the one about watches.

lilbean | 05/02/2017

Jeans with rivets :)

SoCal Buzz | 05/02/2017

LOL, Barry. Big boy pants.

NKYTA | 05/02/2017


SbMD | 05/02/2017

Ski pants :)

RandallKeith | 05/02/2017

Tommy Bahama, silk casual or jeans

NKYTA | 05/02/2017

White tennis shorts. ;-)

Run4Waffles | 05/02/2017

Go around in running tights. But you would need to have them customized with rivets.

MisterT2 | 05/02/2017

Snow Pants

EESROCK | 05/02/2017

Get tinted windows so you won't need to wear any pants.

Pleasanton_Ca | 05/02/2017

Black tennis shorts...

aircard | 05/02/2017

TENCIL....I think that's how its spelled. And I don't own a Tesla yet, especially with tinted windows.

burdogg | 05/02/2017

Pants? Again, just like watches, my wife has my bank account locked down so no pants for me. Sorry world? Needed the Tesla more than pants.

aircard | 05/02/2017

too funny guys...luvya's

Bighorn | 05/02/2017

cut off yoga pants

Mathew98 | 05/02/2017

No cut off yoga pants. Can't bear the thought of showing off my boys like @silver shamelessly does...

I might consider a dongkini, however. | 05/02/2017

My dog doesn't wear pants - but people complain when I don't. Don't you hate those double standards!

Silver2K | 05/02/2017


Millionmilesorbust | 05/02/2017

So if I walk into a store that has a sign stating "No shoes, No shirt, No service" with no pants on can I still get service?

Silver2K | 05/02/2017

Depends on the service you're looking for

KP in NPT | 05/02/2017
jordanrichard | 05/02/2017

You guys and gals where clothes while driving your car.........? Hmmm, I will have to try that.......:-)

sentabo | 05/02/2017

Pants bunch up after flooring the accelerator. Real Tesla drivers don't wear pants.

MNGreene | 05/02/2017
kevin | 05/02/2017


dborn | 05/02/2017

Down, for ludicrous launches!

dborn | 05/02/2017

Brown, not down!,

WattsThatGrin | 05/02/2017

Oh ok @jordanrichard, was that you standing naked on a red S a while back somewhere in Cali?

BigD0g | 05/02/2017

No pants!!! Shorts 24/7 !!

Bluesday Afternoon | 05/02/2017
trixiew | 05/02/2017

Mom jeans

barrykmd | 05/02/2017

lilbean | February 5, 2017
Jeans with rivets :)

Congrats lilbean. I was expecting that from someone, and you were quick on the draw!

Silver2K | 05/02/2017



barrykmd | 05/02/2017

Silver - you know the real reason Tesla took away forum HTML - your shorts pic!

Silver2K | 05/02/2017

I believe that. Someone probably complained..

drklain | 05/02/2017

I wear @run4waffes' special auto-summon-style pants!

rxlawdude | 06/02/2017

@Silver, were you really saying "liar liar PANTS ON FIRE?" ;-)

Pricee2 | 07/02/2017

What pants to wear. Hmmm Depends?

Haggy | 07/02/2017

"My dog doesn't wear pants "

I like to wear a shirt and pants, but my dog just pants.

WattsThatGrin | 08/02/2017

No pants. A bathrobe. It's true. You should try it, it's great. You'll love it.

NomoDinos | 08/02/2017

BigD0G - Shorts and Tesla don't go so well together... especially this past week

(TSLA $262 :)

Tess2 | 08/02/2017

Ahhhh. So this is why Tesla offers ventilated seats these days.

flight505 | 08/02/2017

Boss jeans

rpiolends | 08/02/2017

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