Irish Reservation Holder here - How many out there?

Irish Reservation Holder here - How many out there?

How many of us are lurking here?

How much do you expect to pay? I'm hoping the base will be as close to 35k as it can be (optimism can't hurt) to [ model s is 71k usd v 91k euro in Ireland ]

hoping superchargers wont get defeated by our planning permission boards :)

Model 3 range and price is perfect for the island.


peterm | 26/02/2017

Another one here!

That's the make or break for me (and I'm sure a lot of other non US Model 3 reservation holders.

There was a very rough estimate in the Model 3 thread on boards dot ie:

"So 35 K USD, + 23 % VAT and 14% VRT = 43,015 (EURO's) the VAT added after the VRT and VRT charged at 14%.

- 5 k grant and 5K vrt relief = 33,015 Euro's + conversion to right hand drive ? no idea of cost there"

Very interested to see if it'll actually be that or if we're screwed over as we tend to be on price...

Jerrylooney | 26/02/2017

conversion to RHD will not be obscene, not as much as an ICE anyway. Bet it is very much factored into the design - they did emphasize that the focus was ease of manufacture druing these design phase.

Hopefully it will , I'd like to be able to afford some options!

Interesting breakdown here for the model S , not exactly martyr status in comparison to france:

Sday | 26/02/2017

G'day folks. I've ordered in Australia on 6/4/16. Have you been asked to spec yours up yet? I haven't.

bj | 26/02/2017

@Sday - no one in the world has been invited to configure yet. Believe me, you would know about it if they did. Musk indicated at the investor call last week that the first people would be invited to configure in 3-4 months time, i.e. May or June. Let's wait and see.

shaneosullivan1 | 26/02/2017

I'm an Irish reservation holder, but live in California and am an existing owner. So.... I'll get mine first. Sorry, had to get that out, feels so good to say :-)

Jerrylooney | 27/02/2017

Good for you Shane. I wouldn't be able to resist that If I were in your shoes either.

st.j | 28/02/2017

I have a Model S on order since went live in Ireland in November. Waiting for delivery any day. Hope Irish Superchargers arrive soon.

Jerrylooney | 01/03/2017

st j - luckily, with the range of the model S (372km ) and the size of the island (486 km long), existing infrastructure will work for a while in the majority of use cases . I'll be pleasantly surprised if all the superchargers are in place before my 3 arrives (ahem....

Jerrylooney | 05/03/2017

naively reductive , but maybe a positive sign in terms of eventual pricing: ($ 30k) vs ((€ 21 k)

gregoryellis1 | 09/03/2017

Ya - I reserved on April 1... saw my first S that week near Cork airport- v exciting. Just a big fan of EM- his hearts in the right place.

Haggy | 09/03/2017

I'm not a Irish reservation holder but I am curious how autopilot will work in Ireland. In the US, there's been a lot of fuss about limiting it to 5 mph over the speed limit on non-divided highways. In Ireland, speed limits go by the classification of the road rather than the particular conditions of each specific section of the road, and there are many places where a sensible driver would know enough to drive well below the speed limit. I don't know how much sense autopilot would make in most of rural Ireland off the major highways, but when FSD comes out, it should work on all roads.

I'd also be curious how FSD would figure out roundabouts. There are some where major highways cross other major highways and each approaching road has two lanes in the same direction. | 09/03/2017

@Jerry: my grandfather was born in Armagh. Does that count? 😜

gregoryellis1 | 10/03/2017

Haggy - then there is the famous roundabout nr Hemel Hempstead UK : one big roundabout with 5 satellites- the cars seem to be going in both directions, each time yielding to the right- weird!