Micro commuter

Micro commuter

Why not make a small one person EV commuter similar to the elio ( gas engine commuter which is supposed to launch next year. You'd simply give up the back seat for both lower battery storage and additional upper luggage area, which is currently extreamly limited.

Being a one seater most people would not want this car and it would not compete well with your larger vehicle's but, at a price similar to the elio, it would sell in large numbers and would appear coast to coast for people like me, students, pizza delivery fleets etc.

Not only would it display your technology "everywhere" it would also naturally expand your charge stations to new areas making the purchases of your larger vehicles more desirable.

I would think charging stations and the mindset of those not familiar with them are your biggest obstacles and a commuter that can be charged at home would work as an education tool and display your technology all over North America (I live in Canada).

I can see a car like this displacing the motorcycle market somewhat also as it is a safe all weather/all season alternative and would have that same sense of freedom--especially if the roof popped off (optional?).

With at least a 50KM range in cold weather, I'll take one, please, although I'd rather have double that range.

I have a name for it. The "Tesla Sampler".

mdd | 05/03/2017

You should read Slapstick, by Kurt Vonnegut.

Don't shrink the vehicle. Shrink the passenger. Micro-commuter, indeed.

brando | 05/03/2017

Very soon, I suspect, the Elio will have electric option or Do It Yourself people will post YouTube conversions to electric drive.

With a weight of 610kg, shouldn't we get about 10 miles per KWh?
And battery about 1.6Kg per KWh?

Reminder that Tesla can't make cars fast enough to meet demand. No need to increase demand yet. And hopefully the other auto makers will make compelling cars and offer less expensive ones as well.

bob | 05/03/2017

Not soon. They have 65000 commitments to fulfill after launching before that can happen.

I have a feeling a lot of manufacturers are watching Elio. Big car manufacturers propably are hoping for failure but at the same time realize that when/if the Elio goes live a new car class will have been born and they will need to compete.

I'd be surprised if major manufacturers didn't have competitive models in the design works now "just in case" this turns out to go viral.

It can't happen fast enough, as far as I'm concerned.our planet can't wait.

brando | 05/03/2017

Many motorcycles are more expensive than the Elio.

Do a google search such as

list of 3 wheel cars

You will probably be surprised at the results. Great fun, I think.

bob | 05/03/2017

Yes I know motorcycles can be more expensive and I know there's many 3 wheel ones. Elio was classified as a motorcycle but Paul Elio has successfully had a new class of vehicle defined in the states "autocar". The difference is safety. I sold my motorcycle last year after a near miss by a texting driver who completely crossed into my lane and don't intend to put myself at that risk again.

Point being whether 3 wheel or 4 there I believe there is a market for inexpenceve one or two seat commuter cars that provide somewhat decent safety standards (airbags, seatbelt, body designed for controlled crumple, etc.) and I know of no manufacturer working to provide such a vehicle other than Elio. If you know of any I'd really like to know about them.

Rocky_H | 05/03/2017

Why? Because people don't like them and there's not a market for them. Oh, and the "Elio supposed to come out next year" is becoming a running joke. It has been supposed to be out "next year" for about 6 years. Tesla is doing well selling real cars.

brando | 05/03/2017

https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Category:Three-wheeled_motor_vehicles

https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Three-wheeler#External_links

bob | 06/03/2017

Wow, considering I've done a lot of searching and not seen any other built with the comparable safety standards at an economical price compareable to the Elio and available or soon to be available in North America. I'll look through your list and see if I can find at least one other in there somewhere that meets the specs and price range I've discussed. Yes, the elio has dragged on but it's no joke. Paul was very and probably still is over optimistic his launch date but it's on its way so long as he gets it to the launch point and he's pretty close now.

Seems this site likes to bash others or don't take the time to fully read. Without clicking the links I already see 3 wheelers that don’t qualify and I could care less if it was 3 wheel or 4. Think you missed the point. A safe inexpensive economical environmentally friendly car, not a cheap 3 wheel motorcycle or anything with no decent safety standards. Thats why so many 3 wheeled ones--they don't have to conform to safety standards.

I'll follow up on the links in hopes to see another safe affordable option.

bob | 06/03/2017

Ok. First one. The sligshot. $28,000. No roof. Not even all weather let alone all season. Not worth even reading further for safety and mileage specs.

I chech the rest later on.

bob | 06/03/2017

Well, Brando, I went though you first group of links. I see nothing comparable so far. That solo was one I hadn't seen but, again, is not an autocar (I think Elio could have come up with a better name for the class of vehicle).

What I said was: Point being whether 3 wheel or 4 there I believe there is a market for inexpensive one or two seat commuter cars that provide somewhat decent safety standards (airbags, seatbelt, body designed for controlled crumple, etc.) and I know of no manufacturer working to provide such a vehicle other than Elio. If you know of any I'd really like to know about them.

I'll go through the rest later as I'm at work, but I have done extensive searching and have seen nothing to compete with the Elio as an inexpensive all weather/all season "safe" commuter car .

I know the Elio will likely rise in price after the reservations are fulfilled (I'm guessing around $10,000.00 and I know an electric version could be a bit more costly but the fuels savings would more than make up for it.

bob | 06/03/2017

Actually. The solo link doesn't impress but if you go to the manufacturers web page, this may be another. I need to read up on the safety, etc.: ""


bob | 06/03/2017

Well I went though all links. Nothing compares except maybe the solo but it's very pricey for a "one seater". I say "maybe" because the safety specs are not posted. I contacted and they say they are under safety testing now and it will be posted when done. So basically the Elio will enter the market with nothing else in its class. In any case I'd wait for a 84MPG gas driven Elio before paying the amount of dollars Solo is asking for to go electric so it's "out" as far as I'm concerned.

Most of those links were a joke when talking about an all weather all season inexpensive commuter car. Actually, most of them were old projects.

I originally started this post pretty much convinced that there was nothing to compare with the Elio and was hoping that Tesla management would see it. What I got proof of is there simply anything in this market that Elio has paved the way for (as I suspected).

While most car manufacturers would not want the industry to go this route, I see it as a way for Tesla to promote and expand its grid. If they can't handle the capacity, so be it. Again I posted this hoping management would see it and I'm done discussing it.

Thanks for your comments.

Rocky_H | 06/03/2017

@bob, Quote: "A safe inexpensive economical environmentally friendly car,"

Yes, that's the Ford Festiva, Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Toyota Echo, Chevy Spark, Mazda 2, and many others.

Quote: "not a cheap 3 wheel motorcycle or anything with no decent safety standards."

You're definitely not talking about the Elio then.

Quote: "Seems this site likes to bash others or don't take the time to fully read. "

You don't seem to have read your own comments in what you're asking for.

Quote: "Actually, most of them were old projects."

That is the point. Have you thought about why that is? This type of vehicle has been tried several times before, and they just don't sell. There is hardly any market for them. If people want a motorcycle, they get a motorcycle. If they want something more sheltered from rain and with heating and cooling, they just get a small efficient car, of which there are plenty. There isn't much market in between them.

bob | 06/03/2017


Anyway. I'm done. I wrote it for tesla, not to be challenged by Elio sceptics. Elio or not I think it's a decent idea.
Bye Bye

Dramsey | 07/03/2017

The Elio's has missed more schedules than even Tesla; I'll be very surprised if they ever actually deliver any vehicles.

I note from articles I found that Elio had planned to deliver 100 vehicles before the end of 2016, before going into full production this year. I can't find any evidence that they made these deliveries. Does anyone know?

Rocky_H | 07/03/2017

The Elio was a decent idea, but they should have just designed in an easily available motorcycle engine they could buy. They could have then had it out on the market several years ago and cheaper. They have wasted a ton of money and lost a lot of customer interest and momentum.

brando | 09/06/2017

Bob -

I see I forgot to thank you for your 3 wheeler review.
I see so many solo drivers, I'd like to see 3 wheelers for all those commuters - would save so much resources.

I agree thoughts about Elio and hope they make it to market.
Perhaps Elon's "Secret Plan" is the only way a new car company can get started.

vpoz | 10/06/2017

There is a car like this out there .. just google Renault Twizzy

Should_I | 10/06/2017

The other thing you are overlooking is people who want a cheap car are more likely to buy used, a manufacturer needs new sales.
A cheap simple commuter is as easy as spending a few grand on a decade old car that actually has some comfort features and room for a few friends.
This is why Tesla is so successful, they are making a vehicle desired by people with money to spend.

Fleet sales are often very low margin so pizza delivery fleets aren't going to help make it a financial success.

Some products can be a success by marketing huge numbers cheaply, something as significant as a car that is readily available used isn't that product.

brando | 21/06/2017

Wonder the cost of an 8 or 10 year old Model S?
I'd suggest to grand kids to consider one, if they ever buy a car. May not need to own a car in 10 years.

I hope Musk makes the Model S in current form for 20 years. Like Saab 900, Volvo 242/244 squeeze out profits.

He'll build new factories for other designs in order to continue cost savings.

El Mirio | 21/06/2017

@bob small swiss start-up is relaunching a isettea like EV, they call it microlino, 74 miles range, will cost about EUR 12k. presumably starting production later this year.

ulrichard | 25/06/2017