What is your MAIN reason to own a Tessi Model 3?

What is your MAIN reason to own a Tessi Model 3?

Is it the looks? The new tech? Popularity? I am curious to find out what is your main reason.

markr7 | 28/03/2017

Lower maintenance costs (compared with ICE)
No more visits to gas stations

Carl Thompson | 28/03/2017

- Environment
- Cost savings (I have solar)
- Looks
- Coolness
- Fun

Not necessarily in that order.


brasshat | 28/03/2017

Buying into the technical/social vision of the Tesla ecosystem (energy+transportation strategy, software upgradability, etc) at a price I can afford.

(I already have an EV, so those reasons are just status quo)

stockbandit91 | 28/03/2017

More convenient to refuel at home for a commuter - save about 25 minutes/week from going to/from/filling up at gas stations.
Never have to buy gas
Less Pollution
Less Price volatility to "fill tank"
American Made
Less expensive to maintain (likely but not guaranteed until Telsa proves reliability)
Longer run when Electric cars take over - Less wars/Less US soldiers lost for oil profits/better environment for my kids

Honestly, if Tesla can deliver what is possible it will literally change the world for the better, for that I'm willing to take the risk.

chris.pribe | 28/03/2017

#1: Help break the monopoly position on transportation energy held by oil and, thereby, reduce the ability of entrenched transportation/energy interests to continue to prevent the pricing of carbon emissions.

gavinfaulkner | 28/03/2017

Main reason: Range

Close to main reason: Charging infrastructure and speed. Options. (RWD, autopilot). Design.

Other reasons: SpaceX, Teslas raison d'etre. Tesla is not Nissan. (Nissan make a great EV, but as a company they're bloody awful). Cost savings perhaps, but the Leaf is already pretty efficient and already much more efficient than an ICE so I wouldn't expect a cost saving. Environmental credentials since the Gigafactory will be powered by renewables, manufacture of the car will be less costly to the environment.

KP in NPT | 28/03/2017

After owning a Model S, no way our ICE will be replaced with anything but a Tesla.

akgolf | 28/03/2017

It will be the best EV option in it's price range.

tstolz | 28/03/2017

I need to replace a car and M3 is the best car on the market in its class.

Magic 8 Ball | 28/03/2017

Time is our most precious commodity.
Refueling at home saves us time.
Single driver in HOV lane saves us time.

We currently have a PHEV that will have the HOV stickers expire end of 2018.

Our replacement choices, that will get us into the HOV lane, are limited to a few vehicles so the next biggest factor is safety. So far, the specifications on the Model 3 seem to meet our wants better than anything else offered.

topher | 28/03/2017

Getting rid of my largest use of fossil fuels. I should be near 0% by next year (the sole remaining use being cooking propane, which may need to wait for a home methane digester).

Thank you kindly.

eknock007 | 28/03/2017

Chick magnet.

Wimpy ti | 28/03/2017

I love the technology!

Haggy | 28/03/2017

What else is there?

98% of Model S owners say their next car will be a Tesla. I don't need a second Model S. I don't need another new car for that matter, but by the time the 3 comes out, one of my cars will be 11 years old, so I figured given the long wait time, it made sense to reserve even if my other car still works fine. I wouldn't be the first person to replace a car even though I don't need to do so.

That gets back to point 1. If I replace a car, that leaves a Model S, a Model X, or a Model 3. There's no real competition out there. I could use a Model X but it's overkill. I'd be replacing something of the size and price range of a well equipped Model 3, and the Model 3 will be the only car in existence that would fit the bill.

I didn't really need a Model S, but Tesla literally gave me no other choice at the time. So I went outside of my criteria and picked a car that did the minimum I wanted, and more. In the case of the Model S, it was a lot more, but that's not a negative. I think there are a lot of Model S owners who could have afforded cars in that price range in the past, but saw no reason to get one. Tesla gave me a reason to get one.

Now that there will be an option in the Model 3 size and price range, it's going to be the only option for a while. If you are used to driving an ICE, you don't understand (yet) why you'd never want to go back to an ICE. But you will.

"Chick magnet."

Maybe. When my Model S was relatively new, I did have an attractive woman give me a thumbs up when I was parked on a college campus. After a moment of being perplexed, I realized it was the car. The only other time I noticed something similar, I had a bright red Model S loaner. I went to pick up my son at his high school, and most people ignored the car, except for one very attractive female student. I'm so far removed from the stage of my life where I'd be remotely interested that any value as a chick magnet is lost on me. Plus, my wife would mind, even if she were age appropriate.

Any woman who is interested in you only for your car isn't worth it. Then again, if you are interested in her only for her body, you deserve each other.

COrich | 28/03/2017

We have a Model X and love it. The 3 will be our second Tesla.

1) We are installing solar this spring and will have a clean source of "fuel" for both vehicles when charging at home.
2) We want an electric vehicle that doesn't look outrageous. Don't want something that is in-your-face electric but instead proof that an electric vehicle can look nice and be clean at the same time.
3) We want Tesla to succeed and force other auto companies to follow suit with vehicles that don't use diesel or gasoline for fuel.
4) Our small way to make a difference for our grand children.

PhillyGal | 28/03/2017

After owning a Model S, no way our ICE will be replaced with anything but a Tesla. (Stolen from @KP)

And.... our beautiful baby girl Ellie, asked for a little brother. TBD on his name but I think he'll be blue to contrast her red.
Ellie will hopefully be under 3 years old when her baby bro is born, I mean, delivered.

Bluesday Afternoon | 28/03/2017


Interesting, but which one gets the skinny garage in the winter? 8-)

KP in NPT | 28/03/2017

Our Barbarella is waiting for her space ship. ;)

mntlvr23 | 28/03/2017

Main reason - I did it for the forums

Efontana | 28/03/2017

I want to support employees who are getting to do great work. Doing great work is a behavior I want to encourage.

polaris | 28/03/2017

F.U. to Big Oil
Support a corporation that isn't lobbying governments to pollute the planet
I also expect a well made car

bmalloy0 | 28/03/2017

I've wanted an electric car literally as long as I can remember (BECAUSE SCIENCE). Then around 10 years ago I heard about this new car company that plans on only building electric cars. And it was named after my favorite historical figure! And holy crap that "Roadster" looks amazing! And holy crap I'm never going to be able to afford that!

Then a few years later I heard they were still around and they were coming kout with a new car! And holy crap that car looks amazing too! And holy crap I'm still probably never going to be able to afford that!

And then last year (thankfully before March) I heard about the Model 3. Looked at my finances and HOLY CRAP I CAN AFFORD THAT

dd.micsol | 28/03/2017

no oil
no engine breakdown
no oil changes
no radiator fluid or overheat
no exhaust to replace-ever
no battery issues-pending if I drain it on purpose exceeding the range which I might try once to see what it is like.
No WAR for oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No friends dying from that
saving lives
saving the environment
tell gas company to go s h it themselves
I hate everything about oil and gas
Tell GM to take a f'in hike-bolt/volt are complete pieces of junk MO.
I want to support a clean energy all American company. I want Made in USA on my car and not assembled in USA.

EVMan | 28/03/2017

Same as Carl but in that order.

Made in USA
Our solar installation is also all made in USA..

Love the 'raison d'etre' of Tesla

Thank you Elon

Haggy | 28/03/2017

"I drain it on purpose exceeding the range which I might try once to see what it is like."

If you do it on purpose, you will have to pay for the tow. It's not a good idea.

cessna182 | 29/03/2017

We have to start using fuels that don't have limited reserves. My wife and I are both retired and I'm planning on keeping my Ram Ecodiesel (a 2014 that racks up less than 5k annually). So for daily use and occasional trips from DFW to AUS or Mena, the 3 with large battery option should fit nicely in our fleet. Currently my wife drives a vow Tiguan, and my ecodiesel gets 25 mpg in town and 28 on the road. I'll be getting the wall battery, and solar cells to produce most of our 3's needs. I will be getting a large number of options. Still have my74 vw bug I purchased new, as well as my Cessna182, BMW k1200lt, so we can get almost anywhere comfortably.

Nexxus | 29/03/2017

Ta - Da! Factor
Reasonable cost
Cleaner Environment

Oh, and no GAS!!

dd.micsol | 29/03/2017

Not worried about a tow. Jeez. I have a S and 2 model 3s potentially but a lot is riding if there are controls. If there aren't - I'll be getting another S instead of 2 3s.
I have money.

ssage23 | 29/03/2017

I share many of the same reasons others have shared thus far. I like the bold and simple design of the Model 3. It will satisfy all of my travel needs in terms of range. I intend to share it with friends and family as well so they can experience the bliss of electric cars.

massimob30 | 29/03/2017

What dd.micsol said.

efodix | 29/03/2017

It's basically more advanced and better technology than ICE vehicles. Also autopilot. Environmental bonus is nice to have as well.

As for why Tesla in particular, all the other electric vehicles pretty much look like something I would never want to be seen in (which is not to be taken lightly, considering I used to drive a Citroen Ami 8), so it didn't leave me much choice there.

Pkalhan | 29/03/2017

1) Not going to the gas station is huge for me...I hate going.

2) The car looks nice so that is also very appealing to me.

3) Charging from home.

4) I am hoping less to maintain, but I am not too sure about that since I do not have a Model S or X (current owners could confirm this).

5) Also hoping that a Tesla lasts longer than an ICE car. I usually keep my cars till they die so planning on keeping the Model 3 for a very long time.

PhillyGal | 29/03/2017

@Simply - Winter? Crap. I hadn't thought that far ahead. The cars will have to take turns in the skinny garage to get charged every other night.

Haggy | 29/03/2017

Ask Model S owners why they are so steadfast in saying that their next car will be a Tesla, and I don't think you will hear many, if any, say it's because it's environmentally friendly. That might be a factor, but another company can come along with a car with a higher MPGe and it won't dry up Tesla's sales. Likewise, it won't be range. That was needed to keep them from not buying the car, but there are plenty of cars with more range.

tstolz | 29/03/2017

I guess my reason is that now after living with a MS, I can't bear to drive an ICE. We also have a BMW Z4 and thought of it as a really sweet ride ... but my wife and I fight over who gets to drive the Tesla. EVs are simply better cars.

mos6507 | 29/03/2017

I usually wait for technology to hit a sweet spot before I buy in. I have been waiting for EVs to hit the sweet spot. If it were just about price I'd have bought a Leaf, Volt, or Bolt by now. It has to have just the right mix of features/technology/price-point to feel like it's ready for the mainstream.

The Model 3 (despite the interior, which I dislike and will not try to rationalize) has all of the things that are non-negotiables to me. The two biggies for me are: supercharger access and autopilot hardware that will be advanced enough to support full autonomy (even though I won't enable the software update initially). Nothing else out there has that. If another automaker offered full autonomy and a fast-charge network equivalent to Tesla, I'd strongly consider it, but don't want to wait years and years for them to catch up.

carlgo2 | 30/03/2017

It is the best car that I would/could buy.

hsuru4u | 30/03/2017

how many s/x owners though still have a gas car? and why if you are so gungho on the enviorment and no trips to gas stations? I mean if you were really a fanatic no gas guy you would only have an ev period...afraid to take the whole plunge?

Civicrick | 30/03/2017

If Justin Bieber drives one, they must be good. I get thumbs up when I drive around in the 93 civic that was my sons high school car but I believe that its because of the Canadian maple leaf sticker in the window. Stay green my friends.

slasher0016 | 30/03/2017

Ranked in order:

1) Instant torque/high performance (I don't buy slow cars)
2) Technology (self-driving, etc)
3) Car design (the upscale looks and appearance - at least the exterior)
4) EV benefits (no more oil changes, gas stations, pollution, quietness, etc)

I'd also wouldn't consider any non-Tesla EV. They're not high enough on the looks, fun factor to me. EV is a tertiary benefit to me, not the driver of my choice.

Coastal Cruiser. | 30/03/2017

"What is your MAIN reason to own a Tessi Model 3?"

I love how the OP emphatically elicits the single MAIN reason... and then so many list ALL there reasons. lol.

I could be flippant and assert that I'm not buying a 'Tessie', so there is no main reason. The handle does make me wonder though if someone will name their car Tessie. It's sort of a 60ish sounding name for a car. Reminds me of Betsy. Didn't all boomers have a Betsy in the garage at some point?

Bye and bye, the blooming boomers bought a better Betsy than before.

(That was Red Sages fault)

So rineritalo, you are asking why folks are buying an M3 in particular, as opposed to why they are buying an EV (or another EV)?

So really you only want the MAIN reason people are buying a TESLA MODEL 3. It's really a one answer question. But, I just found a legal loophole that allows me to post two answers... you did not define a temporal parameter. My MAIN reason has shifted.

April 1st, 2016 answer: The M3 was the first "affordable" pure electric "long-range" automobile announced.

March 30th 2017 answer: The Supercharger network.

getsolarizednow | 30/03/2017

The main reason for me is to have a high performance car that is actually "green". I already produce more electricity than I use via solar, (3KW). and to have a car that doesn't go VROOM!. It just moves quickly! I'm of very moderate income and invested in solar in 2003 knowing it was the right thing to do, just like the Tesla!

bj | 30/03/2017

Because it will enable me to dump ICE forever.

accentcreate | 30/03/2017

I think I've wanted an electric car all my life. (I'm retired now). I've always been a cyclist and hated ICE vehicles with their noxious exhaust fumes.
I've bitten my tongue and owned a few, but when I bought my current one, in 2006, I swore it would be the last. Who knew that 10 years on I'd still be waiting for a sensible electric car to hit the streets.
Of course models S and X are good electric cars, but we don't all have that kind of cash nor want to drive such huge cars.
Please get the M3 on the streets so we can show the world that a clean future really is not a utopian illusion.

attica04 | 30/03/2017

I just want one :)

SamO | 31/03/2017

Accelerate the advent of sustainable transportation/energy.

Ehninger1212 | 31/03/2017

I applaud everyone for the environment being the rational behind the decision. For me helping the environment is a side effect, the cherry on top.

But I'm a car guy, I have been around hot rods my whole life. I believe Tesla is making the best vehicles on the road today hands down, this is a new movement and I want to support, and be apart of this push for a better type of transportation.

The model 3 will be my first car without any compromise, I don't have to weigh my options between things like performance and safety or reliability. Not to mention I think it looks D*** good!

Carl Thompson | 31/03/2017

"For me helping the environment is a side effect, the cherry on top."

For most people it is this way but humans have an amazing capacity for self-deception.


SamO | 31/03/2017

Do tell . . . about your capacity for deception, Carl