Borne to Bore

Borne to Bore

Elon asked on twitter for name suggestions for their first boring machine, what is yours?

J.T. | 05/05/2017

Sonic the Hedgehog

sbeggs | 05/05/2017

Bore On!

DTsea | 05/05/2017

Bòren to be Wild

El Mirio | 05/05/2017

shame Digalicious is already taken

EPluribusUnum | 05/05/2017


joemar10 | 05/05/2017

You Tube

El Mirio | 05/05/2017

El Topo anti trafficante! | 05/05/2017

Hole in one!

SamO | 05/05/2017


Frank99 | 05/05/2017

I'm not sure about the machine, but the parking lot should be renamed "Arrakis".

sbeggs | 05/05/2017

Bore, Inc.

sbeggs | 05/05/2017


johndoeeyed | 05/05/2017

Tunnel Vision

RedShift | 05/05/2017

Gopher it!

RedShift | 05/05/2017

Driller Killer (drive in slasher classic)

trx430ex | 05/05/2017

Filthy Rodent, "from the movie Caddyshack"

trx430ex | 05/05/2017

Caddyshack short
Youtube Gf3QIkQRGtI

johndoeeyed | 05/05/2017

Holey Moley

skymaster | 06/05/2017

Bjorn or Bust....I really gotta get to Norway after watching his videos... for years!

David N | 06/05/2017

Megaworm, megamole, megabeattle

David N | 06/05/2017


johndoeeyed | 07/05/2017

Borer Borer

Ross1 | 07/05/2017

Bored Room

SO | 07/05/2017

The Bore More

SO | 07/05/2017

And then "The Bore More Part Duex"

SO | 07/05/2017

Or "Bore More the Sequel"

sbeggs | 07/05/2017


TimC | 07/05/2017


eric.zucker | 08/05/2017

How about :
Black Hole

johndoeeyed | 10/05/2017

Drill Baby Drill | 10/05/2017

Super Mole
Holier than thou.

Al1 | 12/05/2017

Now that this seems possible and even technical feasible next question is: how is Tesla going to make money on this?

Are these going to be like toll roads? Elon didn't seem to touch this. Any suggestion?

Tropopause | 12/05/2017


Ross1 | 13/05/2017

Who said he wants to make money from it?

Al1 | 13/05/2017

He doesn't? Well, tunnels will cover all of greater LA. This can be fairly expensive. He didn't say it will be done with personal money and out of philanthropy.

Al1 | 13/05/2017

This is a legit question. Growth requires money. The costs can be fairly big and and then most of companies also need profit, - for more growth or returns to shareholders.

RedShift | 13/05/2017

He wants to make money off of it. Nothing is free.

janendan | 19/05/2017

This was posted on 'Electrek'. "They also claim that earthquakes and surface noise are actually nonissues. It’s something that came up a lot since Musk first shopped the idea around, but tunnels are actually a very safe place during earthquakes since they move with the ground."

Is this always true? The earth does not shear? Wouldn't that require the density of the earth to be the same throughout? I doubt that the screams from people in the collapsing tunnels could be heard either. I think I would rather be in a rocket suit, or the Illium in bad weather than be buried alive.

janendan | 19/05/2017

Oh, I forgot. The name.... What do you call something you have bought with the only bid on EBAY? 'Misguided'