Stop bumping useless threads. Bump the interesting and useful ones.

Stop bumping useless threads. Bump the interesting and useful ones.

In my childhood I was exposed to a person with an alcohol problem.
This person would try to engage in an argument and would say anything to get a response out of the people they came in contact with.
It was sad.

Those of us who came in contact with this person quickly learnt to avoid any contact when this behavior was active.
Sometimes this meant completely ignoring the person.

We have many contributors on the site who want to post thoughts, ask questions, learn something, or just have some fun with online friends.
We also have a recent problem with individuals posting multiple threads that add (in my opinion) very little to this forum.

If you see a thread from someone who is pushing valid threads down the list, please join me in NOT posting AT ALL on those threads.
While they might try to goad you into saying something, while it might be hard, please BUMP the threads of valid users up to the top instead and just ignore characters who seem to want validation.

5 mins ago, three of the top four threads were ones where I know I wont be posting ANY replies regardless of my internal desires to keep "going at it"

Please - let's not encourage this behavior since the moderators have been impotent to deal with the issue.
Let's help the threads that are getting pushed down.

lilbean | 23/05/2017

Bump :)

RedShift | 23/05/2017


222 | 23/05/2017

Yo! :)
Wazzapppp? LOL

There are threads at the bottom of the page that really need a little help - a bump - to get them back up to the top.

In my opinion the Ford CEO issue, the continued issues with Dieselgate cheating, Tesla in India, and Climate change threads really should be higher than ranting threads.

I challenge you all to find three threads that are important issues and post on those (and NOT on the ones that are rants) to keep the site working as it should.

SCCRENDO | 23/05/2017

@redshift +100

SCCRENDO | 23/05/2017

@222. When you see them drop down bump them. I am generally not in favor of censorship but I am also in favor of flagging some of the repetitive obnoxious threads as they are not much better than pure spam.

222 | 23/05/2017

Flag .... but dont post on it .... all that does is bump it back to the top.....

SCCRENDO | 23/05/2017

@222. Not sure it bumps it up. But there are enough people irritated by the spam that flagging gets it to disappear pretty quickly.

lilbean | 23/05/2017

Number 67! Woohoo!

222 | 23/05/2017

please go away. You have enough threads you've infested like a parasite.
Do not post here. Go away.

SamO | 25/05/2017


vp09 | 25/05/2017

I didn't know that this forum had a moderator.

vp09 | 25/05/2017

Sorry I thought I was on another thread where someone said something about the forum having a moderator. News to me, given the crap that is posted here.

vp09 | 25/05/2017

Wow, I had no idea that I could post the word "crap"!

UnshodBob | 26/05/2017

We should post George Carlin's seven words and see what happens. :)

UnshodBob | 26/05/2017

Here's a NSFW link to the seven words you can't say on tv.

DTsea | 27/05/2017

Except lilbeans threads. Always bump them.

lilbean | 27/05/2017

DTSea, I'm so honored that you mentioned me in your acceptance speech. | 28/05/2017

I am not bumping this thread.

lilbean | 28/05/2017

I haven't in a while either. | 28/05/2017

Furthermore, I advise everyone to avoid bumping this thread.

Silver2K | 28/05/2017

I have to wipe my desk every time I say the OP's name!

lilbean | 28/05/2017

Haha! Bless you!

222 | 28/05/2017

Huh? Spittle?

Silver2K | 28/05/2017


McLary | 31/05/2017

I predicted that the sun would come up today, in spite of all the negative trolls around here claiming that I didn't know what I was talking about, and that i was no better than a poorly drawn, cartoonish troll.

Ha! I proved you all wrong again! You can't fool me. I made a list and am checking it twice. (I think I have to sue that red suited bastardo for stealing my line)

So for all you blow hards, there is another perpetual motion thread that really needs your free wind.......

dansplans | 01/06/2017