"Something special" for line waiters - Signature Red?

"Something special" for line waiters - Signature Red?

Well this is interesting....a sig red Model 3.

skygraff | 26/05/2017

That'll be nice for people who want a red car but I hope it turns out to be something more universally "special." But, to be honest, a Model 3 (Despicable M3) would be just fine by me.

mntlvr23 | 26/05/2017

I am back in the Sig Red camp now
That is beautiful.

I had been leaning toward midnight metallic gray, but have recently realized that my two other cars have a similar color and three would be weird. I started leaning toward silver, but now Signature Red

mntlvr23 | 26/05/2017

..... also the 331 badge would be nice (with a matching range ;)

KP in NPT | 26/05/2017

I have to say I wasn't into the sig red before - but I had a sig red founders edition Model X as a loaner and I liked it.

But I agree with skygraff that I'd prefer something other than paint as the something special for line waiters. It is a personal preference, plus it is more exclusive when it was only available to a small number of buyers. There are a lot more line waiters than there were signature S/X depositors.

mntlvr23 | 26/05/2017

OK, then Sig Red - only for the people who waited in line for 20 or more hours ;)

akgolf | 26/05/2017

I want signature red too and couldn't wait in line since no store in my state.

The questioned asked of Elon was about first day reservations, not just those that waited in line.

Iwantmy3 | 26/05/2017

That's the red I want But I didn't reserve in line. I hope that is an option for everyone!

greg | 26/05/2017

Well, the article above says they are only making 75kWhr batteries at the moment.

So tit seems he early reservationists are getting 75kWhr batteries in their Model 3s.

May be the early (employee) reservations all were told you're getting that size battery, or Telsa is throwing,
that size in regardless of what they order? And maybe giving the extra 15 kwhrs away?

So question is, is that going to extend that arrangement to pre-reveal line standers or not, and in what form.

gavinfaulkner | 26/05/2017

Just tossing an idea out there....

Wouldn't it be great if the 75kWh model IS the base model and they intend to release a cheaper 60kWh model sometime later once they have the production numbers up and it makes better financial sense.

eeb9 | 27/05/2017

I was in line at my local store *very* early on 3/31. I placed my bet then that the M3 would be a better car (taken as a whole) than its competitors in that market space (BMW 3-Series and the like). I still believe that.

It would be nice for Tesla to give those of us that took that stand, making a $1000 leap of faith before we even knew what the 3 looked like, something to say thank you in a tangible way. my Own preference would be something that's simply not available to anyone who reserved after 3/31. A badge, paint color or extra functionality (or an upgrade that is an added-cost option for everyone else) would be a nice gesture.

TimGrok | 27/05/2017

I hope the "something special" for Day One reservation holders is something all can enjoy, rather than a paint color that is such an individual preference. My favorites would be (1) increased Supercharging, (2) special wheels, (3) upgraded seat options - maybe with special stitching accents.

Ehninger1212 | 27/05/2017

Meh... I'm with Tim, I hope it's more universal. It a big fan of the red. Even if I was the brighter red is much better in my opinion. I would like to see some special wheels honestly.

KP in NPT | 27/05/2017

I'm thinking they just had some extra sig red paint lying around. ;-)

Personally I think they should reserve the sig red for the S/X. Allowing everyone who reserved pre reveal (or line waiters - however they choose to draw the line) dilutes the specialness of it. I'd be happy with just a badge - something inexpensive to tesla that isn't such a personal choice like a color or option.

FISHEV | 27/05/2017

That only works for people who like a dark red. I would think a badge on their car would be more appropriate, something all of them could use.

carlgo2 | 27/05/2017

Factory tour with wine pairing lunch, invite to Falcon Heavy rocket launch, badge. Not against special color or upholstery trim. I suppose 500K autographs on the dash would be pretty much Carpel City...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27/05/2017

I was hoping for the full RGB Spectrum to be represented... Signature RED, Signature GREEN, and Signature BLUE. But that does indeed look very, very good.

hapstr | 27/05/2017

I prefer the bright red to the signature red. I would be disappointed if that was the decision for 1st day res.