Trump will indeed withdraw from the Paris Accord

Trump will indeed withdraw from the Paris Accord

According to Politico. Apparently he didn't have the balls to say it to their faces last week.

The only 2 other countries that do not support it are Syria and Nicaragua. #MAGA

What a total embarrassment we are to the world. | 31/05/2017

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to our country.
Fortunately, his tenure will likely be shortened by the Congress.

MitchP85D | 31/05/2017

That will be the best thing Trump has done for America if he backs out of the Paris (let's punish America) Accord. I hope he follows through.

RedShift | 31/05/2017

Yes, conservatives and their "dear leader" will take this country and the planet down the tubes! Hurrah!

brando | 31/05/2017

Martian Observation:

Air pumps to oxidize hydrocarbons results in heat and some [random?] motion - about 80/20 split.
(What do they do with all that heat? And where are they going in such a hurry?)
Why are the Earthlings trying to change their carbon cycle and their atmosphere?
Do they know how this will change the Earth?

Elon, go see what's up.

SamO | 31/05/2017

And Nicaragua isn't a signatory because they think Paris doesn't go far ENOUGH.

Good news: people have a way to vote with their dollars for a clean environment.

Buy Tesla. ;-)

rxlawdude | 31/05/2017

@brando, but the Martian potatoes are, um, special. :-)

Captain_Zap | 31/05/2017

When I heard the news, I suddenly felt like we will soon live in a 3rd world country.

Ehninger1212 | 31/05/2017


What tubes?! Where are the tubes?! Has anyone ever actually seen any tubes? Hats gotta be a massive freakin tube, surely someone would have seen it by now! Why can't it just be one tube?

RedShift | 31/05/2017


I guess when you crap in the woods and wipe with bare hands you don't need any tubes. Come, visit the civilization sometime.

SO | 31/05/2017

Hm...having the US be a leader in energy production and innovation really doesn't seem like something that will hurt the US in the long run.

If anything, doing the easy thing now and backing out will only give us short term gains. Then countries like China and Germany will continue to focus on energy innovation while leaving the US behind in the dust. Have we learned nothing?

MitchP85D | 31/05/2017

You want to clean the world's environment? You want to help the impoverished of the world? I'll tell you how. Divert all of the money from human caused global warming research to aerosol filters to coal-fired power plants. And while at it, let's provide potable water to the Third World. This alone will do far more for humanity than adhering to this silly Paris Climate Accord!

rxlawdude | 31/05/2017

@Mitch: are your unicorn filters going to absorb all the greenhouse gasses burning coal creates? The heavy metal spew?

Frenchy | 31/05/2017

Elon Musk‏Verified account
Don't know which way Paris will go, but I've done all I can to advise directly to POTUS, through others in WH & via councils, that we remain

Luke Schnoebelen‏ @schneby 1h1 hour ago
Replying to @elonmusk
What will you do if he makes the decision to leave?

Elon Musk‏Verified account @elonmusk 1h1 hour ago
Will have no choice but to depart councils in that case

Ehninger1212 | 31/05/2017

I was just quoting a George Carlin lol.
Look it up, you will get a laugh.

RedShift | 31/05/2017


Sorry pal. I guess I'm a bit amped up today. Not just because of too much "covfefe".

Ehninger1212 | 31/05/2017


I understand, no hard feelings haha. Gotta get me some of that covfefe, you think they sell it on Amazon Prime?

SCCRENDO | 31/05/2017

Impeachment cannot come soon enough.

johndoeeyed | 31/05/2017

You already now live in a banana republic country politically speaking

Tropopause | 31/05/2017

SamO +1 Vote with our dollars! Buy Tesla!

bb0tin | 31/05/2017

Voting with your dollars, by buying a Tesla, does not achieve what is required.
It is a false satisfaction to think that by buying a Tesla one can achieve what is required,
The energy basis of our economy needs to change, and change quickly, to avoid catastrophic Climate Change. The world needs to move off fossil fuels in all sectors of the economy, change our agriculture and farming practices, and stop deforestation.
This is only going to happen by voting with your votes, and exerting sustained public pressure for change.

SCCRENDO | 31/05/2017

Voting at the ballot box is critical. However we should vote with our dollars in the interim. Politicians take note of that.

Remnant | 03/06/2017

@RedShift (May 31, 2017)

<< Yes, conservatives and their "dear leader" will take this country and the planet down the tubes! Hurrah! >>

Inflammatory, insolent, and dimwitted as always, aren't you.

The POTUS' statements on the matter have been informed, to the point, and effective.

The divisive M&M gangsters, like yourself, stand debunked and shamed, as they should, for being treasonously anti-American, by providing aid and comfort to the globalist robbers who seek to siphon this country's wealth to others, under the ruse of "Climate Change", AGW, Paris Agreement, and other conspiratorial guises.

SCCRENDO | 03/06/2017

@Remnant. Trump is nearly as ill informed on climate change as you. Not much that comes from him is very well informed.

RedShift | 03/06/2017


So you got to take break from your day job fellating Trump to squeeze out a few gems from your keyboard? How nice.

pagrimm1 | 04/06/2017 reported: The European Union has rejected Donald Trump’s offer to renegotiate the Paris Treaty, proving it was always about bleeding the U.S. dry and appointing globalists as our governing bodies.

The Paris climate agreement is written so as to be an endless drain on the U.S. economy. If they cared about the climate, they’d work with us. It doesn’t help that we have traitors within our own country.

The leftists in this country will be not be dissuaded. A corrupt deal has been worked out with U.S. states and major corporations who will betray the President of the United States.

New York state and New York city, Pittsburgh, California, Washington, and Silicon Valley, among others have vowed to abide by the treaty that was never legally implemented by Barack Obama. The three states that signed up so far account for 25% of the U.S. GDP.

If the Paris treaty signatories can accept some of our states and municipalities, why can’t it be renegotiated? I guess it can be after all.

The treaty – which is recognized as a treaty by every other signatory – was never ratified by 2/3rds of the Senate. Former dictator Barack Obama ignored the Senate and simply called it an accord with the help of a complicit U.N.

The guardian reported that Angela Merkel, who is destroying her country’s sovereignty, said “nothing will stop us”; France’s Macron said he “respects this decision” but he thinks Trump made a “mistake for the U.S. and the planet”; and Theresa May of Britain is disappointed.

While 195 nations say they support the agreement, not all have signed and most, if not all will not abide by it if history is precedent. Most nations don’t have to do a thing for more than a decade. The U.S. bore the burden and now our own countrymen will betray us to the globalists.

The non-binding climate pact called for voluntary compliance which most, probably all nations won’t carry through.

The Paris signatories believe Trump will be ousted in 2020 and this is only a bump in the road. They will hold out until then as they wait for the ultimate goal of having the U.S. to transfer the wealth and resources earned and developed by Americans.

The Paris agreement included the Green Climate fund which is, as President Trump described, one of the scams that demanded an immediate $100 billion from the U.S. and would increase over time. That is in addition to the billions we already send overseas.

Remnant | 04/06/2017

@RedShift (June 3, 2017)

<< @remnant ... So you got to take break from your day job fellating Trump to squeeze out a few gems from your keyboard? >>

You're a contemptible piece of scum, @RedShift ... !

It's clear you don't sense the stink reeking from your own carcass.

Go back to rest with your zombie community ... !!!

Remnant | 04/06/2017

@SCCRENDO (June 3, 2017)

<< @Remnant. Trump is nearly as ill informed on climate change as you. Not much that comes from him is very well informed. >>

ALLCAPS, as an illegal alien from LA-LA-LAND, you're not even entitled to an opinion.

Just step back and learn ... !

Captain_Zap | 04/06/2017


That sounds like a parody.

RedShift | 04/06/2017


I wish I could care about what you say, I really do. You make so much noise constantly plugging (no pun intended) your dear leader. Wish more people supported you on here.

Mike83 | 04/06/2017

What is remmie talking about? Never find anything readable.

Bighorn | 04/06/2017

A couple people here have definitely jumped the shark.

SCCRENDO | 04/06/2017

@pagrimm 1. Some fact checking for you?
@remnant. COVFEFE