Thank you Elon for standing up to Trump and his likely exit from the Paris Accords

Thank you Elon for standing up to Trump and his likely exit from the Paris Accords

Many of us Tesla owners believe in Climate Change and believe in the historic advancements made with alternative energy sources. We also see the employment benefits accrue to those countries who embrace alternative forms of energy sources. For Trump to look to the past, and ignore alternative sources of energy will result in the USA's loss of leadership as to technological advancements the world over and put us alongside other 3rd world countries, i.e. Nicaragua and Syria who also live in the past... It will be a very sad day for America if Trump opts out, but I'm very proud of Elon and many other business leaders who recognize the enormous benefits for remaining in this Accord. And especially for you Elon to stand firm on leaving Trump's advisory counsel if Trump chooses to terminate our involvement with the Paris Accords.

Frenchy | 31/05/2017


SCCRENDO | 31/05/2017

Well said SeaDoc

RedShift | 31/05/2017


I don't know why they don't realize clean energy also provides jobs. It also makes for healthier people, saving on potential healthcare costs. Is common sense completely lacking with conservatives? Have they become so cuckoo that everything is just a matter of battling with liberals?

I am fucking embarrased that I live in the most advanced nation on earth, and have these folks and their dear leader dragging us to 18th century.

RedShift | 31/05/2017


I don't know why they don't realize clean energy also provides jobs. It also makes for healthier people, saving on potential healthcare costs. Is common sense completely lacking with conservatives? Have they become so cuckoo that everything is just a matter of battling with liberals?

I am fucking embarrased that I live in the most advanced nation on earth, and have these folks and their dear leader dragging us to 18th century.

carlk | 31/05/2017

I think Elon should go one step further by announcing he will only expend future manufacturing in countries that stay in the Paris accord. I'm sure countries like China and Germany will welcome him with open arms not to mention those are potentially large markets for Tesla too. Trump can continue to blow his make America jobs great again horn to coal miners and air conditioner assemblers.

science-isbetter | 31/05/2017

We have crossed the Rubicon. History will look back on 3rd rate America and say, "Wha?"

222 | 31/05/2017

The more advanced a society gets the greater the disparity between the intellectual and the uneducated.
Asmiov's the Foundation series ..... one of my favorate books of all times and apparently EM's also talks about how super specialized civilizations might get,

Hundreds of years ago an educated person would know latin, medicine, philosophy, arts, history, poetry, etc.
Now your orthopedic surgeons is a specialist in knees only and you have to see someone else for shoulder stuff or for podiatry stuff etc. And in the midst of all of this education are people running around ignorantly and blissfully thinking God will take care of climate change and pollution and Armageddon is God's plan, so why even bother fighting it? In fact, fighting it would undermine his ultimate plan ..... so use the earth and it's bounties as much as we can now and dont listen to the Science spewing heathens.

Sigh...... you would think in 2017 the world would be controlled by academics and philosophers and not ignorance and religion.

johndoeeyed | 31/05/2017

You previously posted on this forum that Elon should not distance himself from the Trump Administration.
You are now advocating the opposite.

You previously posted, multiple times, on this forum that you think Elon should stay on the council.
"What would be the point of Elon distancing himself from Trump other than aesthetic public gain? The attempt to do something is better than the decision to do nothing."
You are now supporting the opposite.

NKYTA | 31/05/2017

@johndoe, circumstances have changed. There is clearly a last ditch effort by many to curtail the withdrawal from the Accords.

If this stance by Elon and others helps, it is worth it. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some backlash to Elon and Tesla due to the POTUS' pettiness. Likely not to SpaceX, because that would be the nail in the coffin of idiocy.

johndoeeyed | 31/05/2017

Circumstances have not changed. Trump has repeatedly said he would withdraw from the Paris agreement, including all through the election process. Even now Trump has not said he will withdraw from the agreement; it is only being reported that he will. The only thing that has changed is that some of those who said Elon should not, and would not, leave the council are now switching position.

RedShift | 31/05/2017

Oh god, not today, please don't feed him. He will never leave.

NKYTA | 31/05/2017

I disagree. Trump is changing his campaign promises on his whims.

carlk | 31/05/2017

222 Many great points but I think you're mostly describing what is happening in the US not the entire world. If you take a look at rest of the world you might find some societies or even religions (e.g. the Vatican) where situations are not as bleak. It is bad for sure but human kind and our civilization are still not hopeless. That's my optimistic take.

Tropopause | 31/05/2017

I had hoped Elon would remain in the councils but apparantly Elon has decided the risks outweigh the benefits. I support Elon's decision either way.

Al1 | 31/05/2017

Elon should not distance himself from decision making process. He should distance from bad decisions.

This will be big big mistake from Trump administration.

Silver2K | 31/05/2017

NKYTA mixed up in politics and he goes 120 mph?

This is news for me. :)

NKYTA | 31/05/2017

Hardly mixed up in politics. And the 134.5mph was in WY on a secondary Hwy on the straights where I could see a couple miles ahead; no cars, no cops. ;-)

Silver2K | 31/05/2017

Yeah but I thought you were a good boy..

dchan81 | 31/05/2017

Bravo to Elon for his declaration that he would leave Trump's business council if Trump decides to take the USA out of the Paris Accords.

SCCRENDO | 31/05/2017

@Johndoe. Seriously. Get a life. Like Carlk I previously advocated that Elon work with Trump because you can achieve more on the inside than the outside. I now feel that enough is enough and it is probably futile to continue. We need to recognize that we have a buffoon running the country and have to do our best too work around him. Elon is correct to now tell Trump to go jump in the lake. As for you. Is your ego so fragile that you have to attack Carlk for changing his mind.

J.T. | 31/05/2017

@SCCRENDO >>>>We need to recognize that we have a buffoon running the country

I wish it was only one, but we need to recognize we've got a bunch of buffoons running the country.

As for Elon leaving the councils I still don't think it's a good idea, but Elon's the one in the room and I defer to his judgement.

However, imagine a scenario where one party is so unified and in the majority that the minority has no chance to make an impact. Should the minority simply walk away in protest? If they do et are breaking their oath to respect resent those who they represent.

Elon represents those of us who are passionate about his vision and mission. Whether he can get traction or not I'd feel better knowing he's at the table, telling it like it is in person, to Trump's face, than through that tweets.

SCCRENDO | 31/05/2017

@JT. It becomes meaningless. Trump listens to nobody. He's going to do what he wants to do. Best he is preoccupied with all this Russia stuff. Elon needs to get back to doing his thing. And those who can work around Trump will. I like what Jerry Brown is doing.

RedShift | 31/05/2017


Exactly. What if Trump is really not to be reasoned with? What then? Do you just keep doing it only for some kind a Hero medal? Even the fossil fuel companies are siding with staying in this climate accord.

This is simply Trump trying to lamely to distract us from the big dead donkey rotting on his dinner plate. He is that kind of a person. To keep trying something again and again and not see any positive effect is not fruitful. At some point, you have to be able to cut and run, take the fallout that surely will come with it.

And believe me, Elon is definitely going to face some fallout on his companies now. Trump is a vindictive, childish POS.

Tesla-David | 01/06/2017

@SeaDoc, +1, well said, couldn't agree more!

SO | 01/06/2017

I thought that Elon should be on the council. But if these councils keep getting ignored in their recommendations, then Elon may think it truly is a waste of time.

Even if Trump were to now retaliate against Elon, I think Elon would get plenty of worldwide support.

Silver2K | 01/06/2017

As I've said in the past, Trump listens to no one and he's just using Elon and everyone else to get votes from their fans.

SCCRENDO | 01/06/2017

@Silver. In the beginning I thought it was best to try work with him as he is our president for a while. But he truly is a "basket case". Each day I pray for an early impeachment.

SO | 01/06/2017

@Silver - I agree with your sentimate but still Elon needed to go through the motions of at least trying. Even if all he proved was that Trump listens to no one, I think it was worth it.

Many times people have theories. But now they have been proven as fact. Kinda like how science works.

Who knows, Trump may still surprise us and stay with it. Doubtful, but there is a chance.

PhillyGal | 01/06/2017

@SeaDoc +1

If only there were some kind of green technology that could create factory jobs to manufacture in the US, transportation jobs to ship across the US and skilled labor jobs to install across the US. One that might have a direct impact on other industries like roofing labor and materials, or that might also help level our grids.

J.T. | 01/06/2017

@SCCRENDO >>>>Each day I pray for an early impeachment.

First, pray for the 25 Republicans to switch parties.

J.T. | 01/06/2017

@Red Shift >>>>To keep trying something again and again and not see any positive effect is not fruitful

That's the argument I made against the weekly protests, but people kept trying to convince me that the effect of protests might not be evident but that's not proof they don't have merit.

I'm glad you see now that protests against the inevitable are a waste of time.

NKYTA | 01/06/2017

JT, I protest that statement! ;-)

RedShift | 01/06/2017


Regarding the protests, I had actually changed my mind, and accepted your position quite earlier than a few others.
One always hopes for some logic in another human being, and empathy. If you notice, there are still a few who think it might be possible for Trump to come around and accept what is common sense.

It was said that Obama was not a uniter, but a great divider. How much merit that argument had, depends on whom you ask. However, one can definitely say that Trump, his party and his followers are now so dividing this country, that we may not recover for a very long time. This is not even about common sense or logic anymore.

carlk | 01/06/2017

Another giant step from Trump to make China great again.

El Mirio | 01/06/2017

O&G CEO's want the U.S. to stay in the Paris accord. the U.S. was the one pushing for a weak deal, if they are not on the table it may cause the rest of the world to strengthen the deal in the future, forcing global companies to follow suite anyways.

So maybe it is actually beneficial to the cause for the U.S. to stay out, i suspect certain States like CA and NY may sign up on their own.

Yep looking for a glimpse of hope.

rxlawdude | 01/06/2017

@El Mirio, I'm not sure individual states have constitutional authority to enter treaties.

carlgo2 | 01/06/2017

The pre-announcement news says Trump will likely add caveats that will serve the purpose of softening the actual blow to some extent while appealing to the coal states that support him. He needs all the support he can get and so knowing that his motivations are entirely sociopathic he is doing what he thinks is best for The Donald, nothing else.

His daughter is given credit for lobbying for this, but perhaps all the input from Musk, the Pope and others also had an effect. He has this inner fight to both serve himself and to secure a legacy, so this can be sort of a compromise that he thinks will work for the creatures on both shoulders.

We will soon find out the details, as sketchy and ambivalent and unrealistic as they likely will be. This is all posturing, being The Donald, being in the news in a powerful way instead of being the subject of countless debilitating investigations.

El Mirio | 01/06/2017

@rxlawdude you are probably right that they can't sign a treaty. De Blasio seems to want to commit to the Paris accord thru executive order, so they would do it unilateral it seems.

SamO | 01/06/2017

A state can incorporate the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement through enabling legislation. This does not make them a "signatory."

carlgo2 | 01/06/2017

@El Mirio: Like rxlawdude said states cannot enter into foreign treaties. However, they can freely associate and it is possible for, say, the blue states to enter into political agreements to synchronize their policies.

Such a union would be extremely powerful, the most powerful in the world, although very difficult to form and manage.

El Mirio | 01/06/2017

@Carlgo2 hard to manage for the corporations, hence why the O&G CEO's wanting the legislation to stay on a Federal level.

CA has more stringent pollution regulations to what the EPA puts out today, i would not be surprised if CA commits to the Paris goals.

Also wouldn't each state have to implement varying measures to achive carbon cuts based on their local circumstances anyways?

El Mirio | 01/06/2017

Gov. Jerry Brown seems committed to the Paris agreement.

El Mirio | 01/06/2017
SCCRENDO | 01/06/2017

We have a clown president. Let's hope we can limit the damage

sp_tesla | 01/06/2017

carlk | June 1, 2017
Another giant step from Trump to make China great again.

Before the uninformed praise China, be aware of the dirty side of China's clean energy rules: "But China’s deals with other countries tell a different story: It’s the world's largest exporter of coal-related financing and equipment and is involved with coal projects in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and beyond."

RedShift | 01/06/2017

Yet, they didn't pull out of this accord and are reportedly going to achieve their peak emissions several years ahead of schedule. I'd ask the 'conscientious' conservative to do their homework too, before spouting biased opinions.

El Mirio | 01/06/2017

So glad to see various U.S. Governors and Mayors come out and pledge to commit to the emission goals.

vkumar7882 | 01/06/2017

Hi fellow Tesla owners and concerned "earth citizens" time to spread the truth about global warming. Upcoming movie seems appropriate - An Inconvenient Truth

bb0tin | 01/06/2017

The trailer is for the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth