What is the best way to sell my model S private party

What is the best way to sell my model S private party

lisabadin | 11/06/2017

I want to sell my 2015 Tesla model S with low mileage private party. What is the best way ?

akikiki | 11/06/2017

The same way you would sell any other car. Craigslist, Autotrader, TMC For Sale, Classified Adds.

stevew737 | 11/06/2017

Start by offering it here....details ?

Boonedocks | 12/06/2017

I used the TMC forum and the Tesla Community was awesome. Sold my car to someone many many states away and he and his wife flew in the day I was to take delivery of my S100D and we exchanged check and fobs at my local credit union. Worked beautifully and super easy.
Ref: | 12/06/2017

Signs in the window. Tried eBay and a few others. Parking the car out in front of my house with two signs in the front windshield and rear, had it sold in 24 hours along with a good price. Should have started with that first :)

Actually I recommend using all the different options. It is really hard to tell where the buyer is looking. Craigslist got more interest than eBay for me. A big factor may be where you live and how well known Tesla's are in your area. If not well known then Craigslist may not be useful.

If you price it right, it will sell. Don't be confused by some of the crazy high eBay prices - these are often owners who may sell the car if someone is willing to overpay the going rates. No need to price it too low either. Use KBB for a private sale price as a rough guide. Vehicle condition is a big factor too. If you are not in a rush, perhaps ask $1-2K higher to see how the market reacts. You can always drop the price - harder to go back up. Good luck! | 12/06/2017

I took mine to a local Honda dealer. Got a check in 30 minutes for $5,000 more than Tesla offered as trade in value.
They sold it in a day. | 12/06/2017

They are the local KBB rep.

drp | 12/06/2017

Craigslist works like a champ and VERY fast

Bonlaw | 12/06/2017

I have twice been successful on cargurus | 16/06/2017

I had heard people use Vroom to sell their Tesla and they do have Tesla on sale on their site. The best place to start is to ask a for a trade in quote from a tesla to get an idea what u can get

High Plains Drifter | 16/06/2017

Lean the "true value" of your car and accept the fact that it's not as high as you think or want it to be. Owners who habitually sell their 2 or 3 year old cars should consider leasing.

lisabadin | 16/06/2017

I have a 2015 Model S 85D. Mileage is less than 20,000. Fully loaded except suspension package. Car is in excellent condition and been kept in the garage since I have owned it.
$72,500. If anyone is interested please let me know.

Bill_75D | 16/06/2017

"... since I have owned it."

Are you not the original owner?

lisabadin | 16/06/2017

Yes, I am the original owner. I forgot to say it is white with black interior and carbon fiber trim. I also added a center console from tesla.

maxmtjoy | 04/11/2018

I must (reluctantly) sell by beloved 2015 70S with 25,000 miles. It has autopilot and some other nice add-ons. In good condition. If interested, please advise -, Houston, TX. Note: no flooding, nor accidents.

SoCal Buzz | 04/11/2018

Try I recently had a good experience and sold my 2013 in about 8 days. Check the same site and find good comps for a private party sale, which is better than 3rd party dealer.

sam | 20/11/2018

I have a 2015 Tesla S P90D fully loaded Black on Black has 21000 miles, one owner California owned . The original MSRP is 141200 and I have it for $74995. Please let me know .

landoncube | 23/11/2018
timolin | 15/01/2019

Hi @landoncube - I stumbled upon on a Google search. What is your experience with it?

Thanks, Tim

wyatt | 24/01/2019

Hi there, my company currently has an absolutely loaded 2016 P90D please reach out to us if you yourself or know of anyone looking for a similar spec or model to this. I will include the link below, thanks!

rxlawdude | 24/01/2019

@wyatt, Your listing doesn't contain the mileage of the vehicle, nor does it point out that the Extended Service Agreement ("extended warranty" covering 50K miles - 100K miles) would NOT be available to the purchaser because it was sold by a third party dealer.

Amandaqpayne | 15/02/2019

We have a model S 100 2018
10,000 miles deep grey
Call or email 8036090526

alevin | 15/02/2019

Selling 2017 Tesla Model X100D
Mileage: 16,400
Obsidian black exterior, 7 Seat Interior,Premium Package, Premium Sound Package,White leather interior, 22 Black Wheels,​ Enhanced Autopilot, Heated front seats, Automatic front door entry, and much more.

Based in Los Angeles.
If interested call 310-500-8603 or email

vp09 | 15/02/2019

I also want to recommend Only Used Tesla . com

I have my first Tesla there.

I'm letting it go because I now have the car I've wanted since before Elon was with the company! My Blue Star. Sweet.

adbour | 26/03/2019

Selling my tesla model x 100d 27000 miles. Immaculate. I have Carfax and lemon squad reports.
email me for details-

MJP.75D | 26/03/2019

@adbour — nice car; unfortunately I’m not in the market for a MX. One comment, however—the window sticker you show in your ad is for a Model S....might want to either change or delete it. Good luck with the sale.

lacoffey | 26/03/2019

I have a 2018 Model S 75 D. Only 1,260 miles on it. Enhanced auto pilot, deep blue metallic with black interior and ash wood decor. Includes window tint and a super charger. $75,000. Contact slcoffey

Bill_75D | 26/03/2019

"Includes ... a supercharger"

Can you explain this, please?

juliehirota | 27/04/2019

Model S 75D for sale. Red multi-coat paint, ultra white interior, carbon fiber/suede dash and decor, enhanced autopilot, premium interior package, subzero weather package. 48,000 miles, $56,000.

Based in Sacramento area

Mjmiron | 27/04/2019

I have a 2013 S 85 for sale 34k has 95,000 miles still under CPO warranty till 11/1 or 100k. Has custom new tires and rims and just did all maintenance. Dark Blue sunroof, tech package, cold weather tan interior with wood trim.
More info at

rxlawdude | 28/04/2019

@Mj, you're asking about the same as what Tesla offered me in trade for my '15 S70D with AP1, premium interior, ultra HiFi, and sunroof, and about the same mileage.

Just a data point, but if you get your asking price, that's good news for me, too. :-)

kickgas | 28/04/2019

Looking to upgrade. Selling my Dec 2016 MS 90D. Red with tan interior. 55K mi. Rare car with both Autopilot 2.0 & free supercharging for life (goes with VIN). Has all upgrades including ventilated seats except FSD. New Continental tires with 70K tread warranty.Has Suntek wrap to full hood, bumpers & fenders. No accidents or damage. Pristine condition. Asking $64K in northern Va area. Contact if interested.

emailraine | 12/08/2019
emailraine | 12/08/2019
yaynel613 | 31/01/2020

Selling my 2017 Model S 75, 44K miles for $48,500. Honestly just need to sell it to pay off the loan as we are moving due to military orders and will not be able to take the car with me.
All white exterior, black leather interior w/ wood grain. Comes with Enhanced autopilot and capable of upgrading to full autopilot if you choose. Serious inquiries only please
email me at

akikiki | 31/01/2020
wagner.kyle88 | 31/01/2020

This car was a new buying experience for me. I normally buy my cars off craigslist. Has always been a good experience. But i found that when people drop over a hundred grand on a car new, they have a hard time believing the depreciating value. There was limited availability on craigslist with every single one overpriced. I ended up using the other autotrader and carfax etc websites to search nationwide and flew out to chicago and road tripped back to the pacific northwest. Saved me quite a few thousand dollars and i got the options and colors that i wanted.