M3 in NEW JERSEY as of this morning

M3 in NEW JERSEY as of this morning

Just got a text from a friend who owns an "S" and he just got passed by an M3 driving in Central New Jersey. Not sure what one is doing this far East and have no way of knowing if it was an RC or a final... but there's a gray Model 3 in Jersey this morning!!! Exciting if they're either already in the hands of staff or being tested this far East.

dsvick | 20/06/2017

Ok, I'll be first ....

Pics, or it didn't happen.

brian | 20/06/2017

I believe it did happen. The S driver and the "spotted 3" were both traveling highway speeds, so I cannot visually confirm anything. He's also calling it "Gray" but of course it could have been silver or something in that family. He's owned an S for some time and has two M3 reservations, so I know he knows the car.

gatorj31 | 20/06/2017

Exciting, I'll be keeping an open eye in Atlanta.

bradleyrichard1 | 20/06/2017

Also spotted in Ann Arbor, MI last night (6/19) at a stop light. No pics, but I promise you it did see it, it's not a car you mistaken for another.

gatorj31 | 20/06/2017

Weren't they doing EPA testing in MI or somewhere close?

High Plains Drifter | 20/06/2017

I believe your friend "thought" he spotted a Model 3. An M3 is a BMW capable of 0-60 in 3.9 sec (faster than my S85).

topher | 20/06/2017

"it's not a car you mistaken for another."

Empirical evidence says otherwise. Many sightings were made, which were revealed to be other cars.

Thank you kindly.

brian | 20/06/2017

@topher - We can play this all day, so I'm going to duck out and go back to billing clients for work that needs doing... I've maintained that I wasn't there... I'm allowing for your scenario... but this is a very good friend... he owns and was driving an S... he has two reservations for a 3 and is following dev very closely... the two saw each other as they passed... he's telling me it was a '3' and I have no reason to believe otherwise. I'm not here trying to create false hope or hype... I'm just stating that, to the best of my knowledge, there is now a Tesla Model 3 in New Jersey for some reason or another. Do with that what you will.

topher | 20/06/2017

I wasn't even addressing your comment. Bradley said that no one could mistake the 3 for another car, and there many examples of people doing precisely that.

As I said in the other thread, if your friend actually saw a Midnight silver (what I would call grey) as opposed to the regular silver, a picture would make a lot of people very happy. At this point there are at least 88 Model 3s out there, a sighting isn't that big a deal.

Thank you kindly.

jordanrichard | 20/06/2017

No, a sighting in of itself may not be exciting, but seeing one on the East coast is. It makes at least me curious as to why here? What could be gained from driving/testing a Model 3 in NJ that couldn't be gained from testing in CA? It is certainly not winter testing.

I am guessing that it is to create buzz.

As for mistaking a Model S as being a Model 3, that depends on what part of the car the person saw. In other words if it was the backend or sides, ya, I could see a mistake being made. However, the front end of the Model 3 is distinctly different than a new MS.

KP in NPT | 20/06/2017

Ooh maybe I'll get lucky at the JFK supercharger today. :)

brian | 20/06/2017

As for why it could be on the east coast... I can think of several reasons, not all as plausible... perhaps it was driven slowly across the nation for buzz... maybe to pre-run the LA to NY route (which doesn't exactly make sense based on where in NJ it was spotted)... maybe EPA testing requirement?... not sure they even have to do that with an EV but maybe it still needs a certification mark... maybe it's an employee doing testing that had family out here and they "skipped town for a few days" - who knows, but I like that we believe there is one in Jersey nonetheless.

lunoesolo | 20/06/2017

Im new to this forum and very happy to see this thread because I was sure I saw the grey (or silver) Model 3 about a week ago here in northern NJ. At least now I know there's a possibility that I'm not nuts!

Rutrow | 20/06/2017

@ gatorj31, MI and NJ are not close.

gatorj31 | 20/06/2017

Rutrow: I know. I was talking about the prior post seeing one in MI

dsvick | 20/06/2017

@KP - "Ooh maybe I'll get lucky at the JFK supercharger today."

Aren't you married .... ? :)

eeb9 | 20/06/2017

A hard Tesla has no conscience

ReD eXiLe ms us | 20/06/2017

Maybe it's doing toll road transponder testing?

PhillyGal | 20/06/2017

Am I the only one crazy enough to just pickup the phone and call a Jersey service center to ask :-P

Coastal Cruiser. | 20/06/2017

Brian said: ..."a friend who owns an "S" and he just got passed by an M3"

So, the Model 3 will be faster than the Model S.

brian | 20/06/2017

@Coastal - Haha

mntlvr23 | 20/06/2017

@CC - lol, this is how rumors start

... and if KP doesn't see it today at the supercharger - it must be because the M3 has a super large battery (compared to the MS) that rarely needs charging

Coastal Cruiser. | 20/06/2017

Hey Mint. Am I on a pancake sugar high or is your hat thread missing?

Earlier today I bumped the thread... and now it's MIA?

noleaf4me | 20/06/2017

I agree the hat thread is MIA -- too much for Tesla to handle maybe?!?

Shesmyne2 | 20/06/2017

you mean you didn't already?

Still Grinning ;-)

mntlvr23 | 20/06/2017

NL4M - it's alive dammit - it's a miracle

KP in NPT | 20/06/2017

I was all by my lonesome at both the Darien and JFK superchargers. :(

lar_lef | 21/06/2017

They seek it here
They seek it there
They seek it everywhere
Is it in jJrsey
Is it in Maine
That damned elusive Tesla 3

PhillyGal | 21/06/2017

@Shesmyne - Of course I did :)

The person first mentioned how many people see the Model X and ask if it's the new 3.
Then said he was unaware of any release candidates in NJ.

Fruitless call in other words.

Tropopause | 21/06/2017

Case closed?

brian | 22/06/2017

So, I just got a call from Tesla today and asked if I wanted a test drive in an 'S' - but while I was on the phone with him, I asked if he was surprised that we would have seen a '3' this far East (Jersey) and he unequivocally said no surprise at all. This individual stated that he knew for a fact there was one in Pennsylvania last week and that based on "where they are in the test drive stage" he wouldn't be shocked if the lower 48 had seen one at least once.

RP3 | 22/06/2017

@brian: so...can you txt your friend back and clarify whether he saw a silver (that we've seen plenty of pics of) or the elusive Midnight Silver (dark gray)?

Garyeop | 22/06/2017

Queue Mission impossible music.

As a dark grey Tesla, code named Gandalf, pulls on the Jersey turn pike she pushes just a little. She can feel the eyes on her like they can see she has on yoga pants as she slowly passes the other cars. Then something familiar ahead...hello older brother. If only I could tell you why I am here.

nariche | 23/06/2017

I think all these sightings are from Tesla testing its cross country trip they plan on doing at the end of the year.

Madatgascar | 23/06/2017

They will get as far as Weehawken and stall out on the helix merge to the Lincoln tunnel. No way will autopilot push its way through that.

Frank99 | 23/06/2017

Well, what if they tried to merge in between (miraculously!) multiple Model S? You don't think Tesla could make that happen if necessary?

Madatgascar | 23/06/2017

Not if those Model S's were driven by New Yorkers!

sbeggs | 24/06/2017

So true!

sbeggs | 24/06/2017

Question: which drivers are less likely to let you merge into your lane from an on ramp or adjacent lane, Californians or New Yorkers?

Answer: northern Virginians.

Rutrow | 24/06/2017

sbeggs, Arkansas is pretty bad, Texas (as hard as it is for an Arkie to admit) is pretty good. Texans are an arrogant lot, but surprisingly courteous drivers, especially in west Texas. Drivers ahead will pull onto the shoulder to let you pass. Reminds me of Greece. But the all time worst for letting you merge are Albuquerquians (sp?). Not so much in the rest of the state of New Mexico, but something happens inside the Albuquerque city limits. Aaaaaargh!

mntlvr23 | 24/06/2017

@sbeggs - Northern Virginians used to be really bad, and never let you merge. But now so many people are driving distracted on their phones that you can always find big gaps in any type of traffic to pull into.

I am not sure which is worse - though it is probably now

brian | 25/06/2017

@RP3 - Sorry for the delay... been very busy with work and family. He insists it was "Gray" - I do wish we knew also. Like every other last detail about the car. :(

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27/06/2017

Rutrow: All bad traffic in Santa Fe or Albuquerque is caused by transplanted Californians. :-D

Ross1 | 29/06/2017

My guess is that they are moving some into Stores for The Big Reveal

SamO | 29/06/2017


NoVA is horrific. Reminds me of academia. The fights are so brutal because the stakes are so low.

USC1024 | 02/07/2017

I saw a white Model 3 closely followed by a white Model S on Riverside drive (near Sandy Springs) on June 12. Did not get a chance to snap a pic though.

USC1024 | 02/07/2017

Sorry, should have mentioned this is in Atlanta in my last post.

burdogg | 02/07/2017

On Friday - we were heading to Utah and as I came up on this car - I thought, that is a Tesla, but that is not a Model S, as I went to pass - sure enough - there it was - the elusive MODEL 3! (Handles give it away :) It was the RED one too! So in our X as I got to driver side - I waved, and then fell back behind him and followed him for 10 minutes or so - he was doing 72 in a 75. We were about 40 miles away from Green River, so decided to go on ahead and charge and hope as we were finishing up he would show up. We were getting near the end and my hope was fading as I thought maybe he went to Moab.

Well, then we saw it, nice red coming on in. Right as he got parked to charge, he quickly pulled out the cover for it. I really did not want to intrude on him trying to do his job, so I didn't try any quick shenanigans to see inside etc... He already had the screen covered though. We talked and found out he was flown out to Michigan to drive the car all the way back to Fremont - which he was on his way now. We left and he said we would meet up in Price :) So at Price, we had to charge for awhile as we were going to Provo and then would be coming back the next day, without anywhere to charge. So we spent some time in Price talking with him.

He was very nice. He has been working for Tesla for 3 months. He was surprised how many pictures I showed him from the web on the Model 3 sightings. He couldn't believe it. Makes me wonder why some didn't cover it and yet he was still told to. In fact, he said he had to babysit the car - he even was to sleep in it on the way back! He was never to leave it alone.

Anyway, it was really fun spotting it and we did take two pictures as we first drove up on it - I can post if you want, nothing special though - it was car 42, red, with the wind resistant wheels. I just don't want to post the guys face (I will block it out, but only if you all really want to see it)

Rutrow | 02/07/2017

So there you have it... Model 3s have an onboard toilet. Obviously the announcement we were all waiting for.

burdogg | 02/07/2017

Thanks for the laugh Rutrow - I tried to spy that as he was covering it up too - but my eyes are too slow. :)