17.24.28 FW not sensing roads with median strips

17.24.28 FW not sensing roads with median strips

Since the 17.24.28, I've been having speed limit issues on highways with median-strip dividers where my car thinks that it is a non-median-strip road, limiting me to 5 MPH over the posted limit. It doesn't do it all the time but has been a problem since the update.

For example, I was driving on Rt 50 in Maryland, going 65 in a 55 MPH area. When the road split into Rt 301, my car slowed to 60 where it maxed out. I even did a reset on both computers and no change.

I read somewhere that Tesla changed databases for navigation (?Tom Tom) and wonder if this is the reason for the issue.

Anyone else have this problem?

croman | 25/06/2017

Yes. Apparently AP1 definitely has this issue but few have AP2 to compare to see if it also is restricted to plus 5. | 25/06/2017

If the update adjusted the offset from speed limit have you gone to Settings, Driver Assistance, Speed Assist and changed the offset back to "+15 mph" or whatever you want it to be?

JPPTM | 25/06/2017

The issue seems to me to be a 'baked in' GPS based 'feature' in the latest firmware to limit EAP speeds on roads considered risky. I note that this occurs on smaller winding narrow roads/highways, and has nothing to do with reading speed limit signs or not seeing pavement markings.

steven | 26/06/2017

17.24.28 is the worst update ever :-(. Car tried to drive me several times into highway divider, refuses lane change midway through the change, brakes for apparently nothing and indeed limits AP on road sections with varying speeds. Now, while I consider the last point to be good, it does it way to quick. So, for example, coming from 50mph too 25mph, it will slam on the brakes, which I think is a hazardous situation.

I already asked the service center to re-install the previous version, but it seems it's not possible. I've been around long enough to realize that sometimes the update isn't that good, but with this one, I lost all confidence in AP :-( And next week i'm leaving on holiday for a 5500km road trip with the family and it looks like I won't be able to use AP at all for safety of me and my family :-(.

drbob | 26/06/2017

Agree that 17.24.28 is a mess. My car seems to wander a lot more than it did before.

Don't think the median strip issue is related to 'risky or winding roads' as Rt 301 in Maryland is a modern dual lane highway with a wide median strip and hardly any curves.

Not 'speed offset' issue as the car will auto drive over 5 on most roads with median strips.

van | 26/06/2017

Afraid to use AP? Maybe that's why they insist that you "keep your hands on the wheel". Stop texting, keep your hands on the wheel.

SolarS | 26/06/2017

van said: "Afraid to use AP? Maybe that's why they insist that you "keep your hands on the wheel". Stop texting, keep your hands on the wheel."

I'm guessing that drbob is as safe and careful driver as myself.

I NEVER text and drive and don't take my eyes off the road for anything else either.

That being said, Tesla Autopilot went from being exciting tech to being too dangerous to trust with my life and the life of my family.

What use is a system that randomly crosses the center lane into oncoming traffic or slams on the brake for no apparent reason at 70mph? Sure, you can run autopilot and be hypervigilant and ready to wrestle control away from a flawed software package at any moment OR you can simply drive the car yourself and KNOW that you won't be abruptly veering into oncoming traffic or trying to overcome random braking and the chaos it can cause to the cars behind you.

Personally, I find it much less stressful to simply drive the car myself than to wonder what AP might do at any moment.

mdmgso | 26/06/2017

I have exactly the same problem with my S100D with 17.24.28. I travel on a four lane divided highway with a 55 mph speed limit most of the way to work every morning. This is irritating as h*ll since traffic flow is between 65 and 70.The highway has a median with various types of vegetation, but is otherwise built to interstate standards. I can't co faster than 60mph. Since I just got the car, I don't know whether it was so limited prior to 17.24.28.

My wife's 2016 S 75 with AP 1 is not so limited. At least it wasn't, but she downloaded 17.24.28 last night, so I need to try it to see if that is the culprit.

EVRider | 26/06/2017

@mdmgso: Please post an update when you find out if 17.24.28 changes the behavior of your wife's car. I have that update but haven't installed it yet because some people have reported problems with it (I also have AP1).

mdmgso | 26/06/2017


Will do.

Boonedocks | 26/06/2017

Hopefully all you guys with the .24.28 update are at least being silkily almost run into medians and silky smooth unannounced lane changes. At least that would be a +1 for the "silky" update.

SomeJoe7777 | 26/06/2017

I have an April 2015 build 85D with AP1, I installed 17.24.28 on Friday, and drove about 100 miles over the weekend. I'm not seeing any of these issues.

minervo.florida | 27/06/2017

Try your autopilot on a divided highway and see what happens.

ram1901 | 27/06/2017

Been using 17.24.28 on a 70D AP1 car for several days now and have not experienced any of the problems indicated above. If anything, it seems to do a better job of making 'safe' lane changes and staying in the lane. Will give it a few more days of driving on secondary and divided highways and see if anything weird shows up, but so far so good.