Model 3 delivery priority

Model 3 delivery priority

Just a thought, or suggestion, shouldnt shareholders also have priority for delivery of the model 3?

KP in NPT | 28/06/2017


dspiliotopoulos | 28/06/2017


Itrnhds | 28/06/2017


markr7 | 28/06/2017

Yes, If you own 51% of the company....

Rutrow | 28/06/2017

https://youtu (dot) be/j4vjVetZPpM?t=14s

dsvick | 28/06/2017


dimitri.anast | 28/06/2017


SUN 2 DRV | 28/06/2017

Maybe for people who owned shares before say Jan 1, 2014 when there was still some risk and required a belief in Elon's vision involved. But all THOSE folks already bought Teslas with their huge gains, so no they don't need Model 3 priority.

bmalloy0 | 28/06/2017

The only thing shareholders should get is the option to buy more shares at reduced price


Xerogas | 28/06/2017


Coastal Cruiser. | 28/06/2017

markr7: Ha ha ha.

sbeggs | 28/06/2017


dsvick | 29/06/2017

I don't think I've seen another thread on here with this much consensus. I think we can let this one rest ...

Nexxus | 29/06/2017

Yes, er...I mean no. I don't know what I mean.

LA-Fohlen | 29/06/2017

They can get priority on Model S or Model X.

Rocky_H | 29/06/2017


topher | 29/06/2017

"Yes, If you own 51% of the company...."

Not even then. Rumor has it that Elon paid full price.

Thank you kindly.

Iwantmy3 | 29/06/2017

Paid full price sure, but I suspect he is able to get priority delivery. After all, he is both a Tesla and SpaceX employee.

SamO | 29/06/2017

Steve Jurvetson presented a check to Elon Musk to ensure he got serial #1 Model S

Haggy | 29/06/2017

I'm a shareholder and I have priority. | 29/06/2017

Tesla employees
SpaceX employees
California owners

KP in NPT | 29/06/2017

But George, are you a shareholder? I am. What's your cost basis? Do you have more shares than me? 🙃

dsvick | 30/06/2017

@Haggy - Nice try to muddy the waters ... but you don't have priority because you're a shareholder. :)

dd.micsol | 30/06/2017

NOOOOOO. That would be a massive advantage to put options traders.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30/06/2017


Haggy | 30/06/2017

I never said I have priority because I'm a shareholder. I merely said that I'm a shareholder and I have priority.

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mntlvr23 | 02/07/2017

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