reservation time

reservation time

In the My Tesla account, where does it show the time of my Model 3 reservation?

AJPHL | 30/06/2017

I don't think it does. I haven't seen it anywhere obvious at least.

Frank99 | 30/06/2017

Tesla knows, but doesn't show the time to you. You just have to remember when you reserved.

What are you looking for?

hkumin | 30/06/2017

To use the Teslanomics estimated delivery calculator, you need to know your reservation time.

Frank99 | 30/06/2017

I expect the Teslanomics delivery calculator to be about as accurate as the Magic 8 Ball, but if you remember the date you ordered, you could try entering 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM as two different times and see how it predicts your delivery date to change....

hkumin | 30/06/2017


Xerogas | 30/06/2017

@hkumin, I looked it up, and your reservation time was 14:02:30.

...that is no more, and no less, accurate than Teslanomics' delivery calculator.

Rutrow | 30/06/2017

On your "My Tesla" home page, under the photo of the car, there's a section "What's next". Your reservation date is right there.

The delivery calculator is as much fun as a fortune cookie and half as accurate.

Badbot | 01/07/2017

Look at your email from the deposit

jefjes | 01/07/2017

My email from the deposit was received at 4:33 pm the day after I placed my reservation. My Tesla page shows I placed it on 3/31/16 but the confirmation email didn't arrive until the following day. I know my reservation went in just before the reveal so hoping that will be my place for my invite.

3dwin | 02/07/2017

I snapshotted my 1000 reservation transaction when it was pending on my card activity. So I know I reserved about 10-15 before 11:44am on 03/31/16. Line took that long to go through to do it.

dsvick | 02/07/2017

I was on the phone with my bank getting them to extend my $1,000 a day limit, because some moron bought a cup of coffee on his way to the Tesla store. So all I need to do is look at my phone records for that morning. I remember the time anyway though.

noleaf4me | 02/07/2017

i reserved mine literally minutes after the on-line reservations allowed it. On the my tesla page -- it only says 3/31/16 though. I did get a confirmation

bj | 02/07/2017

@jefjes - try looking at the raw email header at all the "received by" lines, the earliest time in there should be the time the order was received on the Tesla servers.

I ordered instore and know exactly what time it happened :) and the confirmation email was received within the minute.

brian | 03/07/2017

Its your reservation number - not time. They have also indicated that orders will be filled by region first and prior Tesla customers will have preference. So your time basically does not mean that much as far as I can tell.