17.26.17 & 17.24.35 Out today. Both on AP2

17.26.17 & 17.24.35 Out today. Both on AP2

...............# AP1 AP2
17.26.17 2 - - 2
17.24.35 1 - - 1
Out today. Both on AP2

berkmh | 30/06/2017

What is going on with all these updates lately?

spatters805 | 30/06/2017

I don't understand what the 2 - - 2 mean in your nomenclature. Can someone please explain. I haven't gotten any update notices (AP2) yet, of course.

BigD0g | 30/06/2017

17.26.16 came out today as well.

BigD0g | 30/06/2017

Maybe it's A B C testing, whichever causes the least amount of deaths wins! It's the hunger games of Tesla

winky | 30/06/2017

There has got to be a happy medium in updates per time.

3 in 4 days is too many. None in a month is too few. I was keeping track of the effects of each up until the latest batch.

I would like to add my voice to the chorus that says we need to know what is changed in each update. Not at the programming level but considerably more than has been the norm. There is a lot of placebo effects like, my car is faster since I waxed it, being experienced. I would like to know whether each change is stand alone or incorporates previous changes and which ones.

ahkahn | 30/06/2017

Funny, I've seen everyone complain because the last few updates suck, and now I see complaints that there are too many updates!! Can't have it both ways, folks!

mike_f | 30/06/2017

I am still on 17.17.4 which is fine with me until AP2 update roulette wheel stops and we know the winning number..if any

naeemrads | 01/07/2017

New owner here. Question - sometimes I notice people saying they have an update waiting for them when they are away on business. How do you know? Does the app tell you you have a download/installation pending? Thanks

UnshodBob | 01/07/2017

@naeemrads - that's correct. The iPhone app will notify you that an update is available. I assume the android app also does this.

UnshodBob | 01/07/2017

You have to go into the settings and turn notifications on, of course.

SeaDoc | 01/07/2017

copy from shows AP2 still have the great majority of updates - so we are just fine in the latest and greatest for the AP1... So relax, have fun, they'll come... eventually...
Version #AP2 %AP2

17.17.111 19 6.8%
17.17.17 56 20.1%
17.17.4 125 44.8%

EVRider | 01/07/2017

The app will only notify you about an update if the phone is on when the update is delivered. I turn my iPhone off at night, and most updates (for me) arrive overnight, so I don't usually get notified. It would be nice if the app checked for pending updates when you launched it, but it doesn't do that now. Most people leave their phones on all the time, so it's not an issue for them.

Mliss | 01/07/2017

@BigD0g. "Hunger games of Tesla". Hahahaha - that is exactly how I feel each morning. I have dodged all of the near death firmware updates so far. What the heck.... I might as well spin the revolver one more time.

EVRider | 01/07/2017

I asked this question in another thread, but no one could answer it there so let me try here...

When you receive an update but don't install it, how do you know when the car receives a newer update? I have 17.24.28 (most likely) waiting to be installed, and I get prompted to install it every day, but the prompt doesn't tell you which version is waiting to be installed. Neither the car nor the Tesla app will show you the version until after you install it. With new updates coming out frequently, it seems I might get a newer one before I install the one I have now.

SeaDoc | 01/07/2017

I took a chance buying a Tesla, so activating an upgrade when it downloads, is a no-brainer for me... But then again, living on the edge is what Tesla owners do, by and by... | 01/07/2017

@EVRider - Good question. I don't know of any way to tell what update is about to load. It's also unclear that once you have a pending update, if another will override it or it is blocked. Hard to test!

I few owners monitor the amount of traffic to the car and can clearly tell when a download occured. If one of these owners were to hold off on an update, I suppose they could tell if a later update occurs (without knowing any version numbers)

@berkmh "What is going on with all these updates lately?"

Nothing new - Tesla has been issuing updates like this for years. Many of these have trivial changes almost no one notices between minor versions. With hundreds (thousands?) of software developers, different parts of the code will be updated, enhanced, fixed, etc. Many of the changes could be specific to a model or even a small portion of the production run. Tesla rarely updates all the cars with a single version. | 01/07/2017

"I few owners..." -> "A few owners...."

naeemrads | 01/07/2017

Re: app notification. Thank you, just haven't noticed an alert on phone yet, past 3 updates I noticed while I was in the car.

Solarfan | 01/07/2017

+1 @retired,
Useful change log.
Pre-install version ID/

EVRider | 02/07/2017

To any third-party Tesla app developers reading this: Does the Tesla API expose the version number of a pending update, and if so, do any of the third-party apps show that data? It would be a nice enhancement to one if these apps if technically possible.

BigD0g | 02/07/2017

@EVRider no, or at least not in any of the API's I've seen

croman | 02/07/2017

The only way to know is when the SC queues an update. They always tell me "its the latest" and I use ev-fw to figure out what that is. If several variants are out, I assume they pick the one with the highest number (i.e. 26 week vs. 17 week).

Haggy | 03/07/2017

I tried out 17.26.17 in as close to a blind test as you can get. I got a loaner with it, and didn't check the firmware version when I got the car, nor did I check to see if it was AP1 or AP2. It drove as smoothly on the freeway as AP1. I didn't really try it in local traffic, but from what I did try, I'd say AP2 is on par with AP1 aside from traffic in adjacent lanes not displaying.

Bill_75D | 03/07/2017

Haggy, does AP2 read speed signs now? I'm still on 17.17.17 and mine does not.

BigD0g | 03/07/2017

No bil it doesn't, and yes highway is very smooth as long as it doesn't cross / run near a local road and force that speed limit on you. Still doesn't do steeppish curves yet either, but I never had ap1 so I don't know if it handles it either.

PagemakersS75 | 04/07/2017

Anybody in the UK/Europe above 17.17.4 on HW2/

johnson.todd.r | 04/07/2017

Got a chance to try 17.24.28 (upgraded from 17.17.17 at my last service) on a very poorly marked, two lane, curvy local road. I was surprised that it could actually detect the lane and track it. However, when it came to curves it drove like a teen's first time behind the wheel: entered curve too fast, short hard brake, abrupt steering correction, short hard brake, about to cross line, abrupt steering correction, then I cancelled. Those neural nets don't have their learners permit for local roads yet.

jrwells2007 | 04/07/2017

PagemakersS75 - UK, S75D, March 2017 - also only on 17.17.4 - no updates pending

Solarfan | 04/07/2017


" . . . Those neural nets don't have their learners permit for local roads yet."

President145 | 04/07/2017

I'm still on 17.4. According to Tesla I haven't missed any updates. I'm in a late 2016 AP2 MS 75D. Is anyone else still there? My last update was on May 6.

Haggy | 04/07/2017

I actually did try it in local traffic on a road with a C shaped curve, and it worked better than I would have expected. I don't think I ever used AP1 on that specific road so I can't say what would have happened but I didn't expect it to work but it did. I also had a few stops that were too abrupt, not dangerously so, yet not comfortable. I also had similar ones that were smooth. I can't say whether it's 100% on par with AP1 yet but it might be better in a few areas and less smooth in others. I'll know more by tomorrow.

Innkeep | 04/07/2017

Does anyone think that the nag will go away with AP2 any time soon?

Bill_75D | 04/07/2017


BigD0g | 04/07/2017

No chance

Innkeep | 04/07/2017

Boo hoo. I really hate the nag. It's almost like driving myself.

Tldickerson | 04/07/2017

I got 17.26.17 today and I have AP1. I didn't notice much difference yet.

EVRider | 05/07/2017

@TeslaTap: As I reported in a new thread (, I learned that the car will receive new updates even if you haven't installed the previous one. I installed my update this morning and got 17.26.17 rather than 17.24.28. Post any questions about this in the other thread.

EVRider | 06/07/2017

I still haven't driven my car since installing 17.26.17 yesterday, but I did have one minor issue. This morning when I went in my garage, I noticed the dash screen was on. The display showed the same battery status you see when the car is plugged in (which it wasn't), but without any text above the display; for example, the same display you see when charging is completed, but without the "Charging Completed" text. The car hasn't been plugged in since before the update.

In the past, I've had a couple of occasions where I found the dash display on for no apparent reason, but it showed the normal display you see when the car isn't plugged in or turned on, not the charging display. Note that after the update, I rebooted both the touchscreen and dash as I always do.