Deceleration light

Deceleration light

M.Musk can I provide a light (green or blue) behind the center of the car when lifting the foot of the accelerator. This will warn other vehicles that run too close when there is deceleration. Example of autos during diplomatic convoys.
Thank you

couturier.gerard | 01/07/2017


csmith476 | 01/07/2017
DTsea | 01/07/2017

Car already activates brake lights

Lonestar10_1999 | 01/07/2017

When I test drove the Model S, the salesman showed me two modes of regenerative breaking. The first mode had maximum energy recapture but it decelerated quite aggressively. The second mode had minimum energy recapture but the deceleration was similar to taking your foot off the gas pedal in an ICE car with automatic transmission.
Does the brake light trigger for both modes?

Rutrow | 01/07/2017

Reading older posts in the MS forum says that the brake light is activated with a G-force sensor. Having a brake light that comes on too often can be as bad as not having brake lights at all. If the person behind you learns that your brake light comes on every time you lift your foot off the accelerator, whether you actually slow down or not, they're likely to ignore it that one time you really slam on your brakes. Unless you're doing some significant decelerating your best served by not having any "warning" light at all, green, blue, or red. Rear warning lights should only light when action is necessary by cars behind you, without crying "wolf" too often. | 01/07/2017

The brake light indicators on my cartoon Model X on the dash look like they emulate braking an ICEV while slowing down. Pretty realistic. Haven't gotten rear-ended yet.