Did he ever say *which* Sunday?? (EOM)

Did he ever say *which* Sunday?? (EOM)

ebmcs03 | 02/07/2017

Nope he never said which Sunday haha

tedirelan | 02/07/2017

He did say today...twitter dot com/elonmusk/status/881573366565527553

weluvm3 | 02/07/2017

4 hours left

brian | 02/07/2017

Not in Jersey!!!!!

Coastal Cruiser. | 02/07/2017

"Did he ever say *which* Sunday??"

If Tesla pops a surprise intelligence test to buyers before getting delivery, there may be some people who aren't getting their cars.

hkumin | 02/07/2017

Since it will be July 3 on the east coast in 30 minutes, I am going to wait a little longer, but this is silly.

weluvm3 | 02/07/2017

Maybe Elon doesn't realize that people would take him seriously and actually expect some sort of announcement today?

brian | 03/07/2017

Coastal - I left out the sarcasm tags but it *was* sarcasm. No need to get personal. I'm pretty happy with my IQ.