Skip expensive home charging

Skip expensive home charging

It costs about $1,000 to upgrade electrical and install a Tesla Wall Connector in my garage. Based on posts in this and other forums, reviewing the Supercharger network, examining charger locations in the PlugShare and ChargePoint apps and personally inspecting several charging locations, I have determined that the $1,000 cost is not warranted.

Living in Central Florida, I get the benefit of having numerous Destination Chargers, soon to be 3 Supercharger locations and a local government that has installed free chargers throughout Orange County, Florida. The newest SC will be installed in downtown Orlando, 1/2 mile from work. With our tourist based economy here in the land of Walt Disney World, Universal and Sea World, it is easy to use a free Destination Chargers.

Bottom line is that if I have to pay 13 cents/kwh for electricity at home, why not skip the $1,000 cost for a Wall Connector and pay Tesla 13 cents/kwh to use a SC. Yes Tesla may charge a small fee for SC access but I suspect it will be minimal at best. In between I can use free chargers, albeit slower charging rates, throughout the County.

Has anybody else looked into this money saving option? Do you think I should spend the $1,000, and if so, why?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 24/07/2017

Rocky_H: Cool. Nice to know you aren't a dick! :-D

SCCRENDO | 24/07/2017

I agree that this topic has run its time. Nobody polices superchargers.But OP is either cheap or his time is worthless. Why would anyone intentionally waste time driving to a supercharger when they can get their car fully charged up at home and/or the office? I wouldn't drive 20 miles to a buffet to get food for the same price as at home to save the price of buying a microwave. But I guess each to his own.

Coastal Cruiser. | 24/07/2017

Excuse me. Rocky, Sam, and Red, not that you would give a flying giga-factory about my opinion of you, but just sayin' that my respect for y'all has just gone up a notch.

There was a divergence of opinion... everybody had the chutzpah to stick with the discussion and iterate it through... sans name calling... mistakes were admitted... you came to something of a resolution... and most importantly the innocent bystanders were not left in a state of shock and awe.

Anyone who followed the entire sub-thread is now more enlightened as to SC policy.

I take my (soon to be short lived in my possession) Tesla cap off to y'all.


(ps Rutrow. Kidding. You get a fresh hat if you win).

rxlawdude | 24/07/2017

"He is hoping to skip the cost of home improvements." Exactly. And by sucking electrons from an otherwise available source, he is, for his cheapness, inconveniencing someone else.

I am totally cool if his issue was he could not install a charger. On TMC, there was a poster who PROUDLY declared that he had a Tesla HPWC at home, but never uses it because he charges at the nearby Supercharger. I have zero sympathy for someone like that.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 24/07/2017

Coastal_Cruiser: Thanks! I do my best to work through things as best as possible. I have great respect for many of those who post here. In particular, I love that both Rocky_H and topher are very good about keeping me in line! I sometimes forget that newcomers may not be aware of my personal disclaimer about being 'Just some guy on the internet...' and might mistake my pie-in-the-sky hopes as being valid data.

SUN 2 DRV | 24/07/2017

Someone mentioned the abuse of the $1.50 Costco hot dog + drink special....

Do you guys think that someone who buys that special but also has a 32oz soda bottle at home shouldn't be allowed to fill his cup at Costco?

Why does what you have at home have anything to do with your right to fill your container when away from home?

MarlonBrown | 24/07/2017

I think a more meaningful question is, what is the Value that $1000 installation can bring you?
I spend $500+/month in gasoline.
I can pay $1000 and cover all my charging needs. I can get roi in few months.

MarlonBrown | 24/07/2017

I think a more meaningful question is, what is the Value that $1000 installation can bring you?
I spend $500+/month in gasoline.
I can pay $1000 and cover all my charging needs. I can get roi in few months.

SCCRENDO | 24/07/2017

@SUN. No its not the same. Costco gives you a a $3 drink to suck you in to spend money in their store. The supercharger network was designed to enable long distance driving. Yes its ok for others to charge. But those whose time is worthless are potentially delaying long distance travelers. The main purpose of the Costco hot dog is to get as many people as they can to buy hotdogs to bring them in

Outcome | 24/07/2017

Not sure if anyone stated this, but a service manager at a Tesla store I visited a few years ago stated that you really shouldn't be visiting superchargers that often. He stated that overuse of superchargers damaged the battery prematurely.

MKM3 | 25/07/2017

I'd love to hear if there's any warranty limiting factor in the fine prints of the contract / user manual.

If it's not explicitly stated that "overuse" of supercharging will damage the battery, I'll just make use of the warranty if the battery should die / degrade unusually fast.

Currently I plan to visit my local SC (or DC CCS) once or twice a week up to 20 minutes (charge to 70 - 80%) in off peak times (never seen more than two Teslas charging at an 8 stall SC location) and - if necessary - do trickle charging at 2kW at home.

95dawg | 25/07/2017

Best way to charge batteries is still low-and-slow. Use SC only when necessary.

MKM3 | 25/07/2017

I know, but I'm explicitly getting a Model 3 to use public DC fast charging stations.
There's an article on electrek regarding Tesla limiting the speed to 90kW on SCs after a lot of DC charging events (SC as well as CHAdeMO). 90kW is still fast enough, so no complaints about that, but I'd welcome some definitive information about that.
If fast (50kW tops) charging DC (CHAdeMO / CCS) already is degrading the battery, I'd be beneficial for Tesla to release more information about that, just to re insure everything's alright.

The Model 3 aims at another demographic, also in the long run, there will be just as many public DC chargers as AC chargers now (at least in Europe), just because it's faster and charging companies are able to sell more energy in the same time.

Public charging infrastructure nobody's using will simply disappear, hurting every EV driver.

yes_kay | 25/07/2017

The included cable can charge up to 29 miles per hour (at least the ones that come with Model S/X). If you already have the required wiring in your garage, you are all set. You only need the more expensive unit if you want to charge at up to 50 miles per hour.

MKM3 | 25/07/2017

I'd have to install pretty sophisticated wiring, in Europe we use 400V 3 phased charging. Common Schuko outlets which - unless everything's brand new - can't cope with the thermal requirements charging at home over night.
Here it's either 2kW (5mi/h) per hour on Schuko or straight up to 11kW (42mi/h) via an industry grade, 3 phased setup, both via the UMC.

Again, there will be people buying a Model 3 who don't have access to a garage or a decent socket at home.

"Just charge at home" simply won't be an answer for everyone holding a reservation for the M3.

PBEndo | 25/07/2017

Regardless of what Tesla or Elon has said, Superchargers are a shared and limited resource. Using this resource when you don't have to or need it less than others is IN GENERAL, selfish. It is impossible to define "local/Newman" in a way that encompasses every circumstance. With that in mind, I would encourage anybody that charges locally, despite having adequate home charging capability, to consider the small benefit to themselves in relation to their lost time and the detriment of the other owners and Tesla.
If you are the type of person that makes sure your trash actually makes it into the trash can, may consider letting a person with 1 item checkout ahead of you when you have a full cart, takes the extra effort to separate your recyclable refuse, etc., then you should have no issue with minimizing your local supercharging when you have charging at home.

eeb9 | 25/07/2017


Tesla2018 | 25/07/2017

Does anyone know how long the cord is that goes from the car into the wall? Im not talking about the wall charger that has 2 different options but the one that comes with the car and goes into the 240V outlet. My circuit breaker panel is in the front left side of my garage so I dont know if I should have the outlet put 20 feet further back towards the end of the garage.If I put the outlet right next to the breaker box will the cord reach the car? The Breaker box is mounted into drywall but rest of garage is concrete block so I wouldnt be able to hide the wiring going to the outlet if I have to run it along the wall.

achilles992000 | 25/07/2017

i tried to use the superchargers only since i live in a condo. it's painful sometimes to wait. one time i went to the supercharger to find it was full. so i had to wait longer. plus it was hot. and supercharging took longer.

i would pay the $1,000. waiting around is not fun. especially if it dark, or hot or cold.
$1000 over 5 years is $200. so not bad.

SamO | 25/07/2017

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an owner in possession of good home charging, must be in want of Supercharging.

MKM3 | 26/07/2017

Guys and gals, I was talking about DC charging (CHAdeMO or CCS), which is neither Supercharging nor home AC charging.

Changing my home installation and destroying my yard to accommodate 3 phased 400V (11kW) charging will cost me a LOT more than only a couple of thousand €€€. I'll do it anyway, because it's an investment.

As I've said many times over, I'd love to support / take advantage of local charging providers. I'll stay clear of public AC charging, so they're free to use for slower cars with smaller batteries.
That's why I'd love to know if Tesla limits the SC charging speeds only in regard to the count of DC charging events (regardless of speed) or if they factor in the obtained speed at those events.

hsadler | 26/07/2017

$1000 for a 240v wall outlet? (no need for the Tesla box) You need to talk to a different electrician.