Train customers so they can take service calls

Train customers so they can take service calls

When I heard that Tesla is hiring 1400 new tech to ramp up support with the number of customer, I realized I was interested to know more about my Tesla.

I am a professional engineer and like a lot of my friends, this new car, designed and built in America, make us proud. I think there is a big customer base in Tesla composed of young, motivated and educated fellows. I would not leave my computer engineering job to be a Tesla tech but I would sure get some training and answer calls to help other Tesla customers.

Why not offer a training by level with certificates to allow motivated customers to be able to answer service calls for Tesla. We get rated on the service we give and we get some kind of retribution for our help. We see that online on forums of all kind and it's crazy how people are willing to help and how much time they spend doing it, especially if they get recognition for it.

Imagine you receive the calls that suit your expertise level within some radius of your location. You can take it or ignore it, one thing is sure is that service calls would get answers lot more quickly.

Just an idea to leverage the huge enthusiasm Tesla has generated.

reed_lewis | 18/07/2017

The issue is that you basically become an employee of Tesla, and they would have to pay you a salary, etc. There is vetting involved before they hire you, and say if you have a disgruntled customer who is answering calls gives wrong answers all the time before they catch on, you might alienate a bunch of customers.

I do not see it happening.

lilbean | 18/07/2017

Isn't that what they created this forum?

l.laforest | 18/07/2017

The customer in trouble can accept help or not. If he wants to wait for the official Tesla Tech, a time frame will be given and the choice is his.
As for retribution, this would be done on a voluntary basis. It would also cost less to the customer. I'm quite sure Tesla can come with some kind of credit as a salary.

reed_lewis | 18/07/2017

The issue though is that the customer is going to be told something that is supposed to be what Tesla's official policy is. If an 'independant contractor' gives content that is not what Tesla wishes to be said the customer will still hear the content.

We all know how many people here post things like 'Tesla said xxx and they should honor that'. What if someone hears something and takes that as 'gospel'?

reed_lewis | 18/07/2017

The customer does not know that the independent contractor is not an official Tesla spokesperson.

EVRider | 18/07/2017

Like @lilbean said, these forums (and others) are the place to go for unofficial support. If someone posts a question here, they're more likely to get a correct answer (eventually), because incorrect answers will be challenged by other forum users. On the phone, you don't get any opportunity to vet whatever you're told.

RedPillSucks | 18/07/2017

An alternative is to have a person trained by tesla monitor the forums and answer according to some tesla script or other info. Like the "Chat" link on some service websites

jordanrichard | 18/07/2017

That is what forums and car clubs are for. I head up the Tesla Owners Club of CT and one of the missions is it to help new owners with their adjustment to the future. Pass along ownership tips, like what to expect when you drive your car first thing in the morning after putting the car away wet. The more that experienced owners can pass along to new owners, the less calls the service centers need to field for simple things.

lilbean | 18/07/2017

Sounds like a huge liability for Tesla. I don't believe their legal department would allow this.

sp_tesla | 18/07/2017

Oy vey, Just imagining Archie Bunker (@carlk) as part of this group.

lilbean | 18/07/2017

I'm imagining the saboteurs. I think carlk is harmless.

sp_tesla | 18/07/2017

lilbean | July 18, 2017
I'm imagining the saboteurs. I think carlk is harmless."

Would you consider marring him?

lilbean | 18/07/2017

Marring him? I wouldn't inflict pain on him. That doesn't sound nice.

PhillyGal | 18/07/2017

It's a nice idea and a lovely sentiment. Practicality wins out though so no, this won't happen. But become an expert yourself and contribute to these forums like many before you have and you will provide plenty of value!

sp_tesla | 18/07/2017

lilbean | July 18, 2017
Marring him? I wouldn't inflict pain on him. That doesn't sound nice."

He might like it as reward for enforcing #1 house rule (very limited if any integrable rights especially 1st amendment.)

SUN 2 DRV | 18/07/2017

OP you might have had a freudian slip, when you suggested that Tesla owners could give you "retribution" for the unofficial advice you'd provide.

Retribution: "punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act."

l.laforest | 19/07/2017

SUN 2 DRV | July 18, 2017
Retribution: "punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act."

Haha sorry I'm french canadian, you got the idea though! :)

Yeah I suppose legally it's too complex, things are always complex in our society... I would have liked it to leverage all this enthusiasm to something more practical than a forum. Not minimizing the usefulness of the formum here, I love it.

carlgo2 | 19/07/2017

I would be an excellent tech, but would not work cheap, in the rain or snow, on inclines, when hungry, near vicious animals or people, on jobs that require me to get into uncomfortable positions, when I don't feel like working, when the Warriors are on and not on jobs that don't amuse me.

And the Tesla van had better have all the parts and tools I need. Surely I will get a call?