Model X tires

Model X tires

I need a new set of 4 20" OEM staggered tires soon, any advice and reccomendation?
Thank you

inconel | 19/07/2017

TireRack or you can try the classifieds at TMC

Triggerplz | 19/07/2017

I haven't had to replace the tires on my MX yet but on my other vehicles I'll get a price quote from Tire Rack and then go to my local Discount Tires store and they will match the price, it's ironic they are called Discount Tires but you have to show them the better price to get a Discount price

MSSouthBay | 19/07/2017

Hi. I actually have a complete set of factory 20" rims and tires with only about 1,100 miles on them. If your looking for an extra set to just mount, let me know please. I was looking for $1,500. I am located in Los Angeles and can ship. Thanks

hl11211 | 19/07/2017

Hi MSSouthBay, could you email me pictures of the set and contact info?
Thank you

vrykolas | 20/07/2017

@MSSouthBay's deal is pretty good.
Otherwise, when my stock 20" tires wear out I'm looking at getting some pretty basic (inexpensive) Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S Plus. At the local Discount Tire store (I live in Texas), they sell for $188 each (pretty good!) for the fronts. I'm still looking for equivalent rear versions. They have good warranty (65k miles), good load & tread wear.

Ninefiveone | 20/07/2017

Given that tires make one of the biggest differences in how a car rides, handles, and (in a Tesla) sounds, I don't understand the reason to cheap out on them.

edwardwchen | 21/07/2017

MSSouthBay, could you also send me the pictures of the wheels and tires? I'm in Orange County. My email is

inconel | 21/07/2017

Ninefiveone +1

poolefoster | 25/07/2017

MSSouthBay, if the 20" wheels and tires are still available, I am interested. Please mail pictures to Thanks.

poolefoster | 25/07/2017

MSSouthBay, if the 20" wheels and tires are still available, I am interested. Please mail pictures to Thanks.

MSSouthBay | 26/07/2017

They have been sold.

donalknight | 08/10/2018

Have a Model X on order but would like M+S tyres factory fitted because I can use these all year round including countries in Europe where winter tyres are required. Could not specify these at time of ordering and full snow tyres for a couple of weeks a year are not practical. Is there a way to get the the factory to fit these (Michelin make the right sizes but probably do not include the acoustic lining which I'm willing to forego.)?

Uncle Paul | 08/10/2018

Tire Rack and Discount Tires are the same company.

Tire rack is the on line part and Discount Tires are the brick and mortar store where they can be mounted and balanced.

Best pricing by ordering from web and having shipped to Discount.

jpcollins9 | 10/10/2018

Just replaced my tires on an S85D and had the Pirelli Pzeros put on (Consumer Reports rated them highly for noise abatement.) I used Express Oil Change /Tire Engineers. They do my tire rotations even though I've told them the only dipstick in my car is the driver!

colorczar | 10/10/2018

If anyone's still looking for a set (for winter say). I have the factory OEM slipstream wheels with tires mounted (Conti Silent) @ 16Kmiles travel. $950 for the complete set.
SF Bay Area, CA.

Here's a link to the details.

MZS | 01/12/2018

How good/bad are the 22" wheels in the winter/snow? Just earned a free pair from referral codes and wondering if I should sell them or use them. Worried about winter performance and not excited about having to swap them on/off twice a year.