Seriously debating if it's worth it

Seriously debating if it's worth it

Hi guys, first time poster here and pretty new to Tesla.

Now that I have heard the pricing on the car, it makes me debate if I should really get it or not.

First of all, assuming that Tesla is a competitor to general luxury brand such as BMW, MB or Audi,

I need the following:

Premium Package - $5000 - just to keep interior look acceptable + heated seat and etc (I really hope that premium package would make that cheap plastic looking handle better)

Autopilot - $5000 potentially $3000 on top of it - main reason why I am even considering Tesla. If not advanced autopilot on Tesla, I would have never considered Tesla as my new car. All this charging car crap makes long road trip very difficult. Regular car - takes max 5 min to go from empty tank to full tank.

Long Range Pack - $9000 - I drive long range... so it's a must option

Color - Honestly, I will just take black to be cheap.

So that total is $54000~$57000 and if I am lucky to get tax rebate, $46500 ~ $49500.

The problem is, that there are so many options in this price range... Ugh it's a hard price point to make Model 3 no brainer.

Chargedmr2 | 28/07/2017

The one thing you haven't considered (and can't at this point) is how much you like driving the car. You might like it much better than anything else in this price range. In fact, it might just blow away the competition with drive experience. Time will tell.

Bighorn | 28/07/2017

Tell me again why it's hard to road trip in a Tesla.

wwk208 | 28/07/2017

Chargedmr2 / Haha, except that I don't like driving hence the desire for autopilot. My commute is 2 hour one way and it's the main reason why Tesla Model 3 would be nice so I can just relax.

A random and stupid question. In a road with speed limit of 55mph, can I set Tesla autopilot to around 62mph with my hands off steering wheel and just relax? Is it possible with updates?

carlk | 28/07/2017

" it might just blow away the competition with drive experience.

Yes it will. Just step on the pedal there is nothing like that in any other cars. Not to mention all those tech stuff packed in the car. People keep forgetting you can't compare it to an ordinary car.

wwk208 | 28/07/2017

Bighorn / Takes too long to charge the damn thing up. Say I am driving 500mile straight, then I gotta at least find supercharger and wait for the damn thing to charge up for prolly more than an hour. With ICE car, takes 5 min to fuel up the vehicle, during which I can use bathroom.

Tropopause | 28/07/2017

You can change your diaper in 5 minutes?

carlk | 28/07/2017

Please stop you questioned the wrong person.

Bighorn | 28/07/2017

Hasn't been a problem for me to put 141,000 miles on my Tesla--sounds like you're not up to the task though. 600 miles is an easy day for me. 1000 is a good day.

txakoli | 28/07/2017

Popcorn, where's the popcorn?

Bighorn | 28/07/2017

By the truffle salt

txakoli | 28/07/2017

@BH....Is that part of the premium package?

Bighorn | 28/07/2017

$5k, otherwise Morton's. Yes, it's large flake, finishing salt.

wwk208 | 28/07/2017

Bighorn - not talking about if it is hard to put 600 miles on tesla. Anyone with plenty of time can do that. My complaint is it will take over an hour to charge the car up which adds 1 hour or more to my trip.

Here is the thing, Tesla can attract all those early adopters they want. It's not a hard task. However, if it fails to attract general public who cares more about convenience, it will fail to enter into mainstream market. I don't think it will take another 2-3 years for EV to reach the convenience of regular ICE vehicle.

bj | 28/07/2017

@Bighorn - "1000 is a good day".

Really? When I was young I once drove 1400 km in one day (875 miles in your lingo). I left my home town at 6:30am and arrived at the destination at 1am the next day.

It is the singularly most stupid thing I have ever done in my whole life, and I will never, every try anything so dangerous again. For the last 2 hours I was absolutely in no fit state to drive, even though I was sharing the driving the whole way.

Driving 1000 miles in a day, even if taking turns with someone else, is a danger to yourself and others.

flight505 | 28/07/2017

Is this where we are? Stop, I've put 35K miles on my Model S and charging is not a big issue. 98% of the time I am in town and my car is fully charged in the morning, or over 200 miles of range. On trips, in 15-20 minutes I can add 100 miles to my range when my battery is on the low side. It's not a big deal, this charging thing.

If you've been driving a smoking, choking automobile with a fancy stove under the hood, you will marvel at your Jetson mobile as it powers away from a stop in silence and slows down from regenerative braking as you let off the pedal.

wwk208 | 28/07/2017

Flight505 / Makes sense if you live in suburb area. I live in rural area and my trip to NYC is about 350 miles. I will take to charge my car at least 1 hour or more to get there and drive around for 1-2 hour within city and then safely get to supercharger. Maybe it's not the right car for me jsut yet.

Tropopause | 28/07/2017

How about a Chevy Bolt?

Captain_Zap | 28/07/2017

It does not take over an hour to charge a Tesla. That is an exaggeration.

Bighorn | 28/07/2017

I just did 12k miles (19,312 km in your lingo) in two weeks. I'm an excellent driver. You probably weren't in an electric car, taking frequent breaks. Makes a difference, but I am an excellent driver:)

akgolf | 28/07/2017

Sounds like someone who wasn't getting the car anyway or hasn't researched enough to understand how charging works on Teslas.

There sure wasn't going to be a 500 mile range car revealed at this event.

carlk | 28/07/2017


The general public will soon figure out how nice it is that you don't have to detour and stop at a gas station every few days rain or snow or if you are late for an appointment. Even better is there is no need to smell toxic fume and touch those germ infested gas handles anymore. Who needs weekly dose of those nasty stuff?

finman100 | 28/07/2017

See ya! The others in line move up. Yay!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29/07/2017

Bighorn requested, "Tell me again why it's hard to road trip in a Tesla."

I am chuckling heartily over here, because I'm imagining that line on a meme photo of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

So I went ahead and made one...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29/07/2017

bj proclaimed, "Driving 1000 miles in a day, even if taking turns with someone else, is a danger to yourself and others."

Hmph. I've been doing that for over 25 years. When I moved to Mississippi from Los Angeles three months ago, I made the trip of roughly 1,900 miles in about 28 hours. I drove from Los Angeles to Anthony TX, then my Nephew took over. We stopped for dinner in El Paso TX, then he drove from there to just about Longview TX. I drove from there to my Parent's home. People in my Family have been taking this road trip, from California to the Mississippi Homestead and back for decades. I remember riding in the back seat with my Brothers while my Uncle Pop drove way back in the early 1970s. I know that back then we took the road trip several times before I reached age eight, then stayed here until I turned eighteen. It works best though if driving a van and there are three capable drivers that cycle between each other every four to six hours. There was one time when I awakened to find my younger Brother driving my car through a verdant green median, just short of heading into oncoming traffic... I yelled his name, he woke up, corrected course, got back on the road and swore he was fine. I told him to get off at the next exit, where I took over. I can laugh about it now...

Bighorn | 29/07/2017

Awesome meme, Red:)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29/07/2017

Bighorn: Thank you for the inspiration.

virgored | 29/07/2017


You may be right its not the car for you yet
Did you factor in the the fuel saving costs?

SamO | 29/07/2017

Tell me again why it's hard to road trip in a 208 mile range Tesla? I drove 7500 miles in 9 days in an S60.

Chunky Jr. | 29/07/2017

It may be expensive to buy, but it is really cheap to operate. If you can charge at home, it's only about $0.03 per mile, and there is almost no routine maintenance. So you'll save a couple grand a year on gas and maintenance if you drive a lot.

Chunky Jr. | 29/07/2017

Plus it is super convenient to wake up every day with the equivalent of a full tank. And it only costs about $9 in electricity instead of $50 in gas.

Don't worry about road trips. I actually enjoy stopping at a super charger. Breaks up the trip nicely and you often meet nice people to chat with and pass the time.

PhillyGal | 29/07/2017

One simply can not compare the cost of a Tesla to a similarly sticker priced ICE.

And HAHAHAHAHA over road tripping and taking an hour to charge. I'm a straight rookie compared to Sir Bighorn, but I've done several 1,000+ mile trips and in every case, our charge stops average 30 mins. 20 some (bathroom and stretch) and 45 on others (lunch, dinner.)

PhillyGal | 29/07/2017

Until you've road tripped in a Tesla, you just won't get it. I didn't. I hated road trips before. I say this a lot but I once flew Philly to Pittsburgh because of how much I loathed driving distances. Now? I can't wait to plan road trips.

DanielR | 29/07/2017

@wwk208; Don't forget to look at the other side of the EV vs. ICE balance sheet. Here is a quick look at some of the cost and time savings you would get with a Model 3:
- No oil changes
- No mechanical repairs such as belts, alternators, starters (you will have to fill the windshield wash tank though)
- Increased brake life (thanks to regenerative braking). I am going over 4.5 years and 67k miles on my Model S with the original brakes
- And the biggest time saver (at least in CA): HOV lane access. That will more than make up for time spent charging

Shock | 29/07/2017

Obviously this car sucks for road trips, we all know that. Even if there is a charging station conveniently placed (for most of the country there isn't), it takes time. I can drive for five hours in an ICE car and refill at any one of thousands of gas stations in five minutes, then I'm on my way again. Pretending that this car is as good in long distance trips as an ICE is silly, please stop doing it.

As for the OP's concern it's worth considering instead of just brushing it all aside. I personally want a Tesla because it is at least as good on fuel as my car, pretty quick, and has self driving. For $35k. Except, it doesn't have that for $35k. To get the full self driving, once it's released, you're up to $43k. I can possibly do that. But, if I also need to do $5k to have a power seat, I'm honestly not paying $48k for a car that is significantly smaller than my car (avalon hybrid).

I'm hoping that some competition forces the price down on the autopilot add-on to be honest. Paying $8k on a $35k car up front when self driving doesn't even exist yet is a non-starter. 20%+ of the purchase price for a promise I can't do it; I won't do it. Hopefully I can get that option later on without a penalty.

This would change if I could get my car early next year and get federal tax credit plus my $2k state. Then I'm out $38k for a tesla with the interior package and the full self-driving. I can float that and would do so happily. But I think I missed the boat on it.

sohilrai | 29/07/2017

75% sure will cancel both reservations. For me, I don't feel like it is the right time to buy. Will probably wait for CPO versions to hit the market.

PhillyGal | 29/07/2017

@Shock - I'm sorry but you are dead wrong.

If you are: older, with children, driving with someone older, have physical limitations, are tired or care to be hydrated, you MUST stop much sooner than 5 hours when driving. Road tripping in a Tesla is an absolute joy. I wouldn't even agree if you said "not ideal for road trips" but "sucks for road trips" is just dead wrong.

Bighorn | 29/07/2017

Stick with what you know--your ignorance is blinding.

gavinmcc | 29/07/2017

Everyone is different...and some situations are different. To visit my daughter in Austin takes 11 hours. We do one stop for 10 mins (gas, bathroom, big gulp, muffin). Currently to do it with a Tesla means going a longer route that adds 150 miles. So the drive would be 13 hours...but now we would do 3 or 4 half hour stops. So a hard day of 11 hours becomes 15 hours (too much for one day). Now this will improve with a few more Superchargers...but still, one 10 minute stop vs probably 3 half hour stops.

We only see her a couple of times a year, so usually fly as time with her is at a premium...but occasionally we take a car if we are staying for a week.

Luckily we are a two car family...when I get my electric car I will use it everyday and it will always be the car we take for date night and any time we are together...and on those rare occasions we drive far, we will take my wife's gas car. Gas is still quicker and easier for long trips...I ride my EV motorcycle and I know I have to plan trips with that...don't really have to think when riding gas...EV cars will get there, but still take some planning right now.


hsadler | 29/07/2017

Not understanding....
Even if there was a 500 mile range battery, it's still the same on a road trip. You stop every couple hours for 20 minutes to take care of whatever needs and charge enough for the next couple of hours. If you're using up all 500 miles you lose in substantial extra charging time. (low range to max range)

5 minutes with an ICE? Ha!!! Let's see... pull up to pump, deal with credit card (2 minutes), fill tank (5-8 minutes) clean windows (4 minutes during fillup), rest room - if you don't do windows (4 min during fillup), purchase extras (food, lottery tix, etc) (4-6 minutes during fillup)

Children in car (15 minutes)

Bighorn | 29/07/2017

So you as well have no EV experience whatsoever and wish to impart those of us with millions of miles of experience with your wisdom? Maybe sit this one out?

gavinmcc | 29/07/2017

ps...not saying it is impossible, or even "hard" to drive distance on an EV....just takes more planning and a bit more time...I've been riding EV motorcycle daily for over 5 years...I know the pluses of EV...but I do have to do more planning than if I ride my gas bike (which I never do anymore...if is now in my son in law's garage).

i am intrigued by the mention of solid state batteries...I can see EVs being equal to gas cars for travel (distance between charging, time of charging) if those pan out.


Coastal Cruiser. | 29/07/2017

Darn, I thought he was being fasicious. (sp)

As someone who incurred injuries from driving hours and hours w/o breaks (elbow pain from motorcycle trips), I have come to appreciate the forced breaks road tripping in an electric car will mandate. I would never force myself to stop and do a bit of chi or whatever, so happy for the upcoming imposed discipline.

Just a wee bit of lemon-aid for y'all.

gavinmcc | 29/07/2017

Bighorn...not as many as you, but I have over 20 thousand pure ev miles under my belt...when I wear a belt that is..


Xerogas | 29/07/2017

Apparently people have different opinions of what a road trip is. So far on this thread I'm hearing what sounds like "hell trips" or "death marches". I'm planning some leisurely drives, where I enjoy the journey with lots of fun stops along the way. 5 hours without stopping sounds horrible.

gavinmcc | 29/07/2017

depends on the purpose and goal. visiting daughter? I want to be there now. little stopping (plus to get there is going through west reason to stop...just ugly country.

traveling with wife from Albuquerque to Crater Lake? stopping all the time...grand canyon, vegas, death valley, mammoth, Yosemite, lake tahoe, klamath falls, etc...

I don't judge how people travel (except when they go slow in the passing lane), but some times I want to get there with no stops, and sometimes I just go slow...never see either as hell trips...just trips.


txakoli | 29/07/2017

Though I have not yet reached the Bighorn Road Trip Stratosphere, I consider myself a decent Tesla road tripper. Three trips to the Black Hills, SD from SoCal; each via a different route. Yes, it may take a bit longer, but it doesn't bother me. Great way to see the country and I feel more relaxed when I arrive at my daily destination.

gavinmcc | 29/07/2017

Bighorn....check out my blog for some of my many EV trips:

So you as well have no EV experience whatsoever and wish to impart those of us with millions of miles of experience with your wisdom? Maybe sit this one out?"


Surf | 29/07/2017

Despite some fairly suspect logical reasoning skills in this thread, I think the ultimate conclusion will be that using a Tesla to commute daily any distance that would require a supercharger would be a very difficult situation. Then again, commuting that distance in any car would be pure misery. I can't imagine the quality of life driving 2-3 hours to one of the the most congested cities on the planet, working a full day, then trying to find my way out of there and home via a supercharger.

The discussion here is apples and oranges. Road trips are awesome. Road trips in Tesla are awesome. Daily commutes are not the same.

Bighorn | 29/07/2017

I love when the pickup drivers with their auxiliary tanks boast about their 1200 mile range--sounds like a special form of hell to me. Love the enforced breaks of supercharging as it has rekindled a love of road tripping. My former competitive self would strive to make the "best time", but I've been enlightened. Anything above two hours in the seat and I'm antsy to stop--much less tiring when one takes breaks along the way. Much less likely to get DVTs and kidney stones as well.

J.T. | 29/07/2017

@gavin>>>not saying it is impossible, or even "hard" to drive distance on an EV....just takes more planning and a bit more time.

Agreed. It's a thinking person's car, many are not equipped for ownership.

I don't do a lot of distance driving but when I do the experience is so enjoyable that the extra stops I might have to make to charge are a small price to pay.