My Tesla

My Tesla

Today, I tried logging into My Tesla and only get presented with the main Tesla web site home page. I was able to get to the Delivery Estimator via a link in someone's post and saved my preference. It said I could change my preference at any time in my Tesla account, but when I clicked on that link, it took me back to the Tesla home page.

Is anyone else having this experience? Everything was normal yesterday, but today not so much.

rkap | 29/07/2017

Yes, same issue here.

bpo | 29/07/2017

Same issue

3dwin | 29/07/2017

Same issue. Can't see my rn # at the moment. Hopefully estimates will show quicker delivery time later on.

SeaDoc | 29/07/2017

They may be getting ready for the configuration page for the 3... I am crossing my fingers...

dd.micsol | 29/07/2017

I was able to configure and save settings.
I know it's not complete-need to pick color and cruise control.
Just which options for the 2 cars (6 squares).

Mike83 | 29/07/2017

It goes to the main web site. Anyone get a configure yet? I doubt it as they have employees to service and they said it won't be till October which is OK with me; not too far away.

Randkthorn | 29/07/2017

I think we all broke it.

Kjacobs | 29/07/2017

still broke for me too

Famman49 | 29/07/2017

Me too.

sbeggs | 29/07/2017

Same issue. We all jumped on board, and it broke!

gar1116 | 29/07/2017

Broke for me too. Tried another browser (Usually Chrome), Firefox, and got the estimator again. Must be a cookie thing. You get one shot. Maybe Windows Explorer next time.

Mike83 | 29/07/2017

I just read that EM said there are now over 500,000 M3 reservations. Remarkable.

dd.micsol | 29/07/2017

500kX43k= 20b cash flow. Est 20% profits-4b in 1 yr time frame. Not bad.
They will still be expanding rapidly with semi and Y but I think they will be cash flow positive in 1yr and going forward.

Mike83 | 29/07/2017

Add the Solar panels, powerwalls, utility and mini utility Powerpacks and leased PV's. Maybe semis in Sept.
People forget this is not a car company.

psrenv | 29/07/2017

worked for me after problems all day. So Cal, S owner, reserved 3/31 right at the start online...Oct-Dec 2017!

Mike83 | 29/07/2017

Just started working for me again.