Long range vs standard models

Long range vs standard models

My commute daily is no more than 60 miles round trip and when I get home, the car will be charged. I don't plan on taking this car to travel long distances for my family of 5. So, is there a real reason to spend $14000 (including the mandatory $5000 premium upgrade) extra to get the first production model. By the way I am somewhat disappointed to wait in line early last year to reserve, but now found out that my early position is being forced to buy a way more expensive car than $35k.

Lonestar10_1999 | 29/07/2017

Just order the standard battery and be amongst the first to receive it when they ramp up production.

PhillyGal | 29/07/2017

No, I don't see a compelling reason in your case to get the extended range other than to get your car soon. I have a Model S85 (and thus some good experience with range) and I fully planned to get the base battery. I don't think I'll be able to hold my horses and wait though.