Weight distribution - 50/50 in AWD?

Weight distribution - 50/50 in AWD?

Electrek provided the following today:

Curb weight:
3549 lbs. (Model 3)
3814 lbs. (Model 3 Long Range)
Weight distribution:
47% front, 53% rear (Model 3)
48% front, 52% rear (Model 3 Long Range)

*incidentally the Model S is also 48/52 but obviously much heavier.

Using the long range model as an example, this means we are looking at ~1,983 lbs in the rear and ~1,830 lbs in the front - a difference of only about 153lbs heavier in the rear. I read that the Model S motor is 70lbs (I'm not sure if this was a rear or front motor) and I assume there is other weight associated with mounting hardware, electrical, etc. when a second motor is added.

So that said, we all read how great the handling was rated by MT. It got me thinking about the famed 50/50 weight distribution of the BMW 3 Series and it occurred to me - could the AWD M3 end up at 50/50 adding yet another blow to the BMW?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29/07/2017