Two outlet

Two outlet

We maxed out our circuits with the Tesla X we purchased. Now want to buy an S but not spend the $5K to upgrade the circuit box. Is there a gizmo which will let us plug both cars in and alternate charging somehow? | 31/07/2017

Yes, Tesla makes a HPWC that if you have multiple HPWCs, they can talk to each other and charge multiple cars from a limited power line.

stevenmaifert | 31/07/2017

Your best bet is probably two HPWCs. They have customizable power levels and you can install up to 4 Wall Connectors on a single circuit breaker for power sharing:

vp09 | 31/07/2017

We have 2 Tesla Model S90Ds.

We have 2 Nema 14-50 240 volt outlets.

I've only used the one to charge one car every week or so.

RedPillSucks | 01/08/2017

Flash back to "Two girls, one cup"

High Plains Drifter | 01/08/2017

I use a single charger to service 3 EVs. This is possible because a single charge will last me more than a single day (for all my vehicles). The charging station has a 25ft cord and is mounted on my garage door's center divider wall. This allows the same charger to access cars parked in all four garage stalls.

There was no real need for me to have multiple HPWCs. Now if I ran a livery service... | 02/08/2017

One NEMA outlet will do for us when we add the M3 to our X. My wife's car will always be charged up because it will always be plugged in except when I need a charge, maybe once a week. She doesn't drive as much as I do. She will never have to worry about having enough juice in her car.

PhillyGal | 02/08/2017

Out of necessity, we too will just be alternating. (Our garage barely fits one car.) Any reason you can't just alternate?

JoeFee | 12/08/2017

I have 2 outlets so I can keep MS and M3 plugged in and accessible to remote Tesla iPhone app when traveling. Also avoids having to go down to condo garage to jockey cars. Well worth the cost in line with others have posted.

Jcollins | 13/08/2017

For us, the easy solution is 2 240/50 amp outlets on the same line and set each Tesla to charge at different times.