Production time

Production time

Once we get to configure and order our beloved M3, how long do we think production time will be plus delivery? Sorry if this has been asked before.

s7davis | 03/08/2017

Well depends on where you live for delivery. But I think production would be like 1 week itself then maybe another week or 2 for delivery. So to be safe you should get car within a month I would think from time of configuring to delivery

slasher0016 | 03/08/2017

In my experience ordering a car in the past, it's typically between 2-3 months between order placement and delivery. Of course both of the cars I've custom ordered (Acura, Audi) were made a across an ocean. I would think 6 weeks to 2 months in probably to be expected for a US delivery.

dylan.dtl | 03/08/2017

I'd anticipate that it would mimic whatever the production/delivery times for the Model S and X are, from configuration to delivery.

Rutrow | 03/08/2017

Depending on how many paint booths the plant has, paint choice will probably have the greatest impact on production delay. The fact that only one color is standard leads me to believe that there are, at most, two paint lines. The cost of the optional paint colors isn't the expense, it's the down time during paint line purging, cleaning, and priming that costs most. Tesla will fill the orders with the most popular paint colors first purely from a revenue consideration. I'm curious which color will be the least popular. White is a popular color but I wonder if that's mainly because it is usually a standard option. Since it'll cost you the same as a flashier color I think many will choose something else if they have to pony up $1000 anyway.

dsvick | 03/08/2017

Custom model S orders say 30 - 60 days for delivery, so I'd say a model 3 order would be about the same. Depending on your final choices you may get lucky and get it produced right away or you may get slotted to the end of all the people asked to configure at the same time.

andy.connor.e | 03/08/2017

Typically seems to be either 1-2 months, or 6-8 weeks.

That seems like a fair estimate.

viper17d | 03/08/2017

It depends on when you order and what options are available. Between November and January, when production is picking up and options are still fairly limited, I suspect they won't be building to spec. At that point, they'll simply be mass producing cars knowing that someone will want what they produce.

That'll speed up the order-to-delivery time where your car will make it to you in 2-3 weeks depending on location.

PhillyGal | 03/08/2017

I agree about a week for production and 2-4 for transport. Tesla (obviously) batches cars. They wouldn't just sent one single car from California to New Jersey, for example. So as it stands now, they have to wait for a whole truckload to be ready. Of course there will be MANY more cars being made by the time these get into customer hands than MS/MX at present.