New Online Store look

New Online Store look

They just updated the new online store look and i think it looks nice.
They also added a model 3 section! what do you guys think?

eric.whang | 03/08/2017

Going to buy Model 3 Front Glass Roof Sunshade as soon as I get my M3.

mntlvr23 | 03/08/2017

Hoping that they will add some model three shirts soon

gwolnik | 03/08/2017

I want a model car! I checked Matchbox and Hotwheels (both owned by Mattel now) and they don't have the Model 3 yet. I collect models of all the cars I've owned in the past. Many other car manufacturers sell tiny models at their dealership parts department, why not Tesla?

Bighorn | 03/08/2017

Too early
Took awhile for Ses to show up.