The Model 3 trunk is YUUUUGE

The Model 3 trunk is YUUUUGE

I really wish we could post pictures here. :)

Check out this Reddit thread, with pics of the trunk. The OP added links to additional pics in the first comment. :)

JayInJapan | 06/08/2017

Very, very nice. Thanks, @KP!

akgolf | 06/08/2017

Nice link with a ton of pictures!

jamilworm | 06/08/2017

Awesome, love those photos. I still can't tell how you open the doors from the inside though...

KP in NPT | 06/08/2017

@jamilworm I think it's that black button at the top of the interior door handle - it's nicely hidden. :) You can see it in the photo of the back seat.

RP3 | 06/08/2017

Also, FYI, in the Bloomberg review someone took out their tape measure and measured the trunk opening at 18.5" tall x 42" wide.

sohilrai | 06/08/2017

Look at the blue!! OMGoodness! I must have the blue color with white interior. Trunk is great! Love it.

jordanrichard | 06/08/2017

That well in the trunk looks to be much deeper than the one in my MS. I liked the photo of both a Huskie and German Shepard in the trunk. Not exactly small dogs.

Rutrow | 06/08/2017

jamil, there's a button at the top of the top of the interior door handle. Electric switch it appears.


Same in the rear seating.

Rutrow | 06/08/2017

Looks like it'll fit a twin sized air mattress. Going to be cozy sleeping for wife, two dogs and me!!!

Coastal Cruiser. | 06/08/2017

Look at the size of that Secret Compartment!! You could fit a family of immigrants in there! Guess my first Model 3 outing will be to the Mexican border to earn a car payment or two.

Even Han Solo would love the 3.

Xerogas | 06/08/2017
akgolf | 06/08/2017

Waiting for the first shorter to come in here and complain about something.

elephant in a bottle | 06/08/2017

Thanks KP!! Lotsa great pics and some nice videos..

gavinmcc | 06/08/2017

Akgolf...I am here to complain that I have to wait to buy one :)


PhillyGal | 06/08/2017


Coastal Cruiser. | 06/08/2017

akgolf said: :"waiting for the first shorter to come in here and complain about something."

Indeed. But you know, I always wonder when people speak of those who short sell the stock (I think TSLA is the most shorted stock) understand that it is those very short sellers that force the price sky high.

bp | 06/08/2017

But can you get a golf bag and clubs in the trunk sidewise, without having to remove the longer clubs?

It's possible in a Model S - with two golf bags fitting sideways in the trunk - with all of the clubs.

Surprisingly, a golf bag with a full set of clubs will NOT fit sideways in a Model X - and requires removing the longer clubs to get the bag & remaining clubs behind the rear row of seats.

CraigW | 06/08/2017

The Model 3 is about the average width for it's class, which is less than an S or X, so if you can't do it in an X, don't expect to do it in a Model 3.

bp | 07/08/2017

The S has a notch on the left hand side of the trunk, between the wheel well and the back of the car.

Due to the design of the X, that isn't present in the X, so longer items (like golf clubs) won't fit like they do in the S.

According to the specs, the 3 is only an inch narrower than the S (which could be at the wheel well, not necessarily at the rear of the car).

So if the Model 3 has a similar trunk layout to the S, it's possible there is more sideways space than in the X - and golf clubs might fit.

All it will take is for someone with access to a production Model 3 to measure the sideway distance, and then we can compare it to the S.

Since my wife may occasionally want to put her golf clubs in her new Model 3 (hopefully later this year), it would be nice to know she'll be able to do it without having to lower one side of the rear seat backs.

chris.pribe | 07/08/2017

Cool. Thanks.

The secret compartment looks pretty sizable. I wonder, could it hold a folded bike, in particular a Bike Friday New World Tourist, do you think?

bp | 08/08/2017

When the Model S was first introduced, Tesla was selling a soft rolling bag that fit "hidden" compartment (where the gas tank or a spare tire would normally sit). It was branded with the Tesla name and logo - and we still use it today on our road trips.

Tesla no longer offers that through the online store. When someone has an opportunity to measure the dimensions of the below compartment, it's likely there will be several choices for luggage that will be sized to fit snuggly in that space.

For the Model S, it's about the same width/depth as a carry-on bag, but longer.

On road trips, we typically carry two sets of golf clubs that lay sideways in the trunk. That leaves us enough room for two carry-on suitcases between the golf clubs and the rear seats, and can place our two computer backpacks on top of that.

And we still have the space below, which we can use for the rolling Tesla bag.

And then there's still the frunk for additional items - which we typically use for the UMC, tire pump, glass cleaner, towels, ...

Ehninger1212 | 08/08/2017

Is it weird that I'm super excited to have a frunk?!

eeb9 | 08/08/2017

Given that I carry "stuff" far more often than I carry people (it's been something over 15 years since I had more than two people in my car) space is much more of an issue than seats.

I completely share your excitement about the Frunk, and the secret compartment - they'll be put to good and near-constant use...

KP in NPT | 08/08/2017

We've never once used the frunk on our model S.  We have the old style latch where you will dent the hood closing it if you don't know what you're doing LOL so I'm afraid to touch it. To tell the truth, there is so much space in the back we've never needed it. Maybe it will be used this October when we do our camping trip to Acadia.

Ehninger1212 | 08/08/2017


I almost completely forgot about the rear compartment! That's probably were all my emergency roadside equipment will go.


Yes I imagine if I had the SUV like rear capacity the S has I wouldn't use the frunk very often either.

KP in NPT | 08/08/2017

I think for the 3 I might just use it for the wow factor. Freak people out in parking lots loading/unloading luggage or groceries. :)

eyeimager1 | 15/09/2017

This is the best view of the trunk yet.
Is it possible to get the measurement from the trunks floor to the top opening and the inside width ??

topher | 15/09/2017

Will it fit a bale of hay?

Thank you kindly.

coolnewworld | 15/09/2017

Is that compartment big enough to fit a spare tire into? Fck if I'm driving my 6000 mile road trip without a spare.

Bluesday Afternoon | 15/09/2017


If you're so concerned then I recommend you buy a spare and tie it on your roof. If nothing else it will provide a little shade on your 6000 mile trip. ;-)

coolnewworld | 15/09/2017

@simplyred - LOL I don't live in a red state, so I simply can't do that.

Bluesday Afternoon | 15/09/2017

But, since it's a brave new world wouldn't a little shade be cool?

coolnewworld | 15/09/2017

If I did that, I'd have to add a banjo rack...

Bubba2000 | 15/09/2017

Can a normal 6 ft adult sleep with the rear seat folded flat? Does it have support for a roof rack?

95dawg | 16/09/2017

Yes and yes.

https://electrek. co/2016/08/17/tesla-model-3-back-seats-fold-flat-cargo-space/

95dawg | 16/09/2017

https://electrek. co/2017/05/24/tesla-model-3-testing-roof-rack/

todd | 16/09/2017

The original post was about the trunk. All of the demonstrations of "spaciousness" notwithstanding, let's not forget that the M3 only has half the cargo space of the MS.

cascadiadesign | 16/09/2017

Secret compartment looks big enough to hold a decent size spare gas can & jumper cables ... oh wait, never mind.

locnguyencalalum | 16/09/2017

Oh man, I need the roof rack! My delivery window is is March-May 2018 for early production model but if the roof rack isn't available by then, I'm willing to wait a couple more months to have the roof rack option.

Carl Thompson | 17/09/2017

"Secret compartment looks big enough to hold a decent size spare gas can & jumper cables ... oh wait, never mind."

Actually most EVs (including current Teslas) have 12v batteries and thus might need jumper cables.


RayNLA | 13/01/2020

A few days ago I put a new boxed 50” TV in the trunk with the seats folded down. The guy at Best Buy was impressed! I use the frunk to bring takeout home so it doesn’t smell up the inside of the car.
Love Tesla!!!

kevin_rf | 14/01/2020

Pfff... That's nothing, I recently brought a shed home in trunk only because I had a pizza in the frunk.