When to buy Tesla Model X - Do I wait for another two months or act now

When to buy Tesla Model X - Do I wait for another two months or act now

Hello Every one,

Just a quick question regarding Model X

I am almost ready to buy Tesla Model X, Is this the correct time to buy before this Q3 ends or wait for the coming Q4 to order ? When I called Tesla they said if I don't order the Vehicle before Q3 ends, I wont be eligible to get the 0.99 APR thats currently running now. Not sure what other Promotions they will offer during coming Q4 Quarter. Also will Tesla implement any new Technology in coming months. Finally Is it worth waiting for another 2 months or Order it sooner. Please share your thoughts.


LoveX | 16/08/2017

I was stuck in the same dilemma. Since the price just went down, I doubt it will go down again next quarter and I really liked the finance incentive. Ultimately I bought last week so I can ensure the tax credit is still viable. In all likelihood it will still be available in October as well, but as soon as the 3 really starts rolling then bye bye tax credit.

If price is a big driver, look for an inventory model with low miles. They are making some fairly good deals on the stock vehicles right now.


Chrissugar21 | 16/08/2017

I just purchased mine today, hope no crazy changes happen in 2 months.

burdogg | 16/08/2017

This is the age old question - unfortunately, none of us know :) We can speculate all we want, and truth be told, there is always some kind of demand lever Tesla pulls.

My only advice - If the car has everything you want - don't waste your time wondering if you should wait, you will always be waiting hoping that you don't miss out. All the while, you are missing out on enjoying such a fun car. I don't believe there is ever a perfect time to buy, as things change constantly. I have missed out on many things, but that is ok - because I got the car when I wanted it and have enjoyed every bit of it.

My other advice, be happy with what you buy - and prepare yourself that something new will come out, and that at that time, you choose to be happy that Tesla continues to innovate and someone else gets to benefit from it :)

Sorry, other than that, I can't really tell you when you should or should not purchase.

LTO2 | 16/08/2017

Kiran: burdogg has offered wise considerations, born of substantial experience. Consider well.
I ordered a Model X late May, took delivery four weeks ago. Haven't enjoyed driving, and been so emotionally involved with, an automobile in decades. Buy and enjoy, aware, as burdogg has recommended, that Tesla revises and adds features—and value—to its vehicles on a non-scheduled (at least publicaly) but frequent basis rather than waiting for new model years. Were you to wait for new features, you would always be waiting, never having the experiences of a Model X. Buy what you want, that you can afford, from the options available and be settled with your choices while enjoying your customized (or inventory) vehicle. Remember: life is short; no future promised. Live the moments of now while not endangering your possible future...

Wilber | 16/08/2017

Van: I essentially concur with all the advice so far. I ordered on Monday this week. Expect delivery around end Sept. And, yes, i wont be surprised if some neat new feature is announced in October/November, but cant complain if that happens, because Tesla will deliver the car that i ordered.

One of the reasons i am trading in my three year old Model S, is because it is somewhat obsolete in many ways. but not complaining about that. We all know EVs are changing much more quickly than fossil fuel vehicles do. I am happy that EVs are improving so fast!

helge.alm | 17/08/2017

Why wait? Tax credit in USA will soon be gone. Some has thoughts about the 75KWh batterypack..if that is the batterypack you are looking to buy, many think this will be replaced or gone when Model 3 starts rolling out. If so, the start price at Model X will will be higher than it is today. I ordered mine X75 the 25 july and are looking forward receiving my New car late october (Norway, so longer delivery time). Good Luck anyway what ever choice you do.

Vawlkus | 17/08/2017

Simple answer? If the car has the features you want, buy it. If it doesn't, or you think there's a feature coming that you want then wait.

caikangze407 | 17/08/2017

I would only lease Tesla instead buying. Reasons are the battery technology will keep advancing, that means larger battery will become standard, 100D might replace 75D in couple years as standard(price drop), 120D become longer range model with around 400 miles. I assume in each couple years, Tesla will change their new models with larger battery. If you are a person always like drive the newest models then lease it. it costs more money to own but you will be always driving the new models.

JAnnen | 17/08/2017

All great advise. My Model X has changed my life. I am glad I bought when I could, but I just missed the 100D and 7 seat fold down options and several other features it would liked. But hey, I got to fall in love again.

Elon says his friends ask him "When should buy a Tesla? Next quarter?" Elon always answers, "Now is the best time to buy. You're missing out."

When is the best time to buy a smart phone? Answer: If you don't have one you're missing out.

dvanlier | 24/08/2017

Regarding the lease idea, I'd do calculations before you buy. I configured a 90D for about 90,000 after tax incentives and the referral discount. But the lease payments for me for 3 years (assuming 20k miles/year) worked out to about $57k. So if my model X in 3 years is worth more then $33k (which seems likely) then Im better off buying.

inconel | 24/08/2017

Exactly. I don't really understand why leasing allows for more constant upgrades. It might be true in some cases but not always. You can easily trade in with Tesla and the impact might not be worse than leasing. And buying allows for more flexibility in terms of miles per year and when to upgrade, after one year, two years, or ten years...

Ifulton01 | 24/08/2017

Im in this same boat. I have my model 3 reservation but im leaning toward a Model S. I went into the store and they told me to come in October and they would see what they have with already built inventory units. Im assuming thats there test drive models which i would take in a heartbeat. I love the new 3 but the S is still just completely stunning and i love the extra cargo room that is offers. Hopefully I am able to make the jump!

zanegler | 25/08/2017

Buy now and join TelsaNation. Caution, you will never be able to go back to POS ICE.

vandanadantuluri | 25/08/2017

I am updating this thread.

I did order a custom Model 75DX. I did not go far 100D as it is 20K more. I thought for 50+ miles spending 20K is huge for me. Finally owning a Tesla by next month. Thank you guys for your feed back.

Foxy | 26/08/2017

Yay congrats on new car. :) I'm still researching for mine lol.

burdogg | 27/08/2017

Congrats vandanadantuluri! Hopefully the wait is short :)