Wheel painting

Wheel painting

I ordered a model x 100D inventory car (got $10k off). It has silver wheels where I would have gotten the sonic carbon. Anyone have experience with wheel painting? Does it look natural and how much is it? Who should I ask?

MX is Best | 07/09/2017

Hi Dvanlier, You have options, but I'm far from a specialist here. Depending on what the wheel is made of, you may be able to have anodized. Anodized wheels look great imho, but are not UV protected over the long run (possibly with a clear coat though).

Powder coating is always a great option for wheels, and just about every color imaginable is available. It's usually pretty affordable as well.

There's also some crazy ways they can decal wheels these days. Looks amazing, and supposedly it holds up.

CriticalFan | 08/09/2017

Just wait until you get some road rash on your will happen.

Then when you start looking for wheel repair companies, find out the cost for repainting all of them, powdercoating is usually preferred.

If you go dark, just realize that any future road rash may require a full repair again, unless you go with matte black, then a sharpie works just fine for small dings.