Shipping a Model X from US to China

Shipping a Model X from US to China

My wife and I are considering a move to Shanghai and are wondering if anyone has any information, tips, or suggestions on where to get such things, when it comes to relocating a Tesla. What is the best way to ship a luxury car? How do I get my car to link to the Chinese 4G network? What other questions should I be asking. Thanks all! | 20/09/2017

My first question would be if this is even legal. Currently you are not allowed to register a Tesla built for US standards in Canada, so it could be similar in China, but perhaps China is more relaxed on this.

The network connection is also a large concern. In the US, the SIM card is buried inside the MCU. On European Tesla's they make the SIM card fairly easy to replace. Perhaps the SIM extender can be added to your US spec Tesla (with a few hours of labor). You'd also need to get Tesla to agree to switch to their network in China. I'd start by asking Tesla if they will do this. I have a strong suspicion they may not.

Tropopause | 20/09/2017

I thought there are some black market Tesla's being transported from USA to China for quick profit due to high demand. Not sure how easily they integrate into the foreign land.

inconel | 20/09/2017

It would also mean no more Supercharging I guess?

Triggerplz | 20/09/2017

Those high tech China citizens could probably hook a supercharger up in their garage if they wanted one or pay to get one installed, when I was in Vegas at the crap table a guy from China bet $25.000 he had his back turned flirting with the cocktail waitress he to be told he won so money is no problem

Tropopause | 20/09/2017

I can barely get a free drink from those nice cocktail waitresses.

Triggerplz | 20/09/2017


zanegler | 21/09/2017

My first thought is I hope you have bio-defense option as the air-quality sucks. If not, sell your Tesla here and buy one there with it. This would resolve all compatibility issues and allow you to not poison yourself.

carlk | 21/09/2017

I too was asking the cocktail waitress for a drink while placing my one dollar bet but she just walked away.

Triggerplz | 21/09/2017

@Carlk. LMAO

Solarman004 | 24/09/2017

@floatingrock: During my military career, I have shipped (ICE) vehicles to both Asia and Europe. But these used the technique of drive-on, drive-off which means multiple strangers will operate your car. I would never trust my MX to this system.
I recommend that you find a shipping company who will containerize your car, while you witness, and places security seals on the container. You should specify that you want to witness the opening in Shanghai.
The Chinese Supercharger network is growing rapidly, so that should not be an issue for you.
Your battery drain, 12V and traction, is a concern in transit. I recommend you ship with 90 percent charge, turn off Always On and cellular communication, turn off Smart Preconditioning and Overheat Protection, and turn on Energy Saving mode.
I spent some time in Shanghai when stationed in Korea. I think you will enjoy it!

jenniferwinders50 | 06/04/2018

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scottjimenez124 | 03/08/2018

I think till now you much have got the solution.

Sc0rPs | 04/08/2018

@ Where did you see you can't register a US spec car in Canada? When ordering I was shown inventory of Tesla X (new) in both US & Canada I could have purchased any. Once upon a time when the Canuck dollar was higher many were purchasing vehicles in the US, only thing you had to do was have it modified to meet Canadian regulations which was daylight driving headlights... which I think is also in the US now.

It got hampered because car manufacturers started threatening dealerships they would lose their franchise if they sold to a Canadian, others voided warranty and still some were still selling no problem. Used was not an issue in any case. Just always good to check with customs if your importing a vehicle.

To original poster, I'm on the west coast and had seen people from Britain ship their vehicles over... and the wheel is on the right! They got registered, insured, and zipping around no problems.

staramerica777 | 20/08/2018

You can no longer import used cars to china. Just sell the car here and buy another one there.

inconel | 21/08/2018

Sc0rPs it's true. Tesla cars (at least S and X, 3 I don't know) from US are not certified to be imported to Canada. They are on the Canadian list of inadmissible vehicles.

IPACE | 22/12/2018

I think the best way to ship your Tesla would be to list it on Its the safest way to find a reliable tranport provider that will not ruin your wallet. It works in the reverse auction format so you can be sure that you received the best offer possible :)

Guanadigital | 22/12/2018

If you want a Chinese Sim Card installed you would need to have it installed by Tesla before you ship it. Replacing a Sim Card on a USA model is no simple task.

Alternately you can get most of the cars features by using a mobile hot spot with a butterfly VPN. In my opinion, this will get most everything except turn by turn navigation.

jesuseelopez | 25/03/2019

With this I plan to ship my car

ScooterJim | 25/03/2019

The other item to verify is the charging port the same.

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