Dyson -- are they to be taken seriously?

Dyson -- are they to be taken seriously?

Dyson announced this week that they will enter the EV market. Not shocking as they have purchased a SS battery company and do make expensive, high quality electric stuff with motors. Let's discuss how serious of a threat these guys will be to the other traditional auto makers out there.

SamO | 01/10/2017


noleaf4me | 01/10/2017

@SamO - didn't they say the same thing about Tesla 10 years ago?

SamO | 01/10/2017

Well . . . ~9 years ago, I rode in my first Roadster. And I didn't' say the "same thing".

Elon's D wasn't fake in October 2014 . . .

I also rode in the Lucid Motors car in February . . .

But Dyson's foundational investment in Sakti3 just blew up (which I cited in another thread).

So . . . I'll stick with "no" until we see a prototype, at a minimum.

rxlawdude | 01/10/2017

Dyson sucks. From reports of consumers about their vacuum cleaners, not even doing that well.

noleaf4me | 01/10/2017

The more threats to the traditional ICE makers the better in my book......Dyson seems more legit that some others such as FF and Lucid --- who do not have deep pockets.

carlk | 01/10/2017

We know nothing about its plan although I always think outsiders will eventually dominate the new EV market. Traditional auto companies are basically ICE car producers it's very hard for them to change. This is what happened whenever a new technology and product came along. IBM was not able to take the new PC market and Microsoft was not able to take new mobile device market even though they were formidabel companies in their respective areas. They couldn't even play the second fiddler (like Dell or Samsung) when new technology replaced the old one. To change the entire company culture of such huge corporations is not as easy as you moght think. In the automative world for example Porsche can design the Mission E but you can't ask everyone in the company from engineering to marketing to forget about the 911. Their hands are tied when fighting against companies start from a clean sheet of paper.

That said who will be other new EV companies beside Tesla remain to be seen. A lot of ambition had be displayed by a few companies but I've not seen a viable one yet.

rxlawdude | 01/10/2017

Hey, maybe Dyson should get with Elon - Dyson can provide the suck-and-blow to make the Hyperloop go! :-)

rgrant | 01/10/2017

I’m picturing another Sinclair C5 effort....

Efontana | 02/10/2017

The English will buy it.

KP in NPT | 02/10/2017

I don't take any of these announcements seriously until an actual car is produced.

Captain_Zap | 02/10/2017

I still haven't had a good battery operated vacuum. Once that happens we can talk.

RedShift | 02/10/2017

This business with Sakti3 is pretty disappointing. These kinds of things put a damper on funding for similar startups which *might* have a better technology. However if funding dries up they might perish before prototyping. | 02/10/2017

More companies entering the EV space is great. Might wake up some of the sleeping giants, and buy out one or more of these startups. Even Dyson say's they don't have enough money to go into production, so it seems a little doubtful they can make it happen. The do seem to have some interesting battery tech, but getting it even to a consumer grade battery, let alone automotive grade is a huge hurdle.

blue adept | 02/10/2017


I'm reserved...Time will tell and, truthfully, I hope that they do as the more viable EV manufacturers the better!

noleaf4me | 02/10/2017

Funny how soon after yet another company (Dyson) said they want to enter the EV market, GM announces they are moving to all electric (someday....) | 03/10/2017

Maybe they want to make battery-powered street sweepers and zambonis?

PrGrPa | 03/10/2017

Dyson have a record of doing some bold things. Taking on the big entrenched vacuum cleaner manufacturers sounds like a real crusade from Dyson’s autobiography.

They held off making robot vacuum cleaners for a long time so they could do it their way.

At one point they made a washing machine.

They have a bunch of intellectual property in essential areas: motors, batteries, controllers, AI. They also have some excellent designers. All these things don’t add up to a car though. I think they could develop a niche roadster-like British electric sports car that could boost investment and credibility. But I’d be sceptical of seeing a production consumer vehicle in the PR time frame.

noleaf4me | 05/10/2017

@PrGrPa - I do agree with you -- but it was a bit surprising how they introduced a Vacuum at twice the price and sold a bunch of them....

If they do dive in -- and I think they will -- I agree it will be a pretty cool high end model which will be built very well. I can't see their ambitions as building millions of these at a low cost -- competing on price has never been their game.

rxlawdude | 05/10/2017

No offence (GB) to our UK owners, but with all due respect, British automotive electronics are not known to be robust.

I remember my friend and his Jaguar S and all the electrical issues. Most of these were from Lucas. The joke? "Lucas, the Prince of Darkness."

noleaf4me | 05/10/2017

The electronics -- in theory -- could be simpler these days due to digitalization and standardization. Also there are not that many suppliers like in the old days where you came up with your own

massimob30 | 06/10/2017

I'm glad to see someone looking into solid state batteries, but I don't see Dyson making any headway. Even their vacuum cleaners take a backseat to German made Miele. I wish them the best, but won't hold my breath on them succeeding.

rxlawdude | 06/10/2017

Something @massimob and I agree on: Miele vacuums are da bomb!

carlgo2 | 07/10/2017

Me 3. It is amazing how many vacs suck...well, you know what I mean.

rxlawdude: Ah, yes, replacing Lucas parts! It all comes back to me. I did this so many times that I was basically an expert. I always carried my tool box and spares. The owner of the leading local British car repair shop back then lives in a mansion with an 8+ car garage, on a hill top with a view of famous places.