For those of you worried about speed shown on the center display...

For those of you worried about speed shown on the center display...

Download and try the app "Payver"

It's a dashcam that records your drives and uploads data to (hopefully) help self driving tech. In the lower left corner, it shows your speed - with the phone holder that I use, it sits in a spot I imagine matches that of the m3 center display.

I did a long trip glancing at this rather than the speedometer and got very used to it.

PaceyWhitter | 08/10/2017

People don't want solutions, they want to complain.

dman | 08/10/2017

Totally agree, except it's not a solution.. it's a test to see a sample

carlk | 08/10/2017

They also want to let the world know how stupid they are.

thedrisin | 08/10/2017

It is not just the drivers. I think there will be passengers in the car that are going to feel very uneasy that you may not have your eyes on the road, regardless what you tell them. I know friends and family that are going to be uncomfortable with this. Passengers must feel safe as well.

bernard.holbrook | 08/10/2017

carlk: What is stupid is not having either a HUD, autonomous driving, or a normal instrument cluster. Just one of those would have made the one central display thing fine. Any two would have been great...

And before you say the 3 will have autonomy in the future, that's not good enough for now.

PaceyWhitter | 08/10/2017

I think that is an excellent test to determine who you do not want to hang out with. I rode in a mini with a center speedo I never thought to challenge the driving of the owner. If someone objected, I would let them walk. Must be safer.

Ninefiveone | 08/10/2017

Many many cars have had instruments only in a center panel.

People know this, right?

topher | 08/10/2017

"I think there will be passengers in the car that are going to feel very uneasy that you may not have your eyes on the road, regardless what you tell them. "

That's silly. the passengers can see the speedometer much better in the model 3. If anything, they will be complaining that you are driving too fast/slow. I can't imagine anyone thinking that somehow the driver's vision of the speedometer is worse than hiding behind that steering wheel in a deep well.

Thank you kindly.

PhillyGal | 08/10/2017

@Pacey - Agree! Folks just want something to complain about.

But I don't LIKE brussel sprouts, says the child who has never tasted them.

andy.connor.e | 09/10/2017

Thats my favorite part. People complaining about something they have no idea why they are complaining about it, but just because they can complain about it.

carlk | 09/10/2017

@bernard.holbrook I did not ask you to prove I'm right but thank you anyway.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09/10/2017

topher is correct.

bernard.holbrook: Why is it that when I read your 'for now' it sounded like 'forever' instead?

PhillyGal: Both artichokes and brussel sprouts are surprisingly good to eat.

Shock | 09/10/2017

Running an app on my phone because the model 3 has no instrument cluster is not a solution.

As for complaining and people pretending that this is actually a good thing not having data in front of you, I argue in the opposite and as evidence present 99% of cars out there including, funnily enough, the other two Teslas.

Tesla Model 3 has no isntrument cluster for only one reason: it saved money. This is the same reason other (few) cars have no instrument cluster. Money savings. Centralized instrumentation is a hallmark of a cheap car. BMW, Tesla S/X don't eschew the driver-facing cluster because they know it sucks not having that info in front of you.

But you already knew that.

andy.connor.e | 09/10/2017

"Centralized instrumentation is a hallmark of a cheap car"

Interesting opinion.

dman | 09/10/2017

said already, but I'll say it again. This is not a solution, it is a sample of what it's like so you can test before you whine.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09/10/2017

Shock: dman, was offering this as a means to test the idea of speedometer next to the steering wheel in your own car, prior to a test drive. Read the OP again.

Frank99 | 09/10/2017

"Centralized instrumentation is a hallmark of a cheap car"

I happen to believe that the entire industry will follow Tesla's lead. The baroque instrumentation fad that exists today will fade away.

Rutrow | 09/10/2017

I didn't like cabbage because of the smell of it cooking... Until I tried it!!!

rgrant | 09/10/2017

All this worry about the speedo position makes me wonder how much time people are staring at the dang thing?! I spend way more time looking in my mirrors than at the bloody speedo and those are always to one side or the other!

Good grief!

rxlawdude | 09/10/2017

The bigger issue, IMO, is the stuff besides the speedometer on that display and touch screen, which becomes a single point of (multiple) failures.

rgrant | 09/10/2017

Touch screen tech is pretty well established. It’s not like we’re talking blown up Palm Pilots here...

Perhaps I’m not getting the concern trolling? I’ll place my bets with Franz and Elon, after all they’re betting the company on it working and they’ve got a pretty good track record.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 09/10/2017

rgrant: I get the impression from some that they are... 'salty' over Tesla's constant refusal to just... die and go away. They utterly despise the track record for Tesla and choose to diminish its significance at every turn. Because they know that track record proves them very wrong, so they attempt to modify that record by perpetually pointing out little things that have zero significance in order to demonstrate that Tesla is somehow revered without just cause and that it is Tesla fans that don't really know what is going on. Y'know, it's the old, "If you don't know, you better ask somebody!" principle at work. Except that when you ask them, they never tell you. At least not anything that can be proven with evidence, or shown with facts.

rxlawdude | 09/10/2017

@ReD, I don't suffer fools lightly, and you continue to post trashy ad hominem garbage. I'm a current Tesla MS owner for over 2 years, a TESLA long, and a M3 first day deserves.

I don't know what to make of your petulant posts, other than to SMH.

rxlawdude | 09/10/2017

@rgrant, palm pilots don't have to operate at extreme temperatures, with constant vibration, and baking in direct sunlight.

So, there is a bit more engineering involved in the M3 display. It is a fact that early Model S displays are failing in various modes (dead, leaking) that would be far more critical in a M3.

Thus, Tesla hopefully has engineered the M3 display with overspec'd parts and lessons learned from MS and MX experience. I'm confident they have done so, but it doesn't change the fact that display failure in the M3 has more consequences than for a MS or MX.

rxlawdude | 09/10/2017

deserves -> reserver.

2015P90DI | 10/10/2017

LOVE IT.....Spend $50K on a car, then go buy a $5.00 phone holder so you can put your speed on your cell phone in your line of view since Tesla didn't want to add a center gauge cluster. Genius!!

2015P90DI | 10/10/2017

Also, figured out how to get multiple destinations in a Tesla for navigation too.............For now (until the Model 3 is available), go buy a $80,000 to $150,000 Tesla Model S or X, then go buy an $80 Magellan Roadmate and use a suction cup to hang it from your windshield!!! Genius!!!

Shock | 10/10/2017

"I happen to believe that the entire industry will follow Tesla's lead. The baroque instrumentation fad that exists today will fade away."

Agree. When cars are fully self-driving. But, realistically FSD won't be in the model 3 for a number of years. So in the meantime, and until then, it will be annoying. This is why Tesla will not be removing the typical instrument cluster location in their other models any time soon, nor will most other vehicles. At this time it is a pure cost-cutting measure and nothing more.

Rutrow | 10/10/2017

I was recently on a high-speed train in Europe that had the speed displayed in each car. Not because I NEEDED to know, but because the designers understand that many passengers WANTED to know.

Rally cars sometimes don't have speedometers, but that's because the shifter position and engine sound is a near direct analog. The driver NEEDS to know the speed.

With no gears and no engine noise electric rally cars WILL have speedos front and center.

andy.connor.e | 10/10/2017

Theres a thing called "Manufactured necessity", where people create the necessity for something even though it may have none.

CraigW | 10/10/2017

The older Model S's have a simulated front grill. Why? Because people were used to grills. Now that the Tesla won car-of-the-year and proved and EV could compete with an ICE, Tesla has removed the front grill concept.

Just because we have always done it one way doesn't mean that way is best. Maybe it is, but probably it is only because it is a habit we have gotten comfortable with.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 10/10/2017

rxladude: Like, whatever, Man. This is my first time posting anything at all directed at you in this thread. If my means of posting here bothers you, simply [IGNORE] them and be happy. That is certainly what I intend to do with yours, as often as possible. Geez.

CraigW: You are correct, Sir!

PBEndo | 11/10/2017

Reading comprehension fail. Try again.

OP suggested phone app and holder placed on the center dash of your current car to demo the viewing position.

mos6507 | 11/10/2017

[Many many cars have had instruments only in a center panel.]

They haven't been "many many" and they all suck...including the new Prius.

RedShift | 11/10/2017

Indeed. Center-only display is primarily a cost saving feature first introduced in cheap econoboxes.

There goes the fanboy claim that this is 'progress' invented by Tesla!

Beagle | 11/10/2017

I realize this isn't the HUD thread, but my present bimmer has one, and the speedo on the windshield isn't the most useful feature; it is the nav info & pic of the sometimes complicated intersections.

carlk | 11/10/2017

Great point CraigW. On that I remember when Tesla moved time and temp display from the dash screen to top of 17" screen people came out crying fault how could I read them like that? The only reason they could not is they did not give it a chance to get used to the new position. In the next update Tesla actually put them back to the dash screen and left only the time but not the temp on the 17" screen. People came out complaining again why you took that away from the screen. To this day I still look at the 17' screen for the time instead of the dash screen because to me that's the position easier for me to find.

The more I look at it the more I feel top left corner of the center screen is the better location than somewhere behind the steering wheel. I'm sure people, except those few known trolls, will figure that out too when they get behind the steering wheel/ screen.

carlk | 11/10/2017

RedShift I had a gen3 Prius V which cost me more than $30K to buy. Not really a cheap econobox. As far as I know cheap econobox all have speedometer behind the steering wheel.

RedShift | 11/10/2017

Not 100% sure but Toyota introduced it in their 'Echo' model. A premium luxury sedan iirc. Cost about $15k. :-)

KP in NPT | 11/10/2017

Perfect analogy, @PhillyGal.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -

Franz is not an idiot.

Try it before you make pronouncements.

Rutrow | 11/10/2017

"The older Model S's have a simulated front grill... Tesla has removed the front grill concept."

Why? Could it be because the designers listened to their customers and realized that they'd originally made a design mistake?

carlk | 11/10/2017

Whatever but to say it's a cost saving measure is just not true. Tesla is known for not to skimp on necessary expenses and uses high quality parts and materials in the car. My believe is the dash screen does not fit its modern minimalist design theme including the low dash and new vent design which is the reason that it was eliminated. The bottom line is still the new position is as good as, or actually better than, where it was before.

RedShift | 11/10/2017

No, I'm sure it was because it was so essential an element of design that Tesla chose to wait 14 years and 3 very expensive models to offer it on their cheapest offering yet.

carlk | 11/10/2017

@Rutrow Actually not. When the new grille-less design first appeared on the X reactions were from it's horrible to let's see if I can get use to it. No one, I mean really no one, said it looks good I really like it. You know what a few months later when S was to get it everyone was trying to make sure the car they ordered will get the new face.

carlk | 11/10/2017

RedShift You don't need to go this low to echo that mos troll to insist one this "cheap" argument but it's your choice to make. Bye.

RedShift | 11/10/2017

No, what you mean is that I shouldn't state facts. Good bye to you too sir.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11/10/2017

RedShift: Since when is it a bad idea for a manufacturing company to 'save money' in the design and implementation of their products? Would you prefer Tesla 'wasted money' instead? Could it be that BMW wasted money by building the 3-Series with both a binnacle and an option for HUD? further, at what point has Tesla used the terms 'cheap' or 'cheaper' other than referring to the cost of driving electric as opposed to burning gasoline?

Why would you prefer that Tesla did stupid things that would guarantee profitability cannot be reached?

RedShift | 11/10/2017

For heavens sake man. What do you think, I don't know where Tesla is at right now? How utterly precarious their situation is? If you've looked at my posts on this subject earlier, I have said that I completely understand the compulsion Tesla had to opt for one, not two displays. I also know other places they saved money in this car. While I agree with most not all their decisions, this one is, TO ME, an EGREGIOUS miss. One that is being prevaricated by Elon. This is not a stupid decision to offer something most people consider part of a better driving experience, one that reduces eye movement, enables safety (no matter how many of you scream that it is not any safer), and makes the car feel a bit more in line with its asking price which can touch nearly $60K in the upper limits.

I am so set on this car (still in line to buy one), and expecting ito be the perfect car to fill almost all my requirements from a CAR : a driver's car, nimble, fast, clean, with good feedback from the steering and high tech. Tesla had to ruin it by expeditious thinking on this one single item. They could still remedy it by simply offering a paid for option in the form of a HUD. (Which is not what I'd want, but I will take it, because it will be less expensive than a full instrument cluster)It not only saves face, it also keeps people like me happy, and people like you, giving a free pass to all their (genuine) mistakes. Both of us can be happy.

But the Tesla fan brigade behaves as if we just asked Elon for his kidney or something. Oh, great. And you guys think you know more than me, or care more than me about Tesla? I have bought a Tesla 4.5 years ago for nearly $100K when I also started my startup for which I poured a lot of money in, I totally, nearly emptying my bank account. I care more about Tesla than you can fathom. I even took it very easy on my replacement drive unit for years after the first one started thunking and thudding at every acceleration. Because I did not want Tesla to spend money again on another DU. So, please. All I am looking for is some balance between love for Tesla and acknowledging their missteps, of which lately there have been quite a few.

dd.micsol | 12/10/2017

@redshift-I hear you man.
I put over 250k into it at 27.xx and continued to buy up through 200s and bought once even at low 300s.
I had made millions on this stock and feel you.
It's American bleeding edge tech even more so than Apple if you ask me.
Much more advanced than any apple product-ANY!
But as I have mentioned in previous posts-I in no way hold it anymore.
My family and friends want nothing to do with the risks anymore.
After all most of us are well past our 60s and are now filthy rich. Why risk it even further?
Greed ends in poor in the end most of the time. Make a few million and live frugally while protecting that money.
HUD is a great even ground for those unhappy about no driver screen below the steering wheel.
We all only look at it/glace at it because we have to.
I would buy a 3rd party HUD if I really wanted one so badly.
I probably won't if I can use my phone for nav reasons.

Every company will and do make mistakes but are those mistakes acceptable to the greater market.

KP in NPT | 12/10/2017