Wall charger limited charging

Wall charger limited charging

New to the Tesla world and having some issues with my MS I just picked up last week. My wall charger was just installed and I am having trouble making it work right. I keep getting a message that says limited charging, charger may not be plugged in right. What am I doing wrong?! Call me stupid, but I can’t figure it out. I am inserting it as far as it goes and after two or three times taking it in and out it works correctly but never on my first attempt. I just don’t get it. Anyone else experience this or know why this is happening? Thanks in advance

SCCRENDO | 23/10/2017

Make sure the connection between the UMC cord and adaptor is tight. What color ring do you have at the Tesla charging port. Check whether your car charges elsewhere. Try find someone near you and see whether your UMC cord works at their wall charger. You could also borrow their UMC cable and see whether that works. You can try dial down the amperage to 30 amp in your car bwhich may work if their is a fault with your home circuits. You will want to eliminate whether the problem is your home charger, your UMC or the adaptor has a problem or is it your car. You could also see whether your car will charge from a regular outlet at 110 V. Probably the easiest is to go into Tesla with your UMC cable and let them troubleshoot it

Wparton | 24/10/2017

My mobile charger works fine, and I’ve plugged into a super charger as well with no issues. It’s my wall connector that is inconsistent.

Rocky_H | 24/10/2017

It says wall connector, not UMC.
The thing that comes to my mind really is that the handle is not quite getting in there all the way. I've had that once or twice. New owners sometimes are concerned that they might break something, so they are a little too gentle with it. Get the nose of the cable just inside the port, so it's lined up right to guide it, and then give it a pretty hard shove to really get it in there. If you just kind of push it steadily, it may be a little tight and hit some resistance and get stuck without fitting all the way in, and then the latch can't lock onto the handle.

SCCRENDO | 24/10/2017

@Rocky_H. I got that. I was just trying to make sure he looked at all possibilties
@Wparton.. Besides the error message what color is the light on the UMC and the light on the charge port when this happens?? I find that if my UMC is not snug in the adapter I get an error message, a red light on the UMC and around the charge port. The other thing to do is to press the reset button the UMC and see if this helps.

Wparton | 24/10/2017

Thanks guys, I’ll check the lights and the alignment then report back. I will say I was probably be gentle with it so maybe it just didn’t snug up.

Goose | 24/10/2017

@rocky ... that’s such good advice on so many levels

Rocky_H | 24/10/2017

@Goose, I've had to give similar advice to people who are new to the grilling with a large cookout thing we do regularly for about 200+ people. They will scoop the burger patty and then are being kind of slow and careful as they try to turn it over. Well, as the spatula gets on an angle, the patty slides right off, between the slats of the grill and into the flames below. I have to remind them to not be slow and cautious like that, but give it a pretty quick rotation and slap it down, so it doesn't have a chance to slide off.

I've seen that with hammering nails, too. Sometimes one or two really firm strikes has less chance of getting the angle wrong and bending the nail than if you're trying to use four or five weaker hits and one of them goes wrong.

Goose | 24/10/2017

@rocky, I can see that. You are obviously very wise.

However, I also see great wisdom from @sccrendo - I also find that if my UMC is not snug in the adapter I get an error message, a red light on the UMC and around the charge port. Sad.

Goose | 24/10/2017

I’m also anxious to hear back from OP on his alignment issues.

Wparton | 25/10/2017

I think rocky hit it right on the head. I made sure it was aligned well and gave it a firm push which put it in full charge mode the first time. Tonight I actually stepped my wife through plugging it in the same way and again, it worked the first time for her. Thanks!

I guess at the end of the day you just have to realize that while it is a very nice car, it is still just a car and sometimes it takes a little more effort instead of trying to be gentle. I’ve actually had to make several first timers shut the door a second time because they were too scared to really shut it.

SCCRENDO | 25/10/2017

Probably a good reason to get a HPWC. I charge at home and at work. Got an HPWC for home so I don’t have to plug and unplug. Have a NEMA 14-50 at the office and always have to make sure I push it in firmly. Anyway glad you got it working.

Frank99 | 25/10/2017

Remember that the Tesla charging connector was designed for a 300 amp Supercharger. It takes a lot of pressure and contact area between the pins and sockets in the connection to make that work, so it's going to take noticeable force to make that connection happen, even if you're only using a 40 amp home connection.

SCCRENDO | 25/10/2017

@Frank. I think we are talking about the UMC adaptor to the NEMA 14-50 and not the chargeport

Frank99 | 26/10/2017

Hmm, good point. I guess the problem with the UMC is that there are at least three connections that need to be made tightly.

SCCRENDO | 26/10/2017

Frank the limiting factor is usually the adapter. They changed out the adapters a few years ago because of melting. I find the there is a lot of wear and tear from plugging in and unplugging. I recommend either an HPWC or to keep UMC permanently plugged into the NEMA 15-40. Tesla sells a cable organizer and I uses to use a bicycle water bottle holder to hold the part of the UMC with the lights. I used to have 2. One permanently at home and one UMC for travel. After 4 years the travel cable failed so i made my home UMC my travel one and installed an HPWC. I will daisy chain a second HPWC for my Model 3 when it arrives

jordanrichard | 26/10/2017

OP, you didn't say whether the car was new or just new to you. There was some talk about the newer cars requiring a much firmer push to get the UMC to plug/connect properly. I can only imagine over time, it will get easier to seat the connector.

Oh an welcome to the club....

Wparton | 26/10/2017

I am talking about the wall connected plug into the Tesla plug, nothing to do with the UMC and it’s a July 2017 baby.

SCCRENDO | 26/10/2017

That would be the adapter part that gives trouble to many.