Anyone with a flawless MX?

Anyone with a flawless MX?

Is there anyone out there able to report a flawless MX in the first 12 mo. of ownership? As in no issues outside of routine maintenance?

Please only post if you have not had ANY QC/functionality issues within the first year.

Forums are a great place to vent issues but I want to hear, hopefully from the majority, that their cars have impressed them beyond the MX forum expectations.

Stankfish | 31/10/2017

Flawless. 3 weeks away from a year and over 20k miles driven. Took it in only for 1 year maintenance and for a minor rattle which was easily fixed.

BlackXman | 31/10/2017

I'm expecting mine in December and I think what you have to keep in mind is that, in my case, I am on VIN 72xxx
so 72000 Model Xs have been made before mine. The amount of problems reported on the forums, in numbers of the same problem, are a very small percentage of the total 72000+ built.

The longer I wait and read the forms, the more "concerns" I have about quality, then I stop by my local service center/showroom and see them delivering what look to be high quality vehicles.

burdogg | 31/10/2017

Mine was until the tilt mechanism broke so that the second row seat on the pedastal would not tilt after moving forward - in no way affected the car.

Only reason I post is - they have since changed the way that is made so this issue does not happen - had I got a later VIN, I would not have had this issue. Which brings me to this - some of these issues are due to early adopter, which this gear is an exact example of that - how were they to know the gear from a supplier would wear down as it did. Now - it should be a non-issue as they have found a solution to it. It is much like the early Model S and the drive train.

Anyway, sorry, I wasn't going to post, but couldn't let it go that mine really has been flawless except that one minor issue that could happen to any new car early off the line. VIN 27XXX

Silver2K | 31/10/2017

The forum is 75% crap, 10 real issues, 10% (95% of 10%) great answers and the rest is good fun!

Enjoy your vehicles!

mooka | 31/10/2017

@blackxman I have a 722xx vin as well, and have had the same thought about component improvements. My hope now is the assembly is well done and all the q.c. is happening.

MarinDon | 31/10/2017

vin 26xxx, 11,000 mi, 12./26/16 del. First problem this week, 3rd brake light on spoiler stopped working. Extremely pleased with the most fun car I've ever owned. Well maybe the '63 Healy and '72 E-Type were also fun.

lilbean | 31/10/2017

How did you notice the brake light was out? I always wondered.

LTO2 | 31/10/2017

@john.juris: A “flawless” Model X??
Why is it that manufacturers that have been producing vehicles for many, many decades still have service departments and warranties for their products? Certainly, not because they produce “flawless” products.
Of course, experience learned-from and strenuous quality controls do lead to fewer products with flaws. Still, hardly flawless in every instance. I hate to think what a vehicle would cost if every one were delivered flawless—forget mass production...
Perhaps, we would do well to assess the trend of improvement in quality control in Tesla manufacturing. In the case of my mid-July (2017) delivered Model X, I’ve been to the Service Center for an adjustment to the alignment of one side of the rear trunk door; and the X was picked up for repair of the release mechanism for one of the third-row seats, which stopped working after a couple of months. No other issues to date. Not “flawless,” but no vehicle that I’ve purchased has been...

burdogg | 31/10/2017

Great thoughts LTO2 - those were mine too but didn't know how to say it - you put it perfectly :)

Silver2K | 31/10/2017

burdogg had no words!?!?

I seriously need a psychiatrist....

lilbean | 31/10/2017

Is his voice recognition transcriber malfunctioning?

Triggerplz | 31/10/2017

@Silver and Lilbean + 1

burdogg | 31/10/2017

When I wrote that, I thought - yeah, everyone is going to laugh at me for that comment :)

IgnoranceBliss | 01/11/2017

I won't re-post... but said it all in the "Consumer reports-FWD & fit and finish result in least reliable vehicle?!?" thread..
Tesla makes many FLAWED vehicles...some issues they cannot resolve
Only those with amazing luck... or very low expectations would post that their Tesla is "Flawless"

Don't Y'all just despise a Realist?!?!?

Stankfish | 01/11/2017

“Tesla dominates owner satisfaction survey, Consumer Reports say”
Realist is not the word that comes to mind describing you :-)

Tropopause | 01/11/2017

I also posted a response to Ignorance's post in my thread about CR. I'll repost it here:

This forum is not scientific, like CR's survey. Please stop speculating; that's only for CR to do.

burdogg | 01/11/2017

We could flip your opinion as well Ignorance - Only those who are snobs would post that their fit and finish is not perfect (Truly - I have heard of someone taking calipers to measure the gaps to make sure they were perfectly equal on both sides - ABSURD!)

lilbean | 01/11/2017

My car is flawless. I am flawless. My children are flawless and my diamonds are flawless. I’m one freaking flawless individual with the perfect flawless life. I need to start a thread on my flawlessness.

Triggerplz | 01/11/2017

Lilbean why did u leave the hubby and inlaws out :-)

TabascoGuy | 01/11/2017

Lilbean - Flawlessly posted. Thank You.

lilbean | 01/11/2017

Haha, triggerplz! LOL!

joemar10 | 01/11/2017

Is your last name Trump?

lilbean | 01/11/2017


TeslaNinno | 01/11/2017

18,00 Miles in 13 months no issues to report :)

MarinDon | 01/11/2017

@lilbean The dash screen shows your car lights when you apply the brakes or are in heavy regen, the three brake lights show on. You can tell because they turn RED, maybe yours aren't working. You can also close the garage door ((if you have one) and see the reflection. But, you knew that.

lilbean | 01/11/2017

Thank you, @d.cherin. So if the brake light is out, it won’t turn red? I didn’t even think of the garage door trick. :)

Tropopause | 01/11/2017

Wow! If the mini Tesla in the dash relays when a brake light is out, that's pretty neat!

MarinDon | 01/11/2017

Mine is giving a short flash when brake is first applied. SC is replacing light assembly on Monday. I hope that's it. I'll report result.

jmoskwa6 | 01/11/2017

2 months - 6K miles. a few minor glitches, mostly software. One corrected by an update, the others by a soft reboot

Uncle Paul | 01/11/2017

Not sure about flawless. Everything has flaws if you look close enough, however it is, by far, the best vehicle I have ever owned.

Tesla, It drives like no other.

Softwizard | 02/11/2017

VIN004048 Delivered 04/16/16 90D
My X has spent more than 40 days in the SC for various issues. Both FWD door sensors needed to be replaced. Two door latches broke. 2nd row seat pedestal had some issue that required fixing. Driver-side window stripping has been repaired twice and the window replaced once. B pillar had a rattle in it that turned out to be a loose something.
I have been a lifelong CR subscriber and participated in the survey. I gave my honest answers I am happy that 90% of you have no problems. You can say I am an "early adopter" and I deserved to have the problems I did. I resent that opinion after I spent $122K for something that I regret.

anderk2 | 02/11/2017

I have owned many Mercedes vehicles,a Ford or two, and I have yet to own a flawless vehicle. I will say that I picked up my model X on June 20, 2016. I now have 17,000 miles on it & have had no issues with this car. It was at service center for annual checkup & recall. This is simply the most enjoyable vehicle I have ever owned & look forward to driving it for many years.

nrelia | 02/11/2017

me @ 12K miles , Delivered May 2017

SIMPLY flawless , beats my HONDA gas car in maintenance as well . have not had a service center visit yet and dont plan to go another 5K miles

Michael Emrich | 04/11/2017

No problem, flawless since March 2017! No SC visits. Perfect vehicle.

carlk | 04/11/2017

Not flawless but have visited service center only once for non-routine services for a minor adjustment over 20 months of ownership. I got a pretty early VIN 14xx too.

mcel516 | 04/11/2017

I’m hesitant to report, but YES, we are without flaws so far! Couldn’t really be any happier with ours.. we took delivery beginning of OCT. and have taken on 2 road trips, Plus daily driiving. My biggest complaint has been that the “home link” feature was not staying hooked up.
I was very cautious about pulling the trigger, reviewing all the early gen. Models, but we really are happy with our purchase... More than expected*

EternalChampion | 05/11/2017

Late May 2016 build. 17000 miles. Relatively flawless.

Had to recalibrate the passenger side window on 2 separate occasions and fix a sensor in the charge port that erroneously reported as malfunctioning. That’s it.

Relatively early build # 3***. And was lucky to get active spoiler on a non-performance version.

info | 05/11/2017

7 months and 8700 miles later:
Charge plug stuck in car. Tesla took control with a Uber for me and and one for my wife who was across town.
repaired, and delivered to my home, via trailer the next day.
Window adjustment while I was gone on vacation. Tesla picked up and returned my MX via trailer.
Five Star recommendation for service and vehicle.
Rolls Royce couldn't do better.
Original delivery was flawless.

Perkins53 | 07/11/2017

My S-2yrs & X-1yr , keep getting dirty.

burdogg | 07/11/2017

Perkins53 - Mine too! Crap, Tesla better get on this fast! (thanks for the laugh)

rdfbsmith | 07/11/2017

I have Zero issues with my MX 90D
I have zero complaints. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I go to a lot of Cars and Coffee events here in SAN ANTONIO. Look for the Blue MX if you are in the area.

joemar10 | 07/11/2017

I've had my Model X about 6 weeks now. When I got it, I went over it with a fine-tooth comb. (Not literally because that may have scratched it.) Actually me, my wife and the shop that was going to do the wrap, went over it for flaws. Frunk lid was very very slightly misaligned to the right. I probably would never have noticed it if I hadn't read the forums and known to check on this type of thing. Within a week after getting my car from the wrap Shop, a Tesla Ranger came to my house and aligned the frunk lid. 15 minute fix. About a week later, after doing something very stupid, I broke the top glass on the driver's side FWD. Within 6 days the ranger had a new glass and installed it sitting in my driveway. I know this sounds like Keystone Cops but in the meantime my dog ate my wife's key fob. The ranger replaced that at the same time he replaced the glass. Awesome car, excellent service. What other company could act that quickly, with very little effort on my part. To make a long story longer, I was able to get a full Stealth wrap and Cquartz coating because Tesla lowered the price on my Model X by $3,500 after I had ordered it, covering a good portion of the wrap cost. Long live Elon Musk and Tesla.

mooka | 08/11/2017

Great feedback thanks! I had a Range Rover that I lemoned in the first year for constant loss of power and engine shuddering. The could not fix it in 4 attempts. I’m generally fine with cleaning up manufacturer issues while under warranty, as long as it can still get from point A to B. The service sounds much more impressive than previous experiences.

rdfbsmith | 29/11/2017

Zero issues on my 90D no repairs ever needed.

avesraggiana | 29/11/2017

I’m going to have to bookmark this thread somehow. It’s only been three days since taking delivery of a FLAWLESS X100D.

Not a mark, not a scratch, not a thing out of place. Like “Bess” had been put together at a Honda or Toyota factory.

Will report in twelve months.

lilbean | 29/11/2017

Ok, now you’re bragging. ;)

TSammy | 29/11/2017

2016 X60D, first 11 months, 18,000 miles with no issues.

Then I developed the front end acceleration shudder. They fixed that in the 13th month when parts came in.

Is this close enough?

bob | 29/11/2017

@avesraggiana - congrats. But I ain't buying the 'put together at a Honda or Toyota factory' ;) In our collective dreams!

avesraggiana | 29/11/2017

@lilbean & @bob. Hahaha! I know, I can scarcely believe that I declared as much myself. I mean, after all, it wouldn’t be a Tesla without some misaligned panels now, would it?

But no, this ruby red jewel of a Model X got a good thorough going over by myself and a couple of auto enthusiast cousins of mine who tagged along for Delivery Day. My mum, the recipient of the car, wouldn’t have known any differently.

The new car was subjected to further scrutiny by trained eyes again when on the very following day, I dropped it off at our local PPF and Ceramic Pro experts. They too, remarked at how beautifully put together the car was.

Gosh, after gushing so much, I hope my luck holds up over the next year.

Bear in mind too, as I’ve repeated in previous posts, Mum’s Model X was a “redo,” the first one having been rejected at the factory for failing “Final Quality Control Inspection." Even in their efforts to “rush” the assembly of our redone car, it seems as though the factory really exerted every effort to make sure that this time, they’d get it right.

lilbean | 29/11/2017

I must say you got special treatment after your first car had to be sent back. I don’t think all the cars are flawless. :) Trust me, I’ve seen many Xs.