baby car seat in the back - front pax legroom?

baby car seat in the back - front pax legroom?

Been trying to find out just where I can get more info about how much room is left when a rear facing, click-in type baby car seat is installed behind the front passenger seat (seat clicked in base, not secured with seatbelt). Without being able to go to a showroom to check out the 3 (are there any in any showrooms around san francisco??) its like buying or researching a car totally blind. The motortrend article online doesnt really give much detail other than a couple of pics of the seat in the back with no info on how an adult sits up front.

Anyone with experience? With only 200+ cars on the road right now I assume my luck at finding out an answer this early is slim. Thanks!

Tesla2018 | 01/11/2017

By the time you get your car your kid will be grown and you wont need a carseat.

lilbean | 01/11/2017

So true, Tesla 2018!

sumana | 14/11/2017

Uppababy mesa rear facing in the middle seat fits great in the m3. both front passengers have plenty of legroom. Would also fit directly behind driver or passenger but may result in tight legroom for anyone over ~6 foot 2 or so. I think the rear facing carseat was a tighter fit in the model s.

crazy canaler | 14/11/2017

I recently saw a 20-minute test drive review. I don't remember the guy's name, but he's reviewed about every car on the road and was very thorough. Anyway, he's 6'4" tall and adjusted the front driver's seat optimally. Then, he sat in the rear driver's side seat and said it was slightly snug but still enough room for his legs.

So, I would imagine there would be tons a room for a tall person in the front and a bay seat in the rear.

andy.connor.e | 15/11/2017

@Tesla2018 wins this topic.

ölbrenner | 16/11/2017

From the Motor Trend baby test fit article:
"We fitted two car seats in the Model 3: a rear-facing unit for toddlers and infants and a front-facing one for very young children. Both fit well and still left the seats in front of them in a comfortable position."