Delivery preference not saving

Delivery preference not saving

Anyone else seeing this?

My Model 3 delivery preference keeps getting set to "Standard" - mine shows "Early 2018".

I want the long range battery and have always had "First Production" selected. I can click it, click "Save" and get the confirmation webpage saying it's been saved. If I log back in or revisit the page my delivery preference keeps getting reset and is not reflecting my selected preference.

Really hoping the new "Jan-Mar 2018" holds for me.

Musavviradam | 02/11/2017

I am having the same issues, im sure its just a bug issue, hopefully they'll resolve this immediately.

dl1972 | 02/11/2017

Same here. They’ll get it fixed soon I bet

jfp1234 | 02/11/2017

Been that way as long as I've been checking my delivery estimate.

dl1972 | 03/11/2017

got a call from someone at Tesla today. He understood what I was saying. He told me not to worry about it. I'll still get the email to configure when I'm next in line. The issue is that my "Standard" configuration shows "Early 2018". My "First Production" shows "Jan - Mar 2018". The website is seeing that as the same dates (january), so it's not saving it properly.
I just hope he's right.

eric.whang | 03/11/2017

Broken as shiet...

BACJIM1946 | 05/11/2017

When is my estimated delivery date?

tkramer | 05/11/2017

Same thing happening here with the same dates. It used to highlight the first production which is what I want. I'm tried many different OS's, browsers, plugin configurations. It just keeps defaulting to "Standard:

noleaf4me | 05/11/2017

mine not saving either....and I'm still blocked on the hat thread!!!

WantMY | 05/11/2017

Why you need to save it? Just leave it on default selection as it guarantees the earliest time Tesla will contact you to configure your order, then configure/order what you want and they will tell you when it will be available for delivery, but you will be in the production queue, not on waiting list.

dl1972 | 05/11/2017

Because our default is being saved as the standard/base model when we want first production

slasher0016 | 06/11/2017

Yeah mine used to be fine and saved as first production, but now I can't save it. I'm sure it's fine though.

andy.connor.e | 06/11/2017

The selection option does not put you in a queue. It does not change your place in line for when you get your email to configure. Relax.

robbjay | 08/11/2017

My selection does NOT save as well for the First Production, only Standard.

jmfangolf | 08/11/2017

I have the same problem. Originally had Long Range for Dec to 1st Qtr '18. Now I have Std early 2018 and can't change it. Contacted Tesla and was told don't worry bout it. Hope the guy maintaining their web page is the one working on Auto Pilot.

RP3 | 12/11/2017

I was having the same issue. I just checked this morning and it looks like this has been fixed now. The LR preference is now able to be saved.

flwrman | 14/11/2017

Mine not fixed yet as most of my information has disappeared !! Must be a software glitch as they are making some changes-----hopefully with some good news for us early/same day responders !!!!

andy.connor.e | 14/11/2017

You guys cant seem to get u heads out of the estimator. Pathetic

dl1972 | 14/11/2017

@andy.connor.e - are you not loved? Some of us care about things you don't care about. There is no need to comment on this thread. Heck...there is no need for you to even look at this thread.
We know the estimator preference is (supposedly) not an indication on when we will get our chance to order the car. It is only for communication preferences on options, etc. However, are you in charge at Tesla? Are you 100% sure of this? I feel ok about it even though it still doesn't save everyone's preferences properly.
Stop trolling and get over your anger. Trust's much better for your lifestyle.

andy.connor.e | 14/11/2017

Be careful @dl1927, im pissed.