M3 white seats

M3 white seats | 12/11/2017

Question? Comment? Random thoughts?

KP in NPT | 12/11/2017


RichardKJ | 12/11/2017

I’ll take one.

Sandy’s 3 | 12/11/2017

You can’t have ur pudding until you eat ur meat

Geozeke | 12/11/2017

I like the look of the white seats, but I'm sure debate on this will rage. Bjorn posted a great video on his experience with the white seats after 120K km on his MX. It's available here (remove the space before "com"): com/watch?v=5TBoJaaysC4

There are probably some important differences to take into account:

1. His seats are perforated and from the recent review videos, it appears the M3 seats are not.
2. The M3 seats are synthetic "vegan leather", and I think his MX seats are natural leather.
3. If you follow his channel you know he puts an insane number of hard miles on his MX, often saying "I drive it like I stole it."

Would love to know when white seats will start being offered as an option.

Syruspicarus2016 | 12/11/2017

Tesla is Model 3.

jhatcher4059 | 12/11/2017

I'm hoping the white seats are available when I configure. @Geozeke, I also watched Bjorn's video about the white seat issue. I follow his channel quite a bit because he provides a lot of great information but to put it plainly...he strikes me as the type of individual that is less diligent about cleaning his vehicle than I would be so I'm hopeful that I would get better life out of the materials. Kim (Like Tesla channel) and Ashely Renne (another Tesla channel) are prime examples...they have white seats in their vehicles and they seem to be holding up very well!

Shock | 13/11/2017

The video Geozeke posts is awesome. I also wondered how white leather could possibly withstand coloring issues as time goes on, but some people here insisted it does. This proves it doesn't. It looks good for 75k miles on the car, considering it started as white,, but if you look at the issues he identified and wonder how that would look on black the answer is: it wouldn't. Other than the tiny scuffing issue, the rest of the discoloration would not be a problem. There's a good reason most people don't like white as wear surfaces.

As for other people with white seats, consider the person's weight, consider the miles they put on the cars.

Carl Thompson | 13/11/2017

"You can’t have ur pudding until you eat ur meat"

That quote is not quite right. Should be:

"If you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding."


"How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"

JustSaying | 13/11/2017

Two seasons ago we recovered the seats in our golf cart with a white "pleather." The seams are beginning to pick up a blue jean color that I can't get out.

andy.connor.e | 13/11/2017

That seems like its a problem with the leather, not the color. Even my 2001 Tundra's seats have not picked up anyone's pants color over the last 16 years.

95dawg | 13/11/2017

I think it mostly depends on the quality and finishing of the fabric/leather for durability and stain resistance.
Some 1998 - 2000 MB C43 AMG came with two tone leather seats (black sides with near white center.) I've always thought about getting one as a fun car and have seen many over the years. The seats have aged well for dozen or so that I've seen in person.