Terrible Headrest Design

Terrible Headrest Design

I've got a big issue with the new headrests in the 2017 S. I'm relatively tall at 6' 2" and when I raise the headrest all the way up, the bottom of it gouges my upper back. I have to tilt the seat back further than I would like to keep it from digging into me. Anyone else notice this? I didn't have this problem with my 2015 version.

akikiki | 12/11/2017

Must r-e-a-l-l-y annoy you for you to post it three times.

pranfire | 12/11/2017

i didnt even think the 2015 one had movable headrests

NKYTA | 12/11/2017

Seems unlikely.

Silver2K | 12/11/2017

The 2015 headrest is part of the 1 piece back and that's why the op didn't have issues with it.

Keep up people! ;-)

PatientFool | 12/11/2017

i'm 6'2" with a new 2017.. no complaints here

Lush1 | 12/11/2017

I'm 6'2" with a 2013 S. I love the headrests. I realized how much recently when my car was in the body shop and the rentals, like the Ford Fusion, had really uncomfortable headrests. No matter how I adjusted them, they pushed my head or neck in uncomfortable ways. I've driven newer Tesla loaners and found them comfortable too. But we're not all the same. Just my experience.

larry | 13/11/2017

I'm 6'7" with a 2017 S90D - no issues for me, either

mcmack15 | 13/11/2017

6' 4" with a 2017 S----no problems here. Don't think I ever adjusted mine as it was fine when I picked it up. OP, maybe double check to see if there is a need to raise it.

bp | 13/11/2017

Initially I noticed this in our S 100D - and after doing some adjustments on the height - it's no longer an issue - just different than the fixed headrests on our S P85.

redacted | 13/11/2017

I'm 5'8". I can't reach the headrest.

jordanrichard | 13/11/2017

Do people not sit in cars anymore before ordering/buying the car.? | 13/11/2017

@sahaight - Not sure why you are having the issue when few, if any other owners have a headrest issue. I'd first work with all the seat adjustments to see if there is a position that works better for you. Could it be the lumbar is in the farthest forward or rear position? You may have to consider some kind of back pad to move your body a bit further away from the seat. Hope you'll come back and tell us what worked.

navinsiri | 13/11/2017

5'6" here. I Wouldn't even notice if there wasn't a headrest

pranfire | 13/11/2017

@jordanrichard everyone wants to get their teslas asap without even trying them out. its a good thing!

also im 5'8", and the headrests seem fine

Lush1 | 13/11/2017 - Excellent points.

I have had lumbar disk issues for years, so getting comfortable is not easy for me. I have found that ALL lumbar supports, in all cars do nothing but cause me pain. They are all too high and using them alters the spines lordotic curve in bad ways. . Sometimes inflating the supports feels good, but long term, it pushes the spine in ways that lead to muscle spasms and then the real pain begins. This may not be true for everybody, especially those with perfect disks. However, I've shared this observation with many of my creaky old friends and all of them have reported back that there found extended driving more comfortable without lumbar supports.

No seat manufacturer has figured out the place we all need support. It's right at the base of the spine, where the bottom and back of the seat meet at roughly a right angle. That creates a void where the tailbone is not supported. I use a small "Swedish foam" pillow to fill that void. Without the pillow, discomfort begins within 20 minutes. With the pillow, I can drive at least 4 hours without stretching my legs. I have several pillows of different sizes. Sometimes I need to change from small to medium, large to small, etc.

The spine is a tricky thing, especially if you have degenerative disks. I also have them in my neck, so it's somewhat of a miracle that the Tesla seats suit me so well, as long as I have my foam pillows to support my tail..

barrykmd | 13/11/2017

jordanrichard | November 13, 2017
Do people not sit in cars anymore before ordering/buying the car.?

It's the generation.

Lush1 | 13/11/2017

@barrykmd - Another good point. Seating comfort is the 1st thing I check in any car I'm considering. Yes, I have special considerations because of my disk problems, but why would anybody buy a car without at least sitting in it? An uncomfortable car is a curse you are stuck with. Buying a car without evaluating comfort is irresponsible.

bgrayson1 | 23/09/2018

Hey, I see it has been about a year since your original post. I can see most respondents seem to have no idea what you are talking about. I am a new model x owner and I know exactly what you are talking about. I am really agitated by that lower edge digging into my upper back /lower neck I can't seem to com up with any configuration that is comfortable. You would think this wouldn't have been hard to engineer in a correct manner.

Run4Waffles | 23/09/2018

Interesting that the OP never came back.

“engineer in a correct manner”

I would say that it’s engineered in the PERFECT manner with its self-adjusting feature as you adjust the other controls.

Why do I say this? Because I driving my March ‘17 S90D during my morning commute on the highway when I had to come to a quick stop because an accident unfolded a few cars in front of me. I had been stopped for a brief moment when all of a sudden my body is pressed into my seat and I’m launched forward into the vehicle in front of me. The airbag went off. At first I wasn’t even certain what had happened. I stayed in that exact position waiting for a secondary hit. Luckily one never happened.

I had been rear-ended a Jeep Wrangler at full highway speed. The 17 year old driver never touched her brakes. Pepper was totaled.

The seat, the headrest and Pepper did exactly what it was engineered to do. It absorbed the energy from the crash and protected me.

I didn’t even have to take a Tylenol. Seriously.

I’m 6’ 2” as well.

Don’t muck with the headrest.

lilbean | 23/09/2018

Glad you’re ok, @Run4Waffles. I’m a foot less than you. No problems here. :)

Run4Waffles | 23/09/2018

Thanks @lilbean!!!!

I cant believe you forgot, or did you miss it? That happened last November!!! :-)

I’m driving Pepper+ now. :-)

lilbean | 23/09/2018

Of course I remember. I just wanted to say it again. :)

Run4Waffles | 24/09/2018

Awwww. ;-)

Run4Waffles | 24/09/2018

@bgrayson1 - the headrest isn’t designed in the traditional manner. It’s advanced, just like the rest of the vehicle. It’s not designed to be positioned that low.

domas | 29/04/2019

I definitely have the same problem in new seats.