Tesla reservation changed to today, 11/14/17

Tesla reservation changed to today, 11/14/17

Hey guys,

This must be a bug or something, but it says that my reservation was made on 11/14/17. That was not the case. I reserved on the very first date available. Anyone else having this issue?


stombi | 14/11/2017

yeah same here : 11/14/17

flwrman | 14/11/2017

My reservation date stayed the same but all the information about my selection of what I want has all disappeared ! Definitely something is happening to My Tesla page today !!!!

appleblossom-us-pa | 14/11/2017

I have 2 reservation. Over the past year I've regularly looked at delivery estimates. Because of your post I just checked again. Now it says "no reservations associated with this account".

pmonkelban | 14/11/2017

Hopefully whatever problem they're having gets fixed soon. I logged in to check, and my reservation is gone.

There is no Model 3 reservation associated with this account.
Reserve your Model 3 today for delivery in 12 to 18 months.

I reserved on 4/4/16

Tcloutier5890 | 14/11/2017

Me too. I took a picture of the page before I updated, just in case

Slibao | 14/11/2017

Oh weird. It looks like it's been corrected now.

appleblossom-us-pa | 14/11/2017

Yup. All fixed.

bp | 14/11/2017

Appears Tesla's web server is having major problems in the Tesla account area. The site is having difficulty bringing up my account page - sometimes getting a blank page, sometimes only showing our two Model S cars (and not our Model 3 reservation), and when it does show the Model 3 reservation, clicking on the projected delivery date produces the "No Model 3 Reservation" message.

Either Tesla is having an unanticipated problem with the server, or they are in the process of modifying that portion of the website.

With the semi unveil happening this week, Tesla could also make some other announcements while they have the attention of the press (please - can we get a version 9.0 release fixing the long-standing media player problems and provide an unimproved navigation system using up-to-date data?) - and could include something requiring a change in the Tesla account pages.

andy.connor.e | 14/11/2017

Do we have to bring massive amounts of attention to the delivery estimator every single time something happens?

dave.m.mcdonough | 14/11/2017

it wouldn't surprise me if they have to continuously deal with hackers, with sites like seeking alpha waiting to pounce on the news that they succeeded.