Heated Steering Wheel

Heated Steering Wheel

No heated steering wheel would be a deal breaker for me. In the winter it is routinely -15degrees to -25degrees below Zero. Based on my reservation the estimated delivery is DEC 2018. I hope it will be included in a winter package by then:)

boomer45 | 15/11/2017

Please let me know what you think

andy.connor.e | 15/11/2017

No heated steering wheel. If this is a dealbreaker, i suggest some warm gloves.

PaceyWhitter | 15/11/2017

Deal broken. Not currently available, have no idea about the future.

12Brent | 15/11/2017

Just have the car warm up before you get into it. Problem solved, deal unbroken.

socaldave | 15/11/2017

No, let the snowflake bail on his reservation so everyone else moves up.

Steam613 | 15/11/2017

Normally I would grimace at a heated steering wheel being a deal breaker but with so much functionality being on the center console I can sympathize...not empathize. It certainly won't change my mind. But I'd be lying if I didn't whimper a bit when I'd get a text in the car and have to remove my gloves to respond (pulled safely over out of traffic of course, yes true, really, I promise, I lie)

hsadler | 16/11/2017

If you're gonna require a 'heated' steering wheel, you absolutely must have a 'chilled' capability for the warmer temps.
One does require a certain semblance of decorum.

PaceyWhitter | 16/11/2017

There are very nice gloves that still work with a capacitive touch screen. I have a pair I use with my phone when walking outside. I usually take them off in the car though. It is usually warm enough.

andy.connor.e | 16/11/2017


There are gloves that work with touchscreen. Tesla sells their own leather gloves that are meant for their touchscreens. Do not limit yourself to what you know. Do some research.

jdwil | 16/11/2017

Living in Canada it is one of the options I would like to see. it's on one of our two cars we have and it makes a big difference in the morning. This car going to be the most money I have ever spent on a car I would hope it would be available.

andy.connor.e | 16/11/2017

I promise gloves are cheaper than the cold weather package.

prsist | 16/11/2017

There are too many after-market steering wheel warmers that you can buy to not purchase an outstanding EV like the Model 3. I could say the same thing about XM radio but I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water.