GM expects to sell 1 million EVs a year by 2026.

GM expects to sell 1 million EVs a year by 2026.

Mary Barra is on the march to "Bury Tesla With Onslaught Of Electric Vehicles That Will -- Gasp! -- Make A Profit"

carlk | 15/11/2017

“We are committed to a future electric vehicle portfolio that will be profitable,” Barra said at the Barclays Global Automotive Conference in New York.

Nice marketing talk but committed to "a future electric vehicle portfolio" is not a commitment at all. She does not even have guts to say how many percent of its production she thinks will be EV even if it will not be 100% like Tesla's.

Silver2K | 15/11/2017

If tesla had a 10 yr delay on the model 3 they would still outsell GM in 2026.

Dramsey | 15/11/2017

You know GM outsold Tesla with EVs just last month, right?

DonS | 15/11/2017

GM's commitment to electric vehicles is about where they were with small cars 25 years ago. With small cars, the Japanese took over by making small cars that people wanted. Today with EVs, Tesla has a huge lead because GM misses how important it is to be able to drive farther than just a commute.

carlk | 15/11/2017

Dramsey Didn't I answer you that somewhere already? Tesla ships very few cars to the US first month of each quarter. That's how it could make sure every car produced can be delivered and counted as a sale in the same quarter. Some people know that well. They would write this kind of comparison at end of every January, April, July and October.

joemar10 | 15/11/2017

So Musk's secret master plan is working.

carlk | 15/11/2017

Yes but don't tell GM that.

bp | 16/11/2017

Tesla has enjoyed an extended window without any real competition in long range EVs. Even though the Bolt can go over 200 miles on a single charge, without the equivalent of the supercharger network, the Bolt can't easily be used for road trips - so it's primarily just a longer range local use EV.

That's going to change in the next few years - when EV charging is available to support road trips for other EV and the other manufacturers have multiple competing vehicles, Tesla will have to compete at a different level than today.

So, Tesla still has a few years to work this out. Features like supercharging and autopilot will be available from the other vendors. They will likely all offer over the air software updates (with software likely to have a higher quality level than Tesla's releases have bene so far) and have vehicles with comparable, if not greater range - and likely in the same performance class. And we're likely to see competing vehicles at comparable if not better prices - and possibly with more standard/optional features.

When that happens - why will customers continue to select Tesla? Will be interesting to see what Tesla will do when they have some real competition...

Silver2K | 16/11/2017

Dramsey | November 15, 2017
You know GM outsold Tesla with EVs just last month, right?

How many EVs has GM sold this year @ $40k compared to how many Tesla sold @ $100k? or last year? or the year before? or in total?

EinSV | 16/11/2017

This is a joke.

GM's PR team is just touting its goals to sell the number of EVs the new China EV quotas are forcing it to sell, after Mary Barra's lobbying efforts to kill the quotas failed.

The vast majority of these EVs for the Chinese market will be made by GM's joint venture partners in China, especially SAIC Motors (the largest Chinese car manufacturer).

So basically this is GM taking credit for plans to build EVs that it is being forced to sell by the Chinese government whose manufacturing will be led by its Chinese joint venture partners.

And 1 million vehicles in 2026 is not much -- probably less than 10 percent of GM's current sales.

Credit where credit is due -- kudos to the Chinese government for making this happen and kudos to GM's PR team for great spin! /s

Silver2K | 16/11/2017

BYD (buffet has money in them) builds lots of electric cars in China. | 16/11/2017

It's good to have aggressive goals. GM is certainly capable of doing it. Commitment remains to be demonstrated.
Aggressive goals are usually missed. Ask Elon. Anyway, I hope to see the day of a vibrant, competitive supply of an array of excellent BEVs from multiple suppliers.

blue adept | 16/11/2017

This all sounds familiar...Anyone recall the "EV1"?

Truly, I do hope that GM adopts a full EV model lineup platform, but they've shat the bed on this before so I'm skeptical.

SamO | 16/11/2017

I expect GM to be bankrupt again before 2026

Tropopause | 16/11/2017

EinSV- You nailed it! China is the reason for the season!

carlk | 16/11/2017

EinSV You are absolutely right. Here are some more info about China EV market and how GM may struggle there. What Mary Barra said was just an attempt to grab a piece of that market it has too. GM could not just sell SUV's there forever. This is a Seeking Alpha article but a rare one that has more facts than just FUD like the one Dramsey was quoting. It gave a high praise of Tesla in China's EV market too.

EinSV | 16/11/2017

Thanks Tropopause and carlk.

Also, the EVs GM is planning to sell seem to be primarily cheap urban runabouts -- not what we would typically associate with GM. The first model is the Baojun 100, a tiny two seater that costs $14K - only $5K after incentives. Looks like a smaller, cheaper version of the Smart car.

VW seems to have the same PR strategy as GM. They are touting plans to sell 400K EVs by 2020 (and more by 2025). But VW sold 3M vehicles in China in 2016, and the Chinese government quota is 12% in 2020. So just to meet the Chinese quota they'll need everyone one of those EVs and possibly more if their sales increase.

blue adept | 16/11/2017


It's highly likely.

blue adept | 16/11/2017

But then, what else could they expect with all of these bad business decisions they've been making!

finman100 | 16/11/2017

125,000 EVs per year average (one million divided by 8 years)? Better get on that production hell bandwagon GM!

And they said sell that many? maybe make and produce and let sit on a dealer lot...

As we know in the Tesla world, talk is cheap. I know the plan is working (getting gasser mfgs to make EVs) when production lines start spitting out long distance EVs.

Mike83 | 16/11/2017

They may need to order a few batteries from a GF.

Tropopause | 16/11/2017

mike83- Im sure Mary has a plan for that! ;)

COrich | 17/11/2017

bp, I think you are missing the point. There is an old saying: A rising tide lifts all boats. This is also true for the BEV market. As more companies enter the business, more people will see it as mainstream. If more people see it as mainstream, more BEVs will be sold. In other words, competition will help increase the total market thereby helping everybody.