Trip to Sequoia

Trip to Sequoia

We're going to Sequoia over Thanksgiving Weekend (Montecito inside the park). Not sure yet if I'm going with the MX or the Jeep.

- Has anybody experience with a trip from the bay area to Sequoia or Kings Canyon?

- Will I need to carry tire chains (I know officially yes)? Are the standard factory wheels (20") all season (M+S) and sufficient?


RealToast | 20/11/2017

I've not been to Sequoia or Kings, but I've driven plenty in snow around Tahoe. Did not need chains. I've got standard 20"; all-season, as well. The MX took to the snow like a fish to water. Raised it up and cruised without issue.

soenke | 21/11/2017

Great. I’m currently mostly concerned about range.

When I drive up from Fresno into the park, it’s probably only enough charge left to go back to Fresno.

Any experiences with cruising through Kong’s or Seauoia in a 75D would be most welcome.


soenke | 27/11/2017

Saw couple of Teslas over Thanksgiving in Sequoia:

- a black MX 100D
- a white MS 85
- a red MS 60D

The latter two ones were on the Montecito parking lot. Made me wonder if they did any trips inside the park at all.