Stow manual wheelchair on folded second row seats?

Stow manual wheelchair on folded second row seats?

How can I stow my manual Quickie 2 wheelchair in back after I get into the driver's seat? Not interested in modifying or damaging my Tesla, I just want to efficiently load and unload my (preferably fully assembled) empty chair with zero damage to my Tesla and remove it efficiently when I reach my destination without merrily chasing after trunk-mounted prototype wheelchair-loading robots or roof-mounted headaches.

Also I think it's great how the second row folds down now (I wish it squished down lower to leave more room or could be removed entirely), but has anyone rigged a net or something between the front seats to protect the touchscreen from flying objects in event of a sudden stop?

Much thanks for any guidance and advice, I'm planning to order my X soon.

Redmiata98 | 23/11/2017

Not sure if you are asking how to load it or will it fit.
If you have yet to order, take your wheelchair with you to the showroom and see if it fits. The configuration with the most room would be the fold flat and no third row. There is an additional space covered by a panel that can be removed. This may give you enough additional depth to fit the wheelchair.

rlwrw | 24/11/2017

Unless your arms are built like cranes, it will be very difficult from the driver's seat.
I always fold up my wife's wheelchair, and lay it flat on the floor. However, I am outside the vehicle.
There is the possibility of a ramp to pull the wheelchair up into the vehicle from inside. Then you still have to either pull in the ramp or fold it up. Also, will an open wheelchair fit? Highly doubtful.
Finally, you have to secure the wheelchair so that it stays put.
Tesla is pretty innovative. How about coming up with a Tesla wheelchair? Of course, if it gets powered, then you won't need the car. 0-60 in what?????

roman.petruchyk | 20/04/2019

Yes, you can totally do that, but also don't forget to check wheelchair compatibility with the car. Majority of the shop are selling old outdated wheelchairs. I would personally recommend to take a look on, where you can buy only new and modern wheelchairs. These models are more likely suitable to model X back row.

bijanlotfi | 23/04/2019