Unacceptable condition of a new MS 2017 P100D Ludicrous

Unacceptable condition of a new MS 2017 P100D Ludicrous

On Wednesday December 6. I took delivery of a new, 6 miles, Tesla. After doing a walk through, the car was brought around for handover. At that time a gouge in the paint behind the left rear tire plus some orange peel from an obvious prior paint repair. I took the car to Signature Custom Wraps of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. for a preplanned Ceramic Pro treatment and wrap of the hood and front end. I have been restoring motor vehicles since 1970 and am considered an expert in paint jobs, so I asked Michael of Signature Wraps his opinion. The car was returned to Tesla and the following morning I was called and said the car was ready for pickup. My response; are you serious ? It is Impossible to paint color and at least 2 coats of clear in 12 hours. I made it clear I wanted a loaner, which I received, and left. When the paint job is acceptable I will take delivery of the car. I live in Key West and I will be contacting my attorney when I get back. Not a very got level of treatment for a repeat customer let alone new customer.

hipresr | 08/12/2017

Sounds like my delivery ordeal that i backed out of. For $140k that car better have zero flaws, which it did not, and like yours did not either. Mine had scratched bootlid, scratch down pass rear door and fisheyes on the front hood. Tesla tried to make it right by wanting to re-paint a "new " car. Hell to the no! Backed out and never looked back, to what would be the most nightmarish experience's i have ever had with a purchase of a "new" car.

rgrant | 08/12/2017

Not sure why you took delivery if there was an obvious defect?

pagrimm1 | 09/12/2017

I believe that they did the walk around inside in tight quarters so I would not see the lousy paint. When the paper work was done they brought it outside and handed me the keys. I noticed and they acknowledged the scratch and said they would arrange to get it repaired. I live in Key West and it is a six hour drive to Dania Beach. I took it to Signature Wraps in Ft Lauderdale to get Michael' opinion and that is when I decided to return it to Tesla. I have driven the car less than 10 miles

AstonZagato | 10/12/2017

My MX came with several problems. They’ve had it for several weeks to sort it. Now slightly worried as they seem to have put a whole new boot lid on it.

patswin | 10/12/2017

“I believe that they did the walk around inside in tight quarters so I would not see the lousy paint”
Wow, paranoid much?

pagrimm1 | 10/12/2017

Are you referring to me as being paranoid ? You need to explain. Wouldn't a $141,500 car be expected to be right, near perfect. I have been to several Tesla facilities in the last few days and their parking lots are full of original and refresh MS, that are sitting there.and ICE vehicles siting in rows. They need someone to run Tesla as a business.

rxlawdude | 10/12/2017

By any chance, pagrimm1, are you less than 5'5"? You know, short.

J.T. | 11/12/2017

@pagrimm >>>> I took the car to Signature Custom Wraps of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. for a preplanned Ceramic Pro treatment and wrap of the hood and front end. I have been restoring motor vehicles since 1970 and am considered an expert in paint jobs, so I asked Michael of Signature Wraps his opinion.

If you are expert why did you need a second opinion?

00Tesla | 11/12/2017

I took delivery of my X a couple of months ago probably at the same place with walk around inside the building. Great experience. I found a few minor issues and they happily fixed them and guess what, I did not even think about calling a lawyer.
I am not sure why people have to state the price they pay for the car. We all know how much they cost. They will also not be perfect cars but close to it. As soon as you call out the price and expect "yours" will be perfect you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Ross1 | 11/12/2017

I fail to see how price relates to expectations of quality.
The more you pay the more car you get. Quality of fit and finish is I imagine similar between Model S cars costing $70 k or 140k

AstonZagato | 11/12/2017

I think people have a higher expectation of a Rolls Royce than they do of a Volkswagen Golf.

bish | 11/12/2017

You say that you are a repeat customer. How was you experience with your other Teslas?

pagrimm1 | 16/12/2017

Update; MS pulled seriously to the right, so I took to a local body shop. They walked around the car, looked under neath and at the left rear tire. With 36 miles on it the left rear tire looks like it is being dragged sideways. The car seems to have been hit in the left rear rather severely. When no one wanted to take me seriously, I retained an attorney. They currently won't respond to him either so this is going to get pretty. Luckily I have a MS 100D loaner, but no MS 100D Ludicrous. Stay tuned.

rgrant | 17/12/2017

I’m on the edge of my seat! This is better than daytime TV!

Silver2K | 18/12/2017

i think you got one of the cars they sent to NHTSA for safety tests.

Shock | 18/12/2017

I think people are being over-defensive on Tesla's behalf. And the cost does matter. It's too much to pay for a car with issues.

I do wonder why you seem to have retained a lawyer immediately, though. If you truly do want this car I imagine it's worth giving tesla some time to sort the matter without immediate letters from an attorney. What is the attorney trying to do when he contacts them, exactly? Are you trying to get out of the deal?

holidayday | 18/12/2017

pagrimm: "The car seems to have been hit in the left rear rather severely. "

Insurance should cover that.

blue adept | 18/12/2017


It sounds to me like you problems begin and end with those who you've either purchased the car from or given the car to for repair work and not necessarily Tesla itself...It'd be nice if your future comments reflected that fact instead of your sh1tting on Tesla in every post.

rgrant | 18/12/2017

This car had 6 miles on the clock and has also been in a massive accident? Something’s quite fishy...

pagrimm1 | 07/01/2018

Up date & Question. Last week, I believe, someone higher up finally looked at the car and said flat out, that they would NEVER would have accepted the car. As I said before when I first saw the car it was about 18" from cars on either side so you could not easily survey the car from a distance. They had ignored me until my attorney said he was going to use Florida's Lemon Law against them. They said they had to figure out how it got damaged which I am sure they can figure out since it was loaded at the factory or nearby shipped across the country. Question; we cannot figure out why they want to buy the car back and have me order a new car with free Supercharging instead of just replacing the car.

carlk | 07/01/2018

All lies. I just don't believe the story.

pagrimm1 | 07/01/2018

Check with Keem Middleton at the Dania Beach, Florida facility.

Tropopause | 07/01/2018


BumblebeEV | 07/01/2018

That's exactly why I'm not spending 140k$ of my wallet on a car, you can't help it but become extremely picky on details I wouldn't even look at my regular car.

reed_lewis | 07/01/2018

When you spend $1 on something at the dollar store, you expect it to be crappy. When you spend $20k on an econbox, you do not expect much. OTOH, when you spend >$100k on a car, you expect it to be perfect. To say anything different is idiotic.

And it seem that the Tesla fanatics are at it again, calling anyone who dares to complain about their car a troll and claiming it is all fake. Of course the fanatic defense is that the OP dared to complain and instead should be happy with his car because everyone should be happy...

Well, Tesla makes mistakes, and sometimes it takes a while before those mistakes are remedied. Will Tesla fix th issue? Of course they will. But sometimes it takes pushing.

rgrant | 07/01/2018

@reed_lewis - what we’re not getting is why the car was accepted in the first place...!?

carlk | 07/01/2018

And anyone really believes Tesla, or any auto company, would buy back a car with simple fixable problem discovered after the car was delivered because they received a threatening letter from an attorny? How gullible can a person be.

carlk | 07/01/2018

And a real attorny who does not even understand how the lemon law works? I don't think even people like reed_lewis would believe that but then again who knows.

reed_lewis | 08/01/2018

The Florida Lemon Law is documented here:

It says: "The law provides arbitration for car owners with complaints, and can result in a full refund or replacement vehicle." So Tesla can either replace the vehicle, or buy it back and sell him a new vehicle.

I would guess that for accounting purposes, Tesla would buy the car back, and then sell him a new one. But either way, the buyer gets what he wants... A new perfect car.

As to why it was accepted in the first place, the inspection location was too small to see the whole car from a distance. Plus after you have signed the documents, and are ready to drive the car, it is difficult to give it up.

But he is most certainly not a troll just because he wants a perfect car.

carlk | 08/01/2018

The Florida Lemon Law
The vehicle defect or condition must "substantially impair the use, value, or safety" of the vehicle.
The vehicle must have undergone at least 3 attempts to repair the same issue.
The vehicle must have out of service for repair of the defect for 15 days or more.

You see how unbelievable that story is now?

rxlawdude | 08/01/2018

I'm sorry, but the OP has a TEA score of 99.999%.