Forward parking sensors failed

Forward parking sensors failed

The 2 forward parking sensors have just failed on my HW2 S today.

I’ve cleaned the sensors and done a steering wheel reboot with no joy.

Anything else I can try before contacting service?

lilbean | 09/12/2017

Try powering off.

bsteinesq | 09/12/2017

Happened to my S100D 2 days ago (AP2, March 2017 delivery). Called service, going in Monday.

PagemakersS75 | 10/12/2017

Powering off initially fixed it but it’s failed again tonight.

Silver2K | 10/12/2017


Have you tried the reboot with brakes all the way down while holding the scroll wheels in? That may help

bsteinesq | 10/12/2017

Done all the the reboots. Going into SC tomorrow, loaner arranged. Will update as I get more information.

T3SLA90D | 10/12/2017

Been failing on and off since .42 update. Possibly a
Firmware bug. Service center said no problem found. If you place your finger on the sensor while someone is sitting in the driver seat with foot on brakes and you feel ticking in the sensor that means the sensor is working.

PagemakersS75 | 10/12/2017

That’s interesting. Mine failed after the 42 update.

Will try a full reboot tomorrow and also your suggestion.

Silver2K | 10/12/2017


PagemakersS75 | 11/12/2017

Not a fuse, it works intermittently.

Just done a reboot this morning with the brake and it’s working again. I’m sure it will fail by the time I park up tonight. Let’s see.

PagemakersS75 | 11/12/2017

Service are sending the latest software to my car now to see if that fixes it.

Silver2K | 11/12/2017

Missed comments where it worked and failed again. I just read the OP. :)

bsteinesq | 11/12/2017

Took my S100D into service center this AM. Sensors have not been working since last Thursday. Just before I left the house, I opened the frunk and removed a couple of small items. Closed it, and got in for the drive. Miracle! the front sensors started working again. SC is looking at the car now (and taking care of a couple of other unrelated things). Related? Your guess is as good as mine.

PagemakersS75 | 11/12/2017

Mine is still working after today’s brake and steering wheel reboot (only difference is it’s not raining).

Service say they are having problems sending the update to my car (sill on 2017.42). If they can’t do it tomorrow they want me to drop it in for updating and if that doesn’t fix the issue they will check the sensors out.

bsteinesq | 13/12/2017

Got my car back today. SC upgraded me to 48 (was at 42). Working when I left SC. When I got home 1 1/2 hours later, the sensors no showed. Called SC, they said they are getting other cars with this, and think it is Firmware problem (all my hardware checked out fine).

Teslita | 13/12/2017

Same issue here.
SC told me they started recently seeing this on a bunch of cars. Case was (last week) still under investigation and best they hope is to be solved in a future upgrade.
It was ‘added’ be the 42 update.

adspguy | 13/12/2017

For what it's worth, since the last couple of updates (44,46) when I pull into my garage the front sensors don't see the wall about 65% of the time vs before it would always see the wall. I'm thinking that it is a firmware problem for me anyway.

SO | 13/12/2017

Same thing here. .42.

Intermittent front sensors working. I thought it had to do when wet but not always. Will have SC look at it when I bring it in for annual maintenance. Perhaps a future software update will fix it.

SO | 13/12/2017

(They used to work perfectly before .42.).

PagemakersS75 | 14/12/2017

As a matter of interest do your sensors fail when they are wet? Could be a coincidence for me but every time mine have failed it was raining.

Yesterday I took the car out of the garage. The sensors were working. I washed the car. The sensors stopped working.

Like I said though it could be a coincidence.

bsteinesq | 14/12/2017

@PagemakersS75 Have not noticed any association to being wet, but I have been wondering about cold temps. Mine was fine until we started getting cold temps (around freezing) where I live.

PagemakersS75 | 14/12/2017

200 Mile multi-stop drive and the sensors haven’t failed.

It’s not raining and is warmer than of late.

erjackson104 | 14/12/2017

Do you have a wrap on your vehicle?

EVRider | 14/12/2017

Is anyone having this issue with HW1? I have .42 but haven’t seen this issue in my HW1 S85.

bsteinesq | 14/12/2017

No wrap on mine.

PagemakersS75 | 15/12/2017

No wrap on mine. HW2

reed_lewis | 15/12/2017

The other day when I was driving into the garage, the forward sensors were not active. I rebooted and it did not fix it. The next morning, they were working fine.

I just had my 2yr/25k service and they ran a diagnostic on them, and nothing was wrong with them.

They have not failed again since.

PagemakersS75 | 15/12/2017

Was it wet or cold that day?

shank15217 | 15/12/2017

The sensors haven't failed, they are working just fine but for some reason some materials like drywall in a garage is causing the radar to reflect back and make the car think its behind another car which basically overrides the sensor. Its basically the radar system overriding the sensor information. I think its a side effect of the massive AP2 driving improvement in the last few firmware updates.

adspguy | 15/12/2017

Interesting theory. In my garage there is a snowblower and a partial wall next to it. Sometimes in earlier fw releases it would show a car and then switch to the normal front sensor display. Now I either see the sensor display or just the corners of the front, but never a car. I might try to block the snowblower with a box or something and see if it makes the center part of the sensor works. I do think this change in behavior is firmware related. When I go to leave in the morning, it always shows the entire front sensor.

reed_lewis | 15/12/2017

I have a wall in front of my car. For one year the sensors have worked perfectly. The one time they failed, nothing else had changed. The car was clean, no ice/snow/etc on the front of the car.

There has to be some sort of intermittent software issue here at work, but who knows.

bsteinesq | 15/12/2017

I have drywall in my garage, and the car saw the wall until recently. I park in a parking garage at work, and my space faces a concrete wall; car always saw that also, but not now. Seems most agree it is something in the firmware, not hardware. The idea of a conflict between radar and sonar sensors is a possibility. What would help is if during those times it was working, we could find some pattern, after which they stop working. So far for me, it seems like cold weather, but it is hard to see how that could affect the firmware operation.

PagemakersS75 | 15/12/2017

shank15217 Sorry you’re wrong.

Car has worked perfectly until a month or so ago. About the time I installed 2017.42

PagemakersS75 | 16/12/2017

Failed again today after working for 2-3 days. Interestingly it’s been raining again.

bsteinesq | 16/12/2017

More strangeness here. Trip to local store, sensors not working when I left. Got to the store (5 min drive) and sensors worked in the parking lot. In store 10 min., 5 min drive home and not working in the garage again.

For some reason, I flipped through all my settings and noticed I had "summon" on. I turned it off, and the sensors started working. I never use summon, so I will leave it off and see if the problem re-occurs.

Just in case, do those of you folks that are having these intermittent failures also have summon turned on?

PagemakersS75 | 16/12/2017

I have summon turned on by always have and the parking sensor issue has only happened in the past month or so.

bsteinesq | 16/12/2017

Same with me. If .42 made changes to summon and/or auto park, perhaps it introduced a bug that under certain circumstances (cold, wet etc), causes the system to shut down the front sensors. Can shutting off summon bypass and prevent the bug from reoccurring? I'm going to try to find out. Maybe the next time your sensors go out, try shutting summon off and see what happens. . .probably nothing, but who knows?

SO | 16/12/2017

I don’t have summon with my AP2 .42 car because I don’t have EAP yet. I have the same issue with front sensors working intermittently.

Seebach | 17/12/2017

AP2.5. My front sensors have been working intermittently at least since 0.44. Updated yesterday from .44 to .50. However, front sensors still not working at all times.

kirksel | 17/12/2017

I thought maybe it was me! My garage door was closed and the MS was parked about 10 feet from the door. I used the app to summon and I stopped it about 1 foot away from the garage door as it was going to run into the closed door. It was closed enough to have stopped and opened the door. Something was wrong with my sensors that they did not pick up that there was a solid object in front of the car.

PagemakersS75 | 19/12/2017

Just installed 50.1 on HW2

I’ll let you know if this fixes the issue.

kwen197 | 20/12/2017

I had 1st year service yesterday and drove home 20 miles in the pouring rain and stop and go traffic. On entering the garage my front sensors did not come on as usual.

About 2 hours later I returned to the car and wiped off the area around the front sensors. When I turned the car ON the sensors were working.

2016 S90D, V8.1(201750.1ceae3b8), 10644 miles.

PagemakersS75 | 20/12/2017

Disappointing that you have 50.1.

I’ve just installed that and was hoping that fixed the problem.

We will see...

bsteinesq | 20/12/2017

I am still trying to define a pattern to my sensor failures. I have been logging the outside temp (by the car's reading on the dash) vs the front sensors working/not working. For the past several days since I started doing this, my logs show that if the temperature is below 43F (6C), the sensors don't work. If above that, they do. Except once: I washed salt off the car at 50F(10C) using the cold water from the hose at my house. The sensors failed, presumably because of the cold water. The sensors came back in a few moments after I dried the car off. I am going to keep this log for a week or two to see if the pattern holds, or if it is just a fluke. I don't see how cold could affect software (perhaps it could), but could it be a bad group of sensor hardware on the affected cars?

kwen197 | 20/12/2017

The Service Center Manager, called me today, to ask if i was satisfied with yesterdays annual service. I told him i was
very satisfied except for 2 issues.

1/ My phone had been disconnected from Bluetooth in the car (Easy to rectify).

2/ The front sensor failure noted in my previous post. He asked what time I entered my garage and would check the car logs. He also said that no one else have had this issue at that center.

Footnote: While waiting for my car to be washed a Tech. mentioned that Auto Wipers will be available SOON.

kwen197 | 22/12/2017

Today, a repeat of driving conditions, lots of rain and traffic.
On arriving home front parking sensors failed to come on. 15 minutes later I wiped the water of the sensors and when
I turned the car on the sensors were working.
Reported event with time stamp to Tesla Service.

bsteinesq | 22/12/2017

kwen, do you recall about what the temperature was during the rain and after you wiped the water off the sensors. It sounds just like what happened when I washed my car.

PagemakersS75 | 23/12/2017

Had 50.1 for a few days and it’s been ok. Today was the first time coming home in the wet (8 degrees C) and once again the forward sensors failed as I parked up.

For me I think the issue is rain.

bsteinesq | 23/12/2017

Rain&Wet is clearly a factor. But my (daily) failures for the past month have been in dry weather. Washing the car did cause them to fail at a higher temperature than I had been seeing. We may get some rain in the next few days, so I'll see what happens. note: still on 48.

shank15217 | 23/12/2017

@PagemakersS75 What you are describing is not sensor failure, if the rain theory is correct then side and back sensors would also start to fail intermittently. You do realize the GUI shows radar and sonar info from the front of the car and this could be a visual bug or a case of one system over riding the other. This also explaines why diagnosis of a subsystem isn't showing errors.

PagemakersS75 | 23/12/2017

shank15217 Sorry I disagree.

I’ve had the car for almost a year. I live in Manchester U.K. It rains a lot here!!!

I’ve never had the problem until about .42

Maybe it’s not the rain or the cold but every time it’s failed for me the car was either wet or cold AND post .42

As I described earlier I pulled the car out of the garage the other day. Sensors working fine. Washed the car and parked it up and they’d failed again.

Call it coincidence but when it rains mine fails.

It never used to throughout the summer and pre .42

I think it’s a software issue.

Lots of people here are having the same issue so I don’t think the sensor is at fault.

My car is booked in early January to have this issue looked at.