The future of American Justice.

The future of American Justice.

A great insight into who Trump wants on the Federal benches. This is the Senate hearing for a Trump Federal Judicial nominee. Make America Great Again

NoMoPetrol | 15/12/2017

...the last days of the Roman Empire all over again...

rxlawdude | 15/12/2017

Hell, I'm as qualified as that guy! HEY TRUMP!!!

(All my integrity would drain if proffered by the Orange-a-Tan.)

SCCRENDO | 15/12/2017

@rxlawdude. Even I am as qualified. I have never been to law school and know nothing about law

Tesla-David | 15/12/2017

Drumpf is a complete moron, unfit to be POTUS, and needs to be impeached before he a starts nuclear war with North Korea. He is a present and future danger to the viability of this planet, and must be removed from office before he does his worst. His judicial and obviously unqualified choices only echo his unbelievable incompetence.

NKYTA | 15/12/2017

It also says much, I mean little, about his business acumen, if his “team” let this guy through. I’d laugh through the tears if I could. :-/

SCCRENDO | 15/12/2017

@NKYTA. I think that he cares little about our justice system. He is not looking for experts. He is looking for lackeys. An efficient justice system would send him, some of his family members and his cronies to federal and state prison for a long time. Our guilty as sin president is getting his Republican Congress lapdogs to shut down their congressional investigations against him and at the same time go after Hillary for god knows what. And they are also putting in their best efforts to discredit Mueller.

SO | 16/12/2017

Sadly, too many dems not voting will have America feel the effects of Trump for decades to come.

Remnant | 16/12/2017

Meaningless, self annulling posts, under a worthless thread.

SCCRENDO | 16/12/2017

@Remmant. Coming from you this is a complement

J.T. | 17/12/2017

@SCCRENDO >>>> Our guilty as sin president

Guilty of what exactly? Please remember that being a total buffoon and self-aggrandizing moron is not against the law in this country. Which is a very good thing for most of those in government. :-)

SCCRENDO | 17/12/2017

@JT. Collusion with Russians to interfere in our elections. Obstruction of Justice. Probable sexual assault. And probably a whole lot of financial crimes. But we need to wait for Mueller and Congress to complete their investigations if they don’t get shut down.

Tesla-David | 17/12/2017

Here are a few more reasons for impeachment: See linked article for full explanation on these charges.

1) Accepting Foreign Emoluments. It is clear Trump is using his office to enrich himself and his family, which is against the law.

2) Abuse of the ethics rules.

3) Lying to the public. His record of habitual lying is well documented.

4) Refusal to release his tax returns

5) A report by the Special Counsel to Congress that the president has committed crimes (Mueller's report pending)

J.T. | 18/12/2017

&SCCRENDO It would also be nice to wait for a judge and a jury, don’t you think? Or is finding someone guilty in the press and in public opinion the future of American Justice that you refer to in the title of your post?

SCCRENDO | 18/12/2017

@JT. Absolutely. Provided that justice is allowed to take its course without any obstruction of justice. I accept he is innocent until proven guilty. But why not speculate. You guys were very comfortable in speculating about Hillary even after she appeared at many hearings and was completely exonerated.

finman100 | 18/12/2017


SCCRENDO | 18/12/2017

@finman100. +100. Although I guess we should not behave like him and let justice take it's course. Who here believes that the spineless Republican Congress has the guts to impeach him?

Shock | 18/12/2017

This guy was out of his depth.

But I've also seen top democratic legislators who argue vehemently on issues they know nothing about at all. Ignorance is a non-partisan issue.

I'm not excusing this judge. Trump doesn't hire the best people. But he has no monopoly on that.

Shock | 18/12/2017

"Here are a few more reasons for impeachment: See linked article for full explanation on these charges
4) Refusal to release his tax returns"

If you really hate trump you need to pick effective attacks. Calling for his impeachment because he hasn't released his tax returns makes your other arguments look week by proximity to this one.

blue adept | 18/12/2017

Just Trump-tato trying to do more potato things.

J.T. | 18/12/2017

@SCCRENDO “completely exonerated.”

Did you hear what Comey said about her? That was hardly exoneration.

SCCRENDO | 18/12/2017

@JT. we have been there before. Comey was out of line with his comments. But she was never charged with any wrongdoing. But if she was guilty of anything I have no objection to justice taking it's course. But many believe that it would be more relevant to the country to have justice served on the buffoon in chief.

J.T. | 18/12/2017

@SCCRENDO All I’m asking for is a little consistency from you. Yes, Hillary was not charged with any wrong doing and neither has Trump been charged. If you minded when Hillary was pilloried for innuendo why do you do the same thing?

SCCRENDO | 18/12/2017

Why not?