No supercharging for rideshare vehicles?

No supercharging for rideshare vehicles?


tesla3jerry | 18/12/2017

As reported by Business Insider. I can find no mention of this new policy on or the forum.

Coastal Cruiser. | 18/12/2017

tesla3jerry, this topic is already being covered on a thread that has just slipped to the second page. You may wish to delete this post and comment to the existing one. ;>

stevenmaifert | 19/12/2017

Ref: The new Supercharger Fair Use Policy is about 2/3 down the page.

jordanrichard | 19/12/2017

This new policy is just a warning shot to Uber/Lyft with regards to their notion of buying a fleet of EVs and subsequently use the superchargers. In other words, this can only apply to cars bought, owned/registered by Uber/Lyft. There is no way for Tesla to know what you use your car for. Granted multiple stops at a the same supercharger during the day would be highly suspect that you are using it for ride sharing, but still can't be proven.