ChargePort Issue with HPWC? Anyone Else?

ChargePort Issue with HPWC? Anyone Else?

1st time plugging into my home HPWC into Model 3. Chargeport light flashes yellow and only charges at 16 Amps. Unplug/Replug and try to "Set it" harder (up/down/left/right) several times. No matter what I do, there is loud clicking as if the chargeport is trying to "lock" into the HPWC cable but cannot. Bottom line: cannot get a green light from the HPWC.

The same HPWC works just fine with the Model S. A second charger using the Adaptor also works just fine and charges to the full 48 amps with a green light.

So, I've ruled out the HPWC cable as the potential issue (works fine on the Model S) and the charge unit itself on the wall is also "green" while the chargeport itself flashes yellow and given the fact a 2nd charging unit (with the adaptor) works perfectly, I seem to have ruled out the Unit as the source of the problem

Which leaves the only culprit being the Chargeport itself doesn't like the HPWC cable/unit?

Anyone else have this issue?